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League of Legends Build Guide Author Soulcrow

master yi life steal build

Soulcrow Last updated on February 18, 2010
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im going to have to describe the item builds so the end stats dont get buffed beyond what they're suppose to be since i cant q items properly. first you want to start out with the 12% lifesteal staff, pick a side lane with a range person as your partner if you have a choice. from level 1-6 farm farm farm. you want the last hit on as many minions as you can and by farming minions your going to heal yourself from any damage you take early game. use alpha strike to harrass the enemy champions just to make them keep their distance. target minions in front of the other champions with alpha strike. chances are your going to hit one of them if not both of them and this way you wont get dragged to a tower while your jumping around and you wont get stuck on one of their minions trying to run away. at level six you should have around 1200-1400 gold. if you can, stay out longer before going back if things are going well, you dont have to go back till you get to 1900 gold so you can buy beserker boots, and two more 12% life steals. on your way back to the tower pick up the red buff, the dot on it is nice but the slow it causes is your bread and butter cuz ppl will run from you when you use highlander and this will buy you the time to kill them before they get to the tower. if you manage to kill both guys in your lane at this point it should give you the time to push the tower and most likely kill it if unless the rest of the enemy team comes to save it, either way, good for your team. next thing you want to buy is zeal, then the 18 percent crit cape, which will build up to a phantom dancer. you dont need the attack damage until later cuz your wuju style should be giving you enough bonus damage beginning game to the poitn where you can focus on crit and attack speed. next you want a B.F. sword, which builds into a infinity edge. after that depending on the game you may or may not have time to build your lifesteal staves into bloodthirsters. if your fighting another lifesteal yi your going to want one of them to be a exacutioners calling tho.
you will heal faster then ppl can kill you. things to really watch out for are teemo and his blind, also summoner spell exhaust, i like ignite for those early game kills i get with it but you could use cleanse to, and i like ghost cuz by base run speed yi and jax are the fastest characters in the game and if i combine with highlander i WILL catch you. i found Ryze and his rune prison are also a big problem. morgana is perfect with yi b/c of the spell immunity she can put on you works perfectly with it, or if you have a kayle who wants to bubble you. if you want later game you can switch out beserker greaves for mercs cuz the stuns are the only thing that will kill you. other annoying things are heal debuffs, most ppl dont buy exacutioners callling to counter you but butt pirate gangplank is extremely dangerous to this strat also. didnt spell check myself but thats my build hope you like it. p.s. last thing is your runes can be swapped for crit chance for a big bonus early game it can really help out but i like the extra dmg for later more.