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League of Legends Build Guide Author Alahric

Master Yi - Knows what he's doing?

Alahric Last updated on November 17, 2010
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Master Yi - The Wuju Bladesman
"This is a Semi Jungling + Carry Yi, my personal favorite"

After trying to smurf with some of my friends I tested out Master Yi and so far i've been wondering why nobody plays him in level 30. I mean I have never seen a Master Yi for at least 100 matches. Though I met one who wanted to test him after the last patch. Master Yi is the kind of carry where you have to know when to hit, and know when to quit. You can't always go into 5 enemies and expect to kill all of them. What Master Yi does is stay back and then when all the bad CC is gone you can begin to whoop someone's *** with those Wuju Crits. You will basically carry your whole team if they know how to CC and get rid of it, and once all the bad guys are gone and you get some lonetime with the towers you'll pretty much win the whole game.

1. Best melee DPS in the game
2. ***issinate 1v1's easily
3. Tower destroyer
4. Easy to learn

1. Easily CC'ed out, squichy
2. Serious mana issues
3. Hard to master
4. no CC

Summoner Spell:Exhaust
This will make up for your lack of CC, it can give you first blood, counter tower divers, allow you to reach and kill your target, and save your teammates as well as yourself. Disabling another enemy champion in a teamfight can be very beneficial and it also gives you Armor & Magic Penetration against your target which makes it easier to kill them.

Summoner Spell:Teleport
This will allow you to get back into your lane quickly which gives you more gold and experience, it also adds the mobility to save a tower, backdoor a tower, and backup your teammates during a gank and late-game. I've also gotten a kill on a fed Tristana by teleporting to a minion and then basically one shotted her after Warwick died.

Summoner Spell:Heal
If you are playing Twisted Treeline, you should take this skill instead of Teleport. The mobility is wasted and you're better off with heal to save your ***. This should also be taken if you are not doing well or if you are very new to Master Yi, it will allow you to make up for mistakes and makes things easier for you if you make the wrong decisions.

Summoner Spell:Cleanse
If you don't see Teleport as a big need, and you usually have problems with CC then Cleanse is better choice. It requires good reflexes so that you can maximise it's usage and you have to re-consider it's usage. Say you get stunned by a crystal arrow but nobodies around, then you don't really have to use Cleanse.

Summoner Spell:Revive
This is actually an hilarious spell, people will flame you and laugh right up your face. But the truth is that this spell will lower your downtime tremendously, giving you more time to level up and push! You're not really suppose to die, but it can be very beneficial to abuse it when backdooring.

Core-Item Build:

Medred's Razor's and a Vampiric Scepter will allow you to jungle for as long as you want too, while also allowing you to push like crazy and keeping you in lane. The Beserker's Greaves are standard boots just to get things going for you, while Malady will add up some pretty decent DPS on a focused target. Then we have Phantom Dancer, The Bloodthirster, and Infinity Edge. I like to rush a B.F Sword after Malady, but it really depends on wether I can afford it or not, if it's all about pushing I like to grab both Zeal -> Phantom Dancer and a Bloodthirster. But if I'm owning it up I usually rush Infinity Edge and drink an Elixir of Agility to get some Insane Crits. If we get this far I sell Madred's Razor for Banshee's Veil, you know for obvious reasons.

The Laning Phase:
When starting out with Yi you need to be careful and patient. You can't be all rambo and expect to kill everyone, a good carry needs to have a good head on his shoulders. Now this may work if you play against scrubs, but tbh, the only skill with Yi is to know when to hit, and know when to quit! What you basically need to do is go bot/top and play defenisve. You can also harass with Alpha Strike but only if you have Clarity Seals, otherwise you need to use it carefully. Now, don't go around targeting Champions unless you want to kill them with Auto-attacks, to harass them you simply need to target an enemy minion and retreat. If your teammate decides to kill someone, which can be done at level 2, all you need is to get the 7th strike on your passive -> Activate Wuju Style -> Alpha Strike -> 50% of your targets health is gone! This can be turned into first blood with Exhaust, you should harass this way to get a kill. Also, remember to cleanse if you can CC'd or DoT'ed.

Jungling & Ganking:
When you got around 1000 Gold you can recall and buy Lifesteal Scepter, Madred's Razor and start jungling. Now before you do this, I want you to tell everyone that you will jungle once you got 1k gold. That's why we need to lane with someone who knows the responsebility to Solo 1v2, like Mordekaiser, any ranged champion, or anyone skilled. The thumb rule about this is to never die! if he dies you're basically ****ed and you lose! If they can tower hug enough they will passively get fed and will be able to kill both of them before you know it. If the ones you are laning with are having complete lane controll and you can barely hold the tower then you should stick with your lane-partner. Even so, you should still buy Madred's Razor for the pushing power. But if your lanepartner agrees with the terms you can go around killing creeps in the jungle, take the buffs but don't attempt dragon until you are level 6-7+ preferely level 8 or 10. You should also assist the other lanes and try to kill them with Alpha Strike + Highlander + Wuju Style + Exhaust + Auto-attacks. Just make sure that your teammates got CC, and that you abuse your passive. Also once this is done you can try to destroy the turret in the lane so you get a double up bonous!

The Ganking Phase:
Once you've gotten a couple of buffs, ganked a few lanes and gotten a couple of towers you should recall once you have 920gold to buy Beserker's Greaves, or 2300 to get Malady aswell. Remember to buy Elixir of Agility as it will help you greatly teamfights and when ***issinating mid. I'm not telling you to jungle all the time, but it's very beneficial to get all the buffs and kill the dragon once in a while. Sometimes you might even backdoor a tower if you're team is able to, eh... how to I put this? Not Die! They should never commit a 4v5 and expect to win. So only backdoor if you know you trust your team. Now for the real teamfights I want you to go right after all the CC is gone and own them. If you go in too late they will refresh the cooldowns and you'll have to run with Highlander and Mediate (I prefer beating something in the woods, but that's just me). If you do it earlier you'll die, end of story. If you managed to do it right you'll be whooping them one by one and if your team has enough CC, you will Ace them. After this you should get the inhibitor and back out imidiently. just keep the preasure on in the other lanes and you should be dominating, but remember that it's better to live to fight another day! Don't get yourself killed, if you see them trying to get you then use Highlander and GTFO.

Finishing the Game:
Now you should probably stop jungeling, especially if some douchebag of a teammate get upset because you are never there. If so then you are obviously doing something wrong, or your team just sucks. Now, if some of your teammates suck try to encourage them instead of calling them feeders and such. If you do have a teammate who constantly writes in the all chat about how much his team sucks then try to make him stfu, why? Because that sort of thing demoralizes your team and your group begins to spew ones hatred for one other so the communication between you guys will be less about tactics. In otherwords it just makes you want to quit and you will never win with that attitude! But of course, if you get Roflstomped all the time then it's best to just surrunder. If you got fed, by just ***issinating in-between and getting a couple of towers without dying. Then you will become your teams beacon of hope! If you really want to finish the game then you need to keep the preasure and and kill or be killed! With your items you should be somewhere in-between 240DMG and 2.0AS, and with Malady and Bloodthirster you can replenish your health in a matter of seconds. Try to over-extend to the limit, you can do anything with your DPS, Movement speed and Cleanse. The only thing that can kill you is massive CC, nukes and focus. but if you can survive that then it's a matter of seconds before you lifesteal yourself up and get something like Triple, Quadra, and if you're lucky... Penta kill!

Thank you for reading, and avoid taking chances unless you're in the lead.