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Master Yi Build Guide by akentai

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author akentai

Master Yi(The True Master)

akentai Last updated on July 12, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force

Offense: 21

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 6

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 3

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Master Yi The Wuju Bladesman can best be characterized as a dps carry. His abilities allow him to deal high amounts of damage within a very short window of time. Carry refers to the fact that he requires some time to gain quality items before he is able to become dominant/dangerous. Personally, I think his samurai appearance and his deadly use of speed make him one of the most enjoyable champions that LoL has to offer. His skills also have a very nice balance to them. For this guide, I’m going to start off by discussing abilities and items followed by strategic tips and tricks.

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Master Yi The Wuju Bladesman is a mystical warrior hailing from the isle of Ionia. Before his inception in to the League of Legends, Yi led a peaceful life in a quiet village. But then, the armies of Noxus came to conquer the land of Ionia. Master Yi wouldn’t have it, so he beat a great many soldiers into smithereens. Tragically, during all the brouhaha, the Noxuns were able to test Singed’s latest chemical weapon, which decimated the once tranquil village. Yi escaped seemingly unscathed. Although his clan were all slain, vengeneance, hatred, and WUJU! Continue to live within Master Yi. It is precisely this lust for blood, this blind vendetta; which drives Master Yi maddeningly into the depths of the League of Legends.

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Master Yi

Master Yi is a very cheap champion in the store he costs just 450ip! He can be very strong with the suitable items! He is enough easy even for not good players! Master Yi is very good in the early game thas he has taken the second phantom! Its a dps player so you play with attack speed and damage and a little armor to do not be killed!

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Pros & Cons

+Great damage
+Great atack speed
+Superb chaser
+Great escape mechanism
+Superb pusher/carry/farmer
+Easy to play
+Good harraser

-Squishy early game
-Vurneable to disables
-Easy to harras (Melee)
-Low HP pool
-After using Ulti on a gank that is not working out, he has no way of fleeing from battle.

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Double Strike - Master Yi strikes twice every 7th attack.

Passive that every 7th can take out great amount of oponent HP pool without any problem. Scales with your accual damage (also with enhanced by Wuju Style skill).
Timing it will be a nice thing now. Remember that when counter hits 6, this means your next atack will deal 2x damage. It means you can Alphastrike and double damage oponent. Good for harrasment.
Extremaly usefull in early game when every % of hp matters, as well as in late game when you diliver 1k crits (double 1k crit? shiny?).

Alpha Strike - Master Yi leaps across the battlefield with blinding speed, dealing magic damage to multiple units in his path with a chance to deal bonus magic damage to minions.
Master Yi leaps across the battlefield striking up to 4 enemies, dealing 100/150/200/250/300 (+1 per ability power) magic damage to each enemy with a 20/30/40/50/60% chance to deal 400 bonus magic damage to minions.
Cooldown - 18/16/14/12/10 seconds
Cost - 80/90/100/110/120 Mana
Range - 600

In my playstyle, this is my initiate skill, as well as escape mechanism (but this is very mob dependant escape mechanism)
Basicly you "rush" through 4 targets (mobs) and land a final blow on the targeted champion/mob spawning near him. You cant hit same person multiple times. You cant jump back to char that was already "touched", so catching 2 heroes alone wont mean you hit both of em 2 times, the spell will break after 2 jumps. This skill ignores your melee damage, damage is magical and gets lowered by magic resistance.

Meditate - Master Yi rejuvinates his body by focus of mind, restoring health and increasing his armor and magic resistance for a short time.
Master Yi channels, restoring 140/280/420/560/700 (+1.65 per ability power) health over 5 seconds. While channeling, Master Yi gains 100/150/200/250/300 armor and magic resistance.
Cooldown - 35 seconds
Cost - 70/85/100/115/130 Mana
Range - Self

Very underestimated skill. In late game it can be whole diference between going back to base or stay in lane and push another tower.
It might be good idea to take a single point in in in early game if you are getting too much harras damage.
Not much usefull in late game since you will regain more hp and faster and more efficient by just farming mobs with lifesteal.

Wuju Style - Master Yi becomes skilled in the art of Wuju, passively increasing the power of his physical attacks. Activating Wuju Style doubles the passive bonus damage for a short time, but the passive bonus is temporarily removed after the effect wears off.
Passive: Increases physical damage by 15/20/25/30/35.

Active: Master Yi can activate this ability to double its effectiveness for 10 seconds, but this removes the passive bonus until Wuju Style becomes available again.
Cooldown - 25 seconds
Cost - 40 Mana
Range - Self

Your primary skill. Passivly increases your swing melee damage. On Use you get up to +70 damage. Cannot be boosted by anything. Great skill early game. Scales with Double Strike.

