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League of Legends Build Guide Author Alk

Master Yi taking mass dmg and still woopin A$$!!

Alk Last updated on June 21, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This Master Yi build allows u to take mass amounts of dmg and still rip people


There is a lot of information in the summery below some contains Noobish material to help those who just started playing so dont troll and be all like "Well i already know that" or "Thats ******ed you dont have to tell me that" or "Dumba$$ everyone knows that" well not everything knows everything and id like to be able to help as many ppl as i can.

Summoner spell 1: Flash - very good for finishing kills, and running away when your in a bad spot. If some still dont know you can Flash threw walls and such for a haste get away!

Summoner spell 2: Exhaust - Easily the best summoner spell for Master Yi, Great for slowing those annoying runners and beating down on heavy tanks/melee.

Other Summoner spells: Ignite isn't to bad of choice since its got good burst penitential, Ghost is also a great way to keep on those runners and to get away but some ppl get into chasing and end up dead so use it wisely.

Runes - I like to get x9 Arm-Pen marks helps alot for dmg on everyone, x9 Dodge Seals helps u get that nimbleness proc in your masteries, x9 Magic resist Glyphs to dumb down those annoying casters dmg, x3 Health quintessences helps alot early game to get those starting kills and win your lane.

Items - Early game boots of speed will help you get that last hit for first blood along with other kills and there aways useful to get back to the tower if things dont go how you planed ; P, Now i also like getting the 3 health pots so i can stay in my lane as long as i can, Then finish off the berserker's greaves and start working on getting Zeal, why Zeal? 8% move spell + crit/atk speed helps alot early game allows you to be very mobile to help your team and such, Next you want to get starks Fervor why? 20% life steal, atk-speed/arm-pen and some Health per 5 what not to love? it will be nice to start getting life steal early keeps you alive against alot of players, now you should prolly be able to take out alot of ppl 1v1 but play smart, Next up is to get your Blood Thirst, feed it a little bit but dont extend your self to the point where u get ganked just kill a wave or two of mobs here and there and get some creep kills this is also a good point to get the Red lizard buff the dmg is always nice to have! Alright now its time to start getting Guarding Angel Its amazing for team fights stacked up with meditate you can lead your team into a fight and stay a alive alot of the time, meditate the sec they start going for you an should have well over 350 armor and spell resist while meditating, when meditate ends ether your going to need to back up or you can keep fighting use alpha strike and wuju style to do some heavy burst finish your kills with Highlander so you get your cool downs back. now if the game isnt already over get your madred's blood-razer's. at this point you should be able to destory in team fights assuming your team mates dont fail completely. Finally i haven't gotten to this point myself normally win before bloodrazers but finish off by getting your phantom dancer and just dominate everyone! (Note: At any point late game when you feel you team is going to push and you wont get a chance to go back and buy items grab a Elixir of fortitude and Agility, they help boost your dmg/health/atkspeed/crit, all great components to help win the game!)

__FIRST BLOOD__ Lane with preferably ranged, Ryze is a Great teammate to lane with and also to get first blood with! You have to be fast at getting your items in the start of the game and getting into the top 2nd bush with your partner or you'll lose your chance! Now you want to exhaust the target and use Wuju strikes on him if he gets out of your range flash and finish the kill! Dont Chase them into the turret!
~!!!Other good partners to have in your lane!!!~
Twitch, Rammus, Kyle, Taric, Pantheon,
Shaco, Gerren, Blitzcrank, Anne, teemo
Shen, Janna, Morgana, Twisted Fate, amumu
tristana, Ezreal, Kennen, ashe,

Note: theres a couple more heroes good with yi but those are some
of the main good ones to lane with!

~~ Play Style ~~

Levels 1 - 8

Early game i like to try and not be the first one to jump into the fight, its always good to harass with Alpha strike, just dont do it near a turrets you'll end up dead! Constantly watch for the enemy player in mid to get low or around Half hp and go for the kill!
Its important that you use teamwork with your lane buddy so u can score some wicked kills early in the game to get your set up going. Dont try to be a hero play smart, Wait for the opening and then get the kill!

Levels 9-15

Mid Game now you should have Starks and a B F sword, At this point you can start playing more aggressively still dont run into 2+ ppl by yourself try to pick off ppl that are low hp and do some lane farming and or some ganking with your team! if you can finish the kill finish it but if u have to chase for more then 5 secs DONT CHASE, you'll end up dead 80% of the time!!!

Levels 16+

Late Game at this point you should have atlest guardians angel now you can start
the fights along as u have ur teams back up, go in with alpha strike then meditate if there focusing you which they should be, (note - dont be stupid and try and start a fight when your out numberd or teams low health/in a bad spot I.E turrets) Stick with your team and own it up (note - this late into the game if ur running from a melee in a 1v1 and u have more then 40% hp u can easly Turn around and use alpha strike wuju + highlander and burn him! at anypoint in the fight if u feel like u will die use meditate and you'll get a good bit of hp back, Reminder to do this you must have a good portion of your mana still and DONT turn around if you know more enemy's are on there way!


You can use meditate to negate a lot of Heroes ability's

For instance, Katarina uses death lotus you can meditate during it
and take low to no dmg at all.

You can also negate

Morgana's Dark biding + Ground AoE dmg combo
Ryzes Rune prison + spell flux combo
Gerrens blade storm
Olafs Ultimate + victorious strikes combo

And thats just to name a Few (Note: this only works once you've
obtained rank 3+ of meditate or you might end up taking a good
bit of dmg or end up dead)

Alpha Strikes a good means of escape since you cant be targeted
while using it. EX: Running from 2 ppl chasing u and the mobs from
your lane are up ahead target last mob in the back with
alpha strike so you to gain some distance on the Players
trying to kill you!

With all said and done i am no where near the best player in the game
im just trying to help ppl a little bit that enjoy playing Master yi and
I'd like some feed back on my build and theres always room for improvements
/ suggestions, Please forgive any poor grammar/spelling I've used, This is
my first guide. Enjoy

~ From Alkrym