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Build Guide by lordkillner

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author lordkillner

Master yi - super lifesteal

lordkillner Last updated on August 17, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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I use Exhaust when I have low hp and need enemy to miss me or when an enemy is running then I use Exhaust for slowing him.
Ignite is good when you don't have Exhaust and an enemy is running with low hp it usually kill them.

FB = First blood
AD = Attack Damage
Port/TP = Teleport
LoL = League of Legends

Master Yi is one of the strongest melee fighters and this build is making him totally unbeatable. By following this guide the others will look at you like at god of LoL or match ^^.

Summoner Spells:
The Best Choice:
Teleport - The ultimate pusher spell, use it when you are low, use it when your mobs are at an undefended tower, use it to defend an undefended tower, use it on one of your boxes to go behind enemy lines to tear down that inhibitor, so many uses!

Exhaust - This spell is such a huge make or break early game that it aint even funny, with both a blind and specced armor reduce this gives you great gank opportunities early game, a spell I never go without.

Ignite - This is the spell I love to hate, 50% healing reduce, annoying puny dot, if you REALLY like ****ing with your enemies mind, then choose this, in my opinion tho, if you can't get those last HP off him or he has something to counter that ignite well then it is wasted

Ghost - Great for escaping, great for getting quicker back to your lane, great for chasing down enemies, take this if you are more fixated at getting kills. (When you don't have ultimate spell then its great)

Rally - This is one of those spells that people forget about, with both increased AD and health regen, helps you alot against your greatest enemy, THE TANK! (note: works on most ******ed tanks, others just run away=)=)
Other spells what you can have :

Cleanse - Something to consider aswell if you really are having a hard time vs any stun heroes

Heal - A spell you might want to use in your first few matches as a Master Yi, but you'll got meditate and its effect will diminish after a while and you will see that there are better things to go for, the heal is great, but with pots early game and lifesteal mid/late this will pretty much be useless.

Clairvoyance - A big deal for any premade, and also a big deal for you as a player, if you are one of those more defensive, layed back types that does not like ganking, choose this to get a headstart at running away.

What you should NOT have:

Revive - Just no.

Clarity - If you need this during your battle, then you are doing something wrong, consider picking up golem mid/late.

Smite - If you even considered this spell, then go find a jungling guide.

Fortify - Leave this spell to the support/tank.

Flash - A spell used by many, almost everyone has it, but when you have it built into your character it get's pretty useless compared to things you can have instead


Early game:
Buy Dagger and 1 health pot and run to Ancient Golem. When you kill him then you'll get level up, when will golem dead you'll get bonus and you should run to Lizard after killing him its up the time to attack the enemies.

Mid game:
By this time the game is starting to turn into a proper warzone, people group up, trying to get easy kills on unsuspecting enemies and such, but that is not for Master, Master is better than that with this build������¢���¯���¿���½������¦
If the enemy team has started grouping up and pushing a lane, then try swapping to a lane with no friends or foes, and where your minions are starting to bundle up, this is the perfect opportunity to push a tower down with your Wuju Style and Highlander, sooner or later the enemy has to retreat due to your insane pushing ability or watch as you slowly tear down their towers, which means the game is over.

Late game:
When you reach this point in a game you will have gotten the tower reaper kit completely, start building Bloodthirster/Infinity Edge depending on the team setup
At the end of the match you will have driven your enemies to insanity by constantly pushing in all lanes and being close to unkillable, not only does this brew frustration in the enemy ranks, but it also gives your team great chances to push in two lanes while the enemy is chasing after you.


Do not kamikaze only because you've got lifesteal like nobody in a match. You can be easy target for ganging when you rush alone.

People are idiots which many times run than they help you to kill somebody. Don't be like them and fight with your teammates.

Highlander can be used as running ability too.

You can try to hit a running enemy by AS(alpha strike) when you use it on minion.

The best way to killing the enemies is with bonuses from monsters.
Lizard = slows enemies
Ancient Golem = mana regen + ability power