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Master Yi Build Guide by Tatsu-Kun

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tatsu-Kun

Master Yi (Strong Early Game)

Tatsu-Kun Last updated on July 11, 2011
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Hey!. Its Tatsu-Kun writing a build for Master Yi.

This build is oriented to get a strong Early Game. (Since Master Yi is melee, he's very easy to harras, specially from mages/ranged champions).

Since i found this way more convenient (for Normal Games, never tried Ranked) for 3 reasons.

1) Get a good early game (survivality, harras, farming, even solo vs 2).
2) Screw your enemy laners early, and makes them recall or just kill them. (and caught fed).
3) Independance from any partner (you will not depend on supports/tank/CC champions too much).

but that depends on your opponents (this will not work 100%, but it makes the early game more comfortable).

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Pros / Cons

You will not have problems laning.
Partners independance.
Screw the other team early game.
Makes you caught fed or your lane partner.

Must know when to use your Alpha Strike.
CC can easily screw you (Specially Silence and Stun).
Sometimes you will be greedy with the kills... control yourself with that.

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As you can see, i build Master Yi with AP runes. (This rune page is basically a Mage page).

Common Question: Why adding AP runes on Master Yi, if he's an excellent carry AD?

Answer: Master Yi with AD runes (and building him with AD purposes from the very Beginning) has a lot of problems with the harras (specially with Ranged or CC champions), since he mainly has to attack physically, he's on a dangerous position. Those runes will make him almost Ranged and makes Meditate to sustain him while laning on early game.

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Well. as much you can see: i dont let my Masteries get behind, so i use them to get atleast 1% crit chance. (lucky crit helps you to lane, but i dont see criticals on early very viable).
i use the 15% Spell penetration mastery to get an extra push on the damage.

Spells Boosts.
Ignite effect: will help you alot (since you are not going to build yourself Pure AP, the 10 AP boost will be your best friend after you use Ignite).
Exhaust effect: do i have to explains this too?. (lets be honest: Yi MUST go with Exhaust boosted).

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You will need Doran Ring as first item. for the Mana Regeneration, the bonus Health and the AP boost (39 AP on the very beginning).

if you can: Keep laning soon you reach 825Gold. (if you have a lot of mana, USE IT ALL!), and inform your lane partner (if you are laning with someone of course) you are recalling to buy. (if things looks bad: stay and defend until you are able to recall without any risk of your turret get hurt so badly)

when you go back. make sure to buy: Movement Boots and one Doran Ring (350+475=825)

soon you get both Dorans Rings together and boots: you will be a little more faster, and also, will help you with the harras and being harrased (extra Health+AP+Mana Regeneration+Movement Speed = you can retreat behind your lines quicker after Alpha Strike, you can chase way more easier too.)

And then. here comes the tricky move to your enemies:

Keep laning until you can buy: Zeal and Vampiric Scepter (if its need, sell one doran ring to buy a Recurve Bow for more Atk Speed).

if the games keep going and you need damage: buy a Pick Axe for damage boost.

you can do the next thing here:

[*] Save the Pick Axe to build it into an Infinity Edge. for an insane amount of damage.
[*] Make the Pick Axe into a Bilgewater Cutlass (Not Recommended for persons who dont use Active Items very often)

[*] If they are enough bad players to keep going alone at this point of the game: go, try to ambush the weakest targets. (Mages or other carries are excellent targets).
[*] If they are pushing together or defending together, hide, and wait for the chance to show up on a teamfight, Start with Alpha Strike and then ALWAYS FOCUS THE CARRY FIRST!, after that aim to the mages and supports, and finish the tank/s with your team.

Note: As you can See the only item of damage based at this point is Bilgewater Cutlass
Since Master Yi gets a great amount of damage from Wuju Style (35Maxed and 70 Active), we cant delay our damage items for attack speed and slow active effects (Also, if you build it into a Hextech Gunblade you will get a great amount of damage AND AP (slow effect is boosted too!).

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Skill Sequence

Sorry if i missed on the skills.
i usually give the next priority:

1) Alpha Strike.(Try to max as soon as possible).
2) Wuju Style. (Dont level it up, Unless Alpha Strike is not avaible).
3) Meditate. (if things are going pretty bad, and the team is harrasing you a lot: try to lv it up to lv2, and leave Wuju style until you finish leveling Alpha Strike).

