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Master Yi Build Guide by harrypotter4

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author harrypotter4

Master Yi - Master i!

harrypotter4 Last updated on March 31, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello people , here comes a basic master yi build on how to be getting up to legendary AND remaining there the whole time . Ill be explaining
The items and why to get them further down
By the way , this is my first guide so if you have any questions just ask , i use theese items
and other stuff in the guide myself actually so any questions please referr to me

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Alright Lets get to runes then . You've all heard whats good for yi , example is Armor penetration , etc . That is Ok.
But you might be forgetting something . Yi is an Ad Carry hitting high with awesome movementspeed and since you've probably Fgured it out i go for Full ATTACK SPEED


Aclarity runes. Because of his basic skill hitting a doublestrike every 7th hit is it awesome to hit that fast

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Summoner Spells

Spells then . Heal . and how to use it
At the beginning of the games yi is very squishy because of his Opness he gets focused and harrasased and wen fighting others with heal¨its quite useful to have ignite since it reduces healing regeneration by 50% making it possible to take out enemies with heal a lot faster

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Unique Skills

Highlander and how to use it proper .
As yi you'll be focused a lot but peopole will be running away from you aswell.
and highlander makes it up for that . awesome to escape even better to finishh off enemies
and since when you kill an enemy the skills get refreshed ur suggested to use Them in this order
1 : wuju style becuase you could get silenced when entering there
2 : highlander to be sure you aren't silenced
3 : alpha strike Hit the center and start spamming hits
4: If your health reaches critical level which it probably will , tank the enemies for your team through meditate

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Explanation to the items D
Shoes and 2 hp pot 1 mp but . at lvl 2 you will have alpha strike which burns a bit of mp and wuju style combinated does it too , and as i mentioned before ull be harrassed a lot in the beginning so health pots is awesome
Returning from lane , If You've donewell which is pretty obvious you will be able to get the berserker greaves and another dagger , and im focusion on getting them first as an safe option instead of crit. The vampiric scepter later on is because youll probably hitted a decent lvl by now and got meditate which unfortunatley burns a lot of mp aswell but worth it and when your out of mp its good to have a little backup that gets higher when you've got the crit now when you have the phantom dancer youll have around 1,7 Atk speed critting around 250-300 About the lifesteal ( bloodthirster ) its only awesome because of its unqiue passive so make sure you have the boost on high numbers.
When having the infinity edge you will be critting around 800 with the full bloodthirster boost , and your team will probably have slauin baron ( the big Dragon ( which makes you crit 1k . the con is that even if hes op hes squishy , but getting the items listed above will help . theres a lot of various items but here comes the buikld , the mallet is definetley something since it slows the opponent down and yi with his high movement speed
youll end his life fast now you could get a last whisper for the tanks or a thornmail if theres many thats AD and only a few weap AP otherwise theres a safecard which is the banshees veil itsu nqieue passive makes it awesome to get avway from snares n Such :)
The phantom dancer . You sell the shoes u have and get it which makes you have about 90% critical hitting around 600-700 on the tanks too , .. wont help running or flashing MASTER I will get you!