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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Darkligh7r

Master Yi Quick Kill

Darkligh7r Last updated on March 23, 2011
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Hello. I'm Darkligh7r, acting commander of the Legion of Pain. Contact me to join ^^

This is my first guide, and I hope it will help all types of player out there on the Fields of Justice. I used to main Master Yi, and until recently didn't know about MobaFire. Now that I'm here, I intend to extend my pwning expertise to all you good people =)

^ This is the match history where I first made the build.

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Pros / Cons

-Great jungler
-Great 1v1 champ
-Good harass technique's
-Great farming
-Tower diver (late game, 45% or lower Hp on tower near full Hp on Yi)

-Focused in team fights
-Mana hungry all game
-Can be stopped by blinds (TEEMO! >.<)

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Item Tree

I start off with Boots of Speed, 2 Health Potions and 1 Mana Potion. This should keep you in the early lvl.1-3 ganks.
Then I buy Vampiric Scepter, which is for either:

1) Jungling
2) Creep farming
But mainly just for laning a lot longer.

Then I finish up my Berserker's Greaves.
Then for some extra critical chance, I buy Avarice Blade. Not only does it give a decent amount of critical chance, but the gold factor is great for when your soloing a lane.
Next I build Stark's Fervor for it's life steal, attack speed and health regen aura.
Then I usually build Phantom Dancer for it high critical chance, movement speed and attack speed bonuses
Finally I usually build either Bloodthirster or Infinity Blade, for their damage and other bonuses.

Infinity Blade- Extra Damage, critical and critical strikes now deal 250% damage, not 200%
Bloodthirster- Extra Damage and life steal. I also like it's secondary buff (Each kill grants 0.25 life steal and 1 AD, with a cap at 40 AD and 10% Life Steal.


There are some alternative items paths for this build.

(1) For instance, if you see you're doing exceptionally well early on, it might be worth the gold to go straight for Bloodthirster, or Phantom Dancer. Bloodthirster will give you an AD advantage, plus it'll give you high life steal. Phantom Dancer gives you a MAJOR ganking advantage in a game because of its movement speed and attack speed bonuses.

(2) Instead of starting with Boots of Speed, start with Vampiric Scepter and go to the jungle immediately. This will give you early buffs for early game ganks and better farming/ jungling.

(3) When starting your last 3 items, go in this order:
i)Phantom Dancer --> Infinity Blade --> Bloodthirster
This path gives you high damage output late game, but if they start to push back, it will also give you the extra life steal and damage you need to finish them off.

(4)Start with Doran's Shield. Then go straight for Berserker's Greaves and Phantom Dancer. Then take Bloodthirster, then Stark's Fervor. After this buy Avarice Blade for that extra gold generation and critical chance. Finally, finish off with Infinity blade, When your done, you complete Avarice Blade by building Youmuu's Ghostblade. It helps when chasing down enemy champions, or running away from them. Since it also has an armor penetration and cooldown reduction passive, it can be a life saver against high armor tanks like Rammus.

(5) Finally, so think that this build would be better off support, not Quick Kills (they were on my team -_-). If you wish to do this, I recommend to make a slight change to the items. Use this item path instead:

(1) Doran's Shield
(2) Berserker's Greaves
(3) Frozen Mallet
(4) Aegis of the Legion
(5) Banshee's Veil
(6) Last Whisper

Frozen Mallet for the slowing de-buff, Aegis for its friendly unit buff, Veil for it HP/MP and its Spell Block, and Ghostblade for Armor Penetration.

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I usually take 24-0-6. High critical, AD and minions damage, along with a tiny bit XP gain and mana regeneration will go along way in a laning battle.

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I have 9 Greater Marks of Malice (+8.4 critical)
Also got 9 Greater Seal of Strength (+3.8 AD)
Also got 9 Greater Glyphs of Alacrity (+5.7 AS)
1 Greater Quintessence of Strength (+2.25 AD)
1 Greater Quintessence of Might (0.25 AD/ level [4.5 at lvl.18])
1 Greater Quintessence of Desolation (3.33 Armor Pen)

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Team Work

I'm sorry to say that this Master Yi build is VERY solo. It rarely gives up kills, and will usually give you double- triple kills, if not, more. But if you intend to use this build to support, I suggest you refer to the Alternatives section of the Item Tree chapter. When you are finished with Avarice Blade, build Frozen Mallet instead. It gives you lots of health, so you can take a bit of punishment for using this DPS build for support ^^. And it slows the enemies movement speed so that your team mates can swoop in for the kill. And if you do get the kill, well, you were just lucky =D

Other than that, it's good for 1v1 and 2v1 (you and one of your team mates v. one of them), so please, I beg you, don't use this build for support. Thank you :)

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Hints/ Tips

This build is a DPS build, with some jungling aspects. Early in the game, it is good, since you level Wuju style early along with high critical chance so early in the game. This build leads to early kills, easy feedings and lots of gold. Late game, you mainly gank or push turrets because of your high damage output/ second. When you buy Bloodthirster you HAVE TO FARM/ JUNGLE to get your stacks up quickly. I like to solo lanes when I buy Bloodthirster, since I can kill minions much easier that way.

When you get your build to Stark's Fervor and Phantom Dancer, be sure to get lots of minions and monsters, with maybe some kills if you can get them. Finish these to items quickly, since they both can bring great terror to your enemies.

When the build id finished, you can easily kill most champions on the game in a matter of seconds. For those skeptics out there, let me clear anything you might say up right now...

1) Thornmail
Thornmail is a FAIL against this build because of it life steal.
2) Slows, stuns, etc...
You all know his ulti. With this build, Lux will never be able to run away ^^
3)Enemy has life steal
This is why Yi is great for this build. His ulti, plus exhaust followed up by Wuju Style then finally Alpha Strike = dead enemies.

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Well, that's about it. If you have any comments on the build, or have any suggestions, please comment below and please vote! Criticism welcome! (not too harsh, I'm squishy :()