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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ProMixt

Master Yi: The Fastest Jungler

ProMixt Last updated on November 30, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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With this build, you'll be able to achieve level 6 before anyone else. Master Yi is the fastest jungler out there.


Attack Speed: Enables Master yi to jungle a lot faster. Attack Speed combined with Wriggles Lantern is a must to solo Dragon at level 5-7. I know most builds tells you to go Armor Pen, but this is a *Fastest Jungle guide* remember and you won't be jungling as fast with Armor Pen runes. Also, I think Master Yi should go Attack Speed Runes to kill squishy heroes faster at lower levels.

Hp Regen: Can be vital for low level jungling. Will give you the little extra hp if your Alpha strike doesnt pop. You will also regen hp a bit more will going from creeps to creeps.

Mp Regen: Master Yi is VERY mana dependant. You need mana regen runes if you want Blue buff at level 3. <ama regen runes will give you just enough mana to proc your Alpha strike and wushu at blue buff at level 3.

Jungling 1-6

First of all, start jungling at the two Golems, and make your way up to the blue buff, ignoring the Red buff for the time being. (Why ignore the Red Buff? (You might not be able to kill him yet. You'll be *First Blood*, people will laugh at you, you will rage and quit the game). As soon as you get the Blue buff, go and gank a lane using ghost so your kill doesn't escape. If you are lucky and/or good enough, the lane you ganked should be dead. Push tower and destroy it. Needless to say that Master Yi is the best tower pusher out there... Then, if your hp is low, teleport back and buy Madreds Razor evolution (the one that puts a ward). Buy Berzerker greaves after that. Go back to the 2 Golems, get red buff, kill the 4 ghosts, gank mid or get dragon. From there, keep jungling and farming. Replace the lane when other heroes go buy. Only teleport back to base when you can buy a big item.

The best way to be a good yi is to farm gold like crazy. He is the fastest lvler and probably the strongest melee champion out there (I also think that Tryndamere is a pretty good carry). You should get level 18 before anyone else. Also, dont be afraid to push towers and when you do, dont use ult, only activate Wushu. You need to keep Ult to run away from tower if you get tower gank. Also, in team fights, never be the one to initiate. People know about yi's and they'll try to kill him first. If you can, come from behind and get the CC dps. They should be less in less than 3s if they dont blink. And... VERY IMPORTANT... from level 3 to about 16, YOU NEED the blue buff more than ANY OTHER HEROES. You are the carry after all... Red buff is also a must.

How to attack champions with Master Yi:

Always strike from behind, never initiate fights, always target Main dps (If main DPS is Trynd with Ult, dont focus him first)/ CCs.

Enemys without ghost/Blink

- Activate Wuju Style.
- If enemy champions tries to run, Activate Highlander.
- If enemy runs faster than you, use Alpha Strike.
- Repeat.

Enemys with ghost/Blink

- Activate Ghost and Wuju Style.
- If enemy Ghost/Blink, use Highlander then Alpha Strike on the enemy.
- Repeat.

Why not using Alpha Strike first?

Simple, because if you use Alpha Strike first and after the enemy blinks out of range, you wont be able to kill him, your Alpha Strike will be on cooldown.


If one or two enemies are low Health, use alpha strike first to finish them off.

When to flee:

When you cant finish off your first target and other enemies seems to focus you. FLEE. Ghost and Ult should be activated and stuns should already have been thrown so u should be able to flee. If you cant flee. Use Meditate as soon as you can. Meditate will give you a huge boost of Armor and Mag Res making you very resistant against all sorts of attacks. A stun will cancel your meditate, so its good to analyze the battle before using it.

Enemies hiding next to tower.

Lets say you are level 13+ and an enemy hugs tower and has no stuns. He thinks he is safe no he is not!! Use Wuju style, Highlander and Alpha Strike!! Kill the enemy at tower, run out of tower range, use meditate! Ive done this a LOT. Meditate will make you survive the tower!!

Master Yis allies: Support and CC

If you have a Kayle and Zilean on your team, tell them to ULT YOU when you get low on HP during 5v5. This is critical for winning a 5v5 with these 2 teammates. If they fail, your team chances to fail the 5v5 battle greatly rises. Also, all those supports that increases Movement Speed, Attack power and such are a good add to Master Yi.

For CCs, any stunner or taunter is a friend of Master Yi. Lets take Annie for example. Annie goes in, stuns the enemy. Go in with ghost and Wuju style, attack the same target, he should be dead in a sec.

For slows, not as good as stuns but does the job. Dont forget Yi + Red buff.

So which hero has a stun and great support? Sona has a stun.. and Atk, Def, Mov speed buffs. You love Sona!!

What about Tryndamere/Master Yi combo? Its awesome!! Tryndamere goes in first, activates Ult, then yi comes in and kills all. Tried it a lot, and always works. All CCs and Blind are put on Trynd, and when they see Master Yi coming in, its too late for them. Every spell is on cooldown, Trynd is still alive. Master Yi activates all his skills. I have been able to win a 2v5 with this combo.

Master Yis enemies: Blind, taunt and stuns.

As Master Yi, you hate Blind. So, you basically hate Teemo, Corki, Heimer Shaco and Exhaust. You really dont like Exhaust You hate it, despise it!! You get Exhausted in a 5v5 teamfight, you dont have Cleanse, you dont run, you die. Simple as that.

What about stuns? 5v5 fight, you get stunned first, they all attack you, youre dead.

And Taunt? Same as stuns Maybe even worst because some taunts last longer than stuns.

What about you getting blinded, stunned and taunted ? You explode!

How to counter Blind? Cleanse or Highlander with Ghost + RUN! Just Run back for a few seconds and come back to slash them till they die!

VERY IMPORTANT: Green and Red potions will make a bad game go good!! If you have a spare 300 or 600, buy green then red. THEN GET SOME KILLZ! Other team will be wondering how you got so strong. Hehe!! I usually buy them after Starks. Both of them. Then i get some kills and push towers with it. I never go back to base even if near death. I just go back jungling to get back my hp in a few hits. Seriously, green and red potions, whatever the build, is a MUST buy.

***** I'll be posting a video on Master Yi's Jungle pretty soon!