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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dustnm

Master Yi - Jungle Style

dustnm Last updated on October 27, 2010
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Alright. Jungle Yi, If played correctly he is just as good a jungler as Warwick if not better.

Now, step by step just to make it that much easier to understand.

Madreds Razors -> Bloodrazor - Pretty self explanatory. You want to get the razors ASAP for its passive 15% to deal extra damage to creeps. Once you make it into a Bloodrazor that's when your damage really starts to build up with the 4% max hp hits.
Berserkers Greaves - No explanation needed on this one.
Youmuu's Ghostblade - Due to recent changes to Malady it has been replaced by the ghostblade. The ghostblade is slightly more expensive but it gives great bonuses and for those tight situations where everything is on cooldown it gives you a not as good version of highlander that has saved me several times.

Bloodthirster - As much as I would love to go straight for that infinity edge and get those strong crits on people, you want to get bloodthirster first so you can start building up the lifesteal and damage bonuses from it as fast as you can.
Infinity Edge - Another self explanatory item. Yi is a critting machine, the 250% damage is a great addition to his DPS.
Frozen Mallet - If the game is still going after all this time you're going to need some extra survivability and the frozen mallet is a great way to get extra hp and the passive is great for chasing people down.



(Passive) Double Strike - Every 7th attack hits twice, whats not to love about that? Purposely build toward the double attack before attacking someone to put out alot of burst damage.
Alpha Strike - Your bread and butter skill. This skill does it all, you can get a surprise gank on someone, catch someone who's running away, use it to deal damage while blinded, harass, escape (not a dependable escape skill), It also has a chance to deal bonus damage to creeps which is great for early game jungling.
Meditate - A decent skill. Not really necessary in the beginning of the game but at end game it can make all the difference between recalling and leaving your team without your damage or staying to push with your team to victory.
Wuju Style - Really nice passive skill. Thanks to this skill your damage will steadily increase as you level up without having to buy any items to boost it. Using its active along with a well placed double strike can land you some easy early game kills.
Highlander - Highlander is just awesome. But the question is when to use it? It all depends on your situation. If your with someone who has some CC go ahead and use it right away to burn them down fast. If you think they're going to run save it until they try to run and then use it to chase them down. If you think you're gonna get ganked or just might not win this next fight, save it to run away if needed.

Summoner Skills-
Flash- Flash is a highly versatile skill that has saved me or landed me kills I wouldn't have been able to get countless times. If that enemy is just out of reach to gank just combine flash with alpha strike and cover long distances before they even know what happened. It's also a great skill for escaping if you get ganked yourself. Someones outrunning you and just out of reach? not a problem with flash.

Smite - self explanatory, its a must have for jungle creeping.

(Secondary) Exhaust - You could also replace flash with exhaust, flash is just my personal preference but obviously exhaust is great for slowing them and killing them before they reach the tower. ** The main reason I don't take Exhaust is because I try to have the red buff as much as I can so I can already slow them with that. **



** Thanks to Chaotic Bliss for rune suggestions! **

Marks + Quints- I decided to go with armor pen because overall it will add the most DPS to master yi's auto attacks. Early game it will make their armor non existent and it will help bring down some of the armor on those oh so annoying tanks.

Seals + Glyphs- I went with crit damage over crit rate because master Yi's crit rate is naturally high with this build and he attacks fast enough that crits occur all the time. So I would rather boost the damage of those crits then try to get the 1 or 2 extra crits in per fight.


1) get your cloth armor and 2 health potions (one for golems and one for ghosts.)

2) Take your first rank of alpha strike and position yourself at either the golems or wolves location that is nearest to the red buff lizards.

Now if you've jungled as Warwick or other lifesteal characters you'll notice Master Yi is a little more fragile at first but don't let that discourage you, he really comes through later.

3) Every creep fight you engage in is going to start with an alpha strike, alpha strike is a necessity here.

4) If you're against golems first use your smite on the first one and auto attack through the second, Use one of your health potions. If you're against wolves don't use your smite, save it for the golems.

5) next go to the ghosts and kill them using alpha strike and auto attacks, and remember dont be stingy with your hp potions, you bought them for a reason.

6) next recall back to base, buy a longsword and repeat the last run through the jungle.

7)Recall back to base again and buy the finished Razors. Now go to the red buff lizards location and kill him using alpha strike and smite.

8)Wait for golems to respawn (Killing time for smites cooldown). Kill golems, ghosts + wolves again but DO NOT USE SMITE.

9) Next move on to the blue buff golem and take him down with the alpha strike + smite combo.

10) Continue to jungle until you have 920g and can buy your Berserkers Greaves and from this point its just rinse and repeat.

11) Upon hitting level 6 you can kill the dragon. Use your ulti and combined with alpha strike, madreds razors and smite it should die quickly.

12) Remember to keep the red and blue buff on you as much as possible. The blue buff will allow you to use alpha strike endlessly and the red buff will slow people down giving you a much easier gank. Also remember to kill dragon whenever you can for the extra cash for your team.

Below is a video demonstrating how to jungle. Note that I didn't follow it word for word, I did what I thought was best at the time.

At this point just jungle to your hearts content, follow the item build and look for any possible opening to gank the other team. Remember to keep the jungle creep buffs and kill dragon as much as possible to help yourself and your team.

typical fights will look something like this:

Alpha strike - Activate wuju style - highlander - Win/Run away.
!!!Late Game Note!!!- Remember that in late game, no matter how fed you are you're not invincible. Chances are you can beat any of them 1v1, maybe even 2v1 if your doing that good but you are not a tank. Let the tanks and the carry do their jobs while you patiently await your chance to alpha strike in and bring the pain. And remember if your team is losing in kills Master Yi is an excellent backdoor character, Activate wuju style with your ulti and you can bring down a tower by yourself.

If you do your job right the enemy team should be afraid of every bush and opening, terrified that you might pop out and kill them in 5 seconds flat.

Just played a quick game using this build, heres the results. The other team surrendered at 32 minutes.

Have Fun, please leave your feedback on this build. I love to hear constructive criticism.