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Master Yi Humor Guide by GanstaOG420n00b

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GanstaOG420n00b

Master Yi OP Pro champ build

GanstaOG420n00b Last updated on October 15, 2012
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Table of Contents
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How to play yi

Master Yi is a hard to master champ, I like to get alpha strike becuase it make me hit the bad guys. ANd i mean really you NEEED to be hurting them!!! dont worry about anythung else cuz yolo lol. The game glitches some times and wont let you level up spells, when this happens just gitting woo joo style (copy of gangnam style!!!) u use ur spells to hit the bad guys, when they hit u they cannot becuase you use the spell that makes it where they cannot hit u.

When fighting noobs, like jax,ezreal, THEY ARE NOOBSS! use yur spells ALOT when yo see them

If they try to 2v1 you like noobs, tell them they are noobs and report them, i hate it when noobs 2v1, 3v1 etc.

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get your items, get ap it makes your moves do more damage. get cooldown reduction to do your moves more often. I like to get thornmail if the bad guys hurt me, i also get frozen heart and a ionic spark which makes me use my basic moves and gives me health and shocks teh baddies, oh yeah, totally OP item. Phontom Ballerina makes you more swift and makes your basic moves do more hurt. Atmar Impeller makes you live longer WHILE GIVING YOU BASIC MOVE POWER FOR HEALTH. Great item MUST HAVE ON ALL CHAMPS NOT ONLY YI. I get wings boots to move reallllllly fast, so the bad guys cant catch me, or I can catch them. Elisa Miracle makes you get your health back FAST and your magic energy FAST. As for runes get energy runes to make your magic energy come back faster, then gett basic move damage to KILL THEM FAST< 4 U R THE DEDLY NINJAA MASTER YI!!!!


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