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Master Yi Build Guide by Jerlex

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jerlex

Master Yi - Tanking Out The Trash

Jerlex Last updated on August 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First Off, I just would like to say that I have played League of Legends for a while a truly have a love for the game, I hope this guide helps you to play better as Master Yi and helps you out throughout all of the League of Legends matches you come to play. Also, I made this guide short and sweet like a Candy Bar and hope you enjoy. ;)

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Master Yi - How To - Tank Out The Trash

*Note* Near End Game, REPLACE/SELL Wriggle's Lantern for The Black Cleaver

(I know No-One Reads These But Whatever)

This guide discusses how to defeat enemy champions and take out minions and turrets quick as well as stay alive and jungle, Also the build isn't as hard as it looks... :)

Lane Control

When playing as Master Yi middle lane is good, but Top and Bottom give a Jungling advantage

I would usually go Top to do this in which starting out with Cloth Armor going top camping the turret and killing minions and fending off Champions.

Basic Champion Fighting
Allow them to proceed to your turret, as long as the Champion is not someone like Morgana who can stop you in place or Tryndamere who can be invincible, avoid them as well as Warwick. But if they don't appear with your lane then do this for any level (*note* for Begin Game be sure if not level 6 to avoid those who are level 6 until then)
Once near your turret allow your minions to fight theirs, then activate Wuju Style and Alpha Strike the Champion (Be careful around 2 or more champions) then use Exhaust on them quickly, and if you have it then activate Highlander, once Exhaust wears off use Ghost to chase him down unless he reaches his turret, then do not continue to engage, you should get a kill, hopefully, and finally recall and get back to your post, after been full regenerated.

Lane Control (Continued)

When level 2 with Alpha Strike tend to use this on the minons, with Wuju Style, also if a champion is helping those minions follow the basic Champion fighting to kill him or push him back. Continue going through build always...

When Level 6 with Alpha Strike, Wuju Style, and Highlander you will begin to be like support/assist or somewhat of a tank.

Towards End Game, Do your best to jungle and get some sweet buffs, then go in for the kills on those enemy champions using the basic champion fighting guide and you should be destroying by now.

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Now with Master Yi Farming is very easy, just take your time with Wuju Style and Alpha Strike all around the minions and jungle units farming all around making it easier for buying items and leveling, especially when you are behind.

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Team Work

Team Work is something Key about Master Yi, especially when it comes to pushing, Master Yi can destroy a turret and with the help of your team can be unstoppable, just communicate, mark places and appreciate them.

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Creeping / Jungling

Jungling is fantastic with Master Yi especially when it comes to farming and buffs these will positively help Yi and greater increase his Strength. Always go for the weak ones first if farming and leveling, but really go straight for the buffs, and trust me, the buffs are worth it.


Ancient Golem
Spawn time: 1:55
Respawn time: 5 minutes after the you/enemy killed it
Buff duration: 2.5 minutes
Gold: 60
Experience: 220

Lizard elder
Spawn time: 1:55
Respawn time: 5 minutes after you/enemy killed it.
Buffduration: 2.5 minutes
Gold: 60
Experience: 200

Spawn time: 2:30
Respawn time: 6 minutes after you/enemy killed it.
Gold: 190
Experience: 900

Spawn time: 15 minutes
Respawn time: 7 minutes after you/enemy killed it
Buffduration: 4 minutes
Gold: 300
Experience: 900

And That's Jungling

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Summoner Spells

The Summoner Spells used with Yi are mainly to be used on champions when trying to kill them, but also help to flee from battle. In which you can Exhaust on them and Ghost run away. You can also use them to get back quickly after recalling to regenerate and buy items using Ghost run to get back quickly to say an engaged turret, or teammates in need of assistance.

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Pros / Cons

Master Yi is a true Powerhouse
He also is a great support
Is a very good assist
Destroys Turrets very fast
Is great for Jungling and Farming
Is easy to master

His Armor isn't very high
Has Low health
Can be quickly killed if mistakes are made
Can be somewhat easily chased down and killed due to how fast he is

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Skill Sequences

I truly recommend this Skill Sequence in which I showed at the beginning because it is one to follow that will truly give you strength and help you to fight and play better in which it should be a great sequence overall.

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Now, the Items in my guide, I have used for a very very long time, and trust this build including replacing Wriggle's Lantern with The Black Cleaver because this is really what will make you strong, I love this build and will continue to always use it, so I'm sharing it with you, now overall I must say the Item build is truly the Key to this Guide. Also, in some cases you may want to buy potions, but that is your choice.

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Overall Things just remember after reading this guide to go with your own flow and strategy if you want because trust me mine doesn't always work so just do your best and I promise you (in most cases) you will succeeed. :)