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Master Yi Build Guide by BlackDragon

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BlackDragon

Master Yi - King of the Jungle

BlackDragon Last updated on June 1, 2012
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Table of Contents
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This is how to play Yi as an AD jungler with 7k build that is much stronger than the Youmuu Blade build or the Phantom Dancer builds.

The reason is you get more attack damage, comparable attack speed, and massive armor penetration which makes up for the lack of critical, which you can always get later as well.

The black cleaver makes clearing the jungle during mid game go much faster as well as taking out the dragon/baron quickly when you have an open window.

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Game Play

This build is not meant for laning as you would need more survivability there. This is for jungle/ganking.

First run to the wolf spawn and try to get a team mate to help you with the blue.

Step 1 - Buy a vampiric scepter Head for the jungle
A) If a team mate will help, kill the wolves at 1:40 then have them leash the blue while you kill it then head for the main jungle

B) If no team mate will help, kill the wolves and head for the main jungle

Go to the ghost pack, then back to wolves, then the rock golem, ghosts, red spawn, wolves, etc and rotate around the jungle then take the blue out as soon as it respawns (or level 4-5 if you didnt get to kill it when creeps spawned)

Gank the middle and lane closest to the main jungle if the enemies push to far.

Jungle for the first 10-13 minutes, once you have Wriggles Lantern and Berserker Greaves, go take the dragon out and/or push a tower if you have a good opportunity.

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#1 Make good use of your teleport skill. Some people think this is a useless skill, but I like to think of it as a farming/defense skill. Once you have enough money to finish your lantern, recall to base, heal up/mana up, get your lantern and teleport back to where you want to farm or to a lane that may need help and continue farming.

Having teleport is also helpful if you ever get killed, you can shop and return to farming very quickly.

This skill will probably save you 3-5 minutes of walking time per game, which is huge.

#2 Even though the lantern makes wards, buy a couple occasionally anyway to protect yourself in the jungle and to help protect your team mates from ganks.

#3 Watch that dragon spawn and make sure your team always gets the bonus 1000 gold. You can solo the dragon after you have the lantern/greaves and level 6.

#4 This builds only survivability is from lifesteal (just like the youmuu/phantom dancer builds), so be very careful about how you approach team fights. Let your tank and support team mates lead, then alpha strike in when the enemy is engaged. Most of the time people dont notice you teleporting in during the heat of the battle.

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In conclusion, this build has about the same survivability as the youmuu/phantom dancer builds but makes Yi much more deadly with the armor penetration. What item to get after that depends on the game (who your team mates are playing, who the enemy is playing, how well each are doing, etc)

Please critique my build in the comments! I always appreciate and am looking for constructive criticism.