(Highlander soon is avaible on lv 6, 11, 16).

Basically you are using Alpha Strike as your main damage attack: and your AutoAttack as your Second source of dmg.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite: Recommended to secure your kills after Alpha Strike, Combined with Exhaust it will help you to take down fed champions. (its also good to screw champions who depends on Lifesteal and Spell Vamp on 1 vs 1.
Exhaust: Cant say more: this baby will give you the perfect for Run, Chase, Makes your kills faster and easier and turn the team fights to your favor (use it on the enemy's team main cannon and focus it everytime you see him/her).

Why not?:

Ghost, Flash or Cleanse?

well: since you will not be charging to the enemies like an angry boar, you will not need an escape method. and soon you get Highlander, you will not need any of those spells unless you have to pass through the walls (Flash).

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Team Work And Laning.

a lot of people think you are building AP Yi. but this build also allows you to change quickly to AD and be the carry.

Laning with someone:
[*] if you are laning with someone with a good harras potential, well: dont stay there! help him/her!. (your Alpha Strike hits 4 Targets, if there are 3 Minions and one champion close: use it on the closest minion you have, you will hit the champion and you will "land" on your first target's position. (if your lane partner is going to try a kill. follow him/her and use Alpha Strike on the target).
[*] If you are laning with good damage output champion (Like Akali), if the both enemies champions are going to focus you (Yi is usually Focused) and you are unable to run, tank them with Meditate (if they hace CC to disable it, ONLY if you can, use Meditate after they use it), and let your partner finish one of them (or both). Remember: while meditating, you can use your Summoner Spells, use Ignite and Exhaust on the one with less defense or less health. if your Alpha Strike CD is already refreshed, use it on the weakest one and secure a kill.

Laning on Mid:
Well... nothing special, use Alpha Strike to Harras the enemy champion. and meditate to keep on the lane if you caught by some damage. (dont use your skills a lot, or you will ran out of mana and thats the worst thing that will happen, last hit the minions, and use your Alpha Strike to harras or kill a lot of minions if there's a lot of them).
[*] if you are gonna to recall, make sure to recall after you land a kill or make the enemy Mid recall. (be sure you can back without the enemy minions pushing your turret).
[*] if you are low of health and the enemy gets greedy. make sure to make him/her hits you with a lot of your minions around. use Meditate to "Tank" his/her attacks, and if he/she notice he/she's being juked, use your exhaust so he/she cant run away.(if you can exhaust+Alpha Strike+ignite it will increase the chances to land a kill even if he/she flash away).

While TeamFights.
You are not that kind of champion who can initate (since you are a carry you'll get yourself focused and get killed before the teamfight stats), so stay behind and wait to someone else caught all the agro of the other team.

[*] if you still have 2 dorans rings and nothing more: Use your Alpha Strike on their carry(to make sure you will hit him/her), if you have your spells up, use them carefully: you can use exhaust on the main carry and ignite on someone running away (land a kill and unable their carry to deal damage and escape) if the situations call for it. use both on the carry to make it out of the game soon as possible, and save your team a lot of problems.

[*] If you switched to AD already and the other team looks tough. Ping the enemy carry (to makes them know you are focusing him/her. after killing the carry, quickly aim to the mages/supports champions. soon everyone is dead, aim the tank with your team.

[*] if you you have to die, make sure to take down their carry at least, but usually people will not focus you in time, so, soon you get the carry down and the rest of his/her team usually will start focusing you, try to focus the one with less health(except the tank of course...), if things looks bad and you cant withstand the damage intake with lifesteal, well. MEDITATE!, they will keep focusing you anyway, this is very effective: you can save yourself with the healing, or make them waste more time trying to take you down. meanwhile your team will keep damaging them and probably get an ace.

Remember you are not playing alone this game. so dont be a **** and play with the team.

on early you are independient from them, but on teamfights, better trust your *** to them or you get yourself kicked by the other team.

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First Build Posted

Since its my first time i make a build, hope i dont have to correct it.

anyway: hope this build comes handy, i saw a lot of people arguing about how bad is Master Yi, well, i wanna make them know, there are other ways to make him good (i think he's the best one, but thats because i main him since i was lv 5).

peace, hope you see you in the game

Summoner Name: Tatsu Kun

Sorry for the bad English tho...