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League of Legends Build Guide Author ElfenLied

Master Yi, So you wanna own huh?

ElfenLied Last updated on August 20, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Let me start by first telling you about Master Yi, to me guy is an awesome carry/pusher mainly because of his ult and his wuju style ability. He also is able to farm well with his Alpha Strike instantly killing minions at level 1, if your lucky that is. He is able to eat towers and turn the tide of the game in one battle. I recently had to carry a game with my allies we had no tanks, and were every squishy, against Shen, Malazar, Viegar, Pirate and someone else I can't recall. The guide well teach you how to build your Yi and how to play him as well, what to do in team fights, when and how to push, how to gank, how to attack and so on. I wont guarantee you wins but you will always have a positive score. As for summoner spells, they are entirely up to you, I personally like exhaust for countering those annoying DPS, cleanse also helps alot, as well as ghost, its a personal choice.

Early Game and Laning
Grab your pendant and a health and mana potion, it doesn't matter who you lane with, but try to get the lane with the wolves, go and stand and wait for minions to spawn, when the wolves spawn, alpha strike them. Hopefully you will kill them all, if not keep whacking them. That way you will get extra gold and exp advantage. As for laning itself, don't be aggresive unless they screw up or something then rush for the kill. Stay and farm creeps, your pendant will always give you mana for alpha strike. Stay in the lane till you have enough cash to buy your avarice blade and Emblem of valor. Now its time to farm some more. Head to the creep camps and farm like there's no tomorrow, grab the golem and lizard buffs, occasionally heading to lanes to farm minions. You'll be farming so hard you will have so much cash before you know it. Don't recall until you have money to finish up ghost blade and grab boots.

Mid Game
By now you have your items to start ganking. When ganking, note to always aim for squishys, make note of who's missing, hide in bushes. Let your ally initiate, come from behind, hit your ult and wuju style, ghost blade and start whacking away, if they try to run away alpha strike then exhaust them and finish up, be very very aggressive. Next thing to note, when your not ganking, farm! farm! farm! Get the dragon, golem and lizard. When you see the enemy pushing mid and all are together, try to push a tower, ult in and whack the tower, it will go down before the enemy realize and can defend. When you get cash get frozen mallet asap, why you ask? Yes your super fast, but the slow will help tremendously trust me, also the extra health helps alot. Then aim for finish up starks, those are the main items you will need.

Late Game
Hopefully your owning, now the 5v5 battles are occurring more than often, for those fights, always come from behind to take out those squishys, as thier tanks will be in front. you will be killing them almost instantly and refeshing your cooldowns, if you find yourself in a pickle, alpha strike to confuse them ghost or ult and run the hell away. Heal with meditate and jump back in the fight and kill out the rest, and make sure to chase. Also know when you can't win the fight, back out and push a tower while they are mid or top. Yi is a great pusher use that to your advantage. For your finisher items, depending on their team and builds, I sometimes go either Tiamat or Infinity Edge for damage and crit, throw in Phantom Dance for crit, atk speed and movement speed, if not go with trinity force for hp, crit, atk speed, hp and some damage. Dont forget to activate ghost blade, it make a huge difference. You will be cutting through enemies like butter I promise you. Throw in an elixir of fortitude mid/late game for added atk and hp, it will make you unstoppable.

So that's it people, enjoy and give me some feedback. Thanks. I'm not famliar with runes and masteries. I haven't bought a rune yet.