Highlander - Master Yi moves with unparalleled agility, temporarily increasing Master Yi's movement and attack speeds as well as making him immune to all slowing effects. Additionally, killing a Champion refreshes all of Master Yi's cooldowns.
Increases Master Yi's movement speed by 40% and Attack Speed by 40/60/80%, and he becomes immune to all slowing effects for 6/9/12 seconds. Additionally, killing a champion refreshes all of Master Yi's cooldowns, and scoring an assist reduce the cooldowns by half.
Cooldown - 75 seconds
Cost - 120/120/120 Mana
Range - Self

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Skills usage

To beat your enemy with master yi is necessairy to have the full of your mana to active all yours skills!When you see the enemy try hit him from distance using alpha strike! Then active together third and fourth skills to increase your damage and your attack spped! Alpha Strike on a hero -> Enable Wuju Style -> slap slap o_O You want to flee? Go ahead -> Enable Highlander -> slap slap slap dead :) cooldows refreshed hmmm witch one will be next...
when you are sure of scoring a kill but you need to do it fast:
Alpha Strike on a hero -> Enable Wuju Style -> Enable Highlander -> slap slap slap dead :) cooldows refreshed hmmm witch one will be nex

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Summoner Spells

I think that ignite and heal are a powerful combination for master yi! Master need heal beacause in the early game hasnt so much health an! Ignite is also neccesairy to help you with the kills!

Other spells tou could consider are exhaust and ghost to catch up with your opponent, but you should be very close to the enemy to exhaust him!

Why not taking splles like flash or teleport ?

Master Yi can run very fast, so he can reach whnever he wants in 3 seconds! Also his ulti combined with Phantom Dancer x 2 make him invisible for their enemies who wnats to catch him or to go away from him

1)Exhaust- As Yi has no slow of his own, this is great for ganking champions also with cripple you will do alot more damage.
2a) Heal- i normally run with heal as it can save you so many times and turn around bad situations
2c)Teleport- Great for porting up to minions close to towers to quickly take down the tower.
2d)Cleanse- Cleanse is great for getting you out of stuns, as every player with a clue will stun you as soon as you pop your ult.
2e)Rally-Good for damage, but the heal is not instant so i usually only use this offensively.
2f)Flash- With the nerf to flashes range i don't normaly use it, tho its still a good spell for escapeing and catching up to enemies.

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Berzekers Graves
Phantom Dancer
Phantom Dancer
Infinity Edge


Tiamat - for pushing mob waves in notime (helps alot if you are the one that takes care of BIG waves of mobs with super creeps.
Frozen Mallet - If you want to slow down your enemies and hit them more frequently.
The Black Cleaver - If you are facing realy tough tankers or heavy armored teams, this will rip them apart.
Guardian Angel - Imho the best pick for ranked games as last (6th) item.
In VERY VERY late game you can swap boots for:
Madred's Bloodrazor

Situational items:

Banshee's Veil - For heavy caster teams.
Last Whisper - Item for lategame armor penetration for ppl that face heavy tanky teams. Get this only if you already got Infinity Edge.
Force of Nature - for Heavy AoE teams (Fiddlesticks + Karthus combos for example).

Recommended Item Build
1) Madred's Razors (1000 g)
2) Vampiric Scepter(450 g)
3) Boots Of Swiftness(1050 g) OR Berserker's Greaves(920 g)
4) Phage/zeal(1290 g)(1195 g)
5) Zeal/phage(1195 g)(1290 g)
6)Infinity Edge (4080 g)[At this point you should sell Madred's Razors as you dont need the chance on hit anymore.]
7) Phantom Dancer (3395 g)
8) The Bloodthirster (3200 g)


Last Whisper-Get this if the other team is stacking armor.

Guardian Angel-This can win games, in team fights people won't notice you reviveing in the middle of the fight and then you can proceed to open the can of whoop *** on the enemy champions.

Madred's Bloodrazor-Get this if the other team is full of tanks

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Reccomended Runes

Recommended Runes

Rune build 1:
Red(Marks)-Greater Mark Of Furor
Yellow(Seals)-Greater Seal Of Furor
Blue(Glyphs)-Greater Glyph Of Furor
Quintessence-Greater Quintessence Of Desolation

Comment: This build makes your crits hit really hard, you should have 39% critical damage and 13 armor pen. With infinity's edge your crits will hit for 289% of your attack damage.

Rune build 2:
Red(Marks)-Greater Mark Of Malice
Yellow(Seals)-Greater Seal Of Malice
Blue(Glyphs)-Greater Glyph Of Malice
Quintessence-Greater Quintessence Of Malice

Comment: This build will make you alot more dangerous early game but not as much as build 1 would late game, Malice runes are alot cheaper than Furor so go for this build if you can't spare the IP.

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How to play?

Early Game (levels 1-6):At the start of the game pick a lane and stick with it, try to last hit mobs and keep harassing with Alpha Strike, buy a long sword first and a health pot, don't worry about going back for mana only blue pill when you have enough gold for Madred's razors. I also like hideing in the bushes at the top or bottom lane close to the enemy tower with an ally. Normally the other team has the same idea so get there as fast as you can with an ally, let them know you have exhaust and that you want to gank them. usually if the enemy doesn’t have heal/flash you will kill them or force them to blue pill, but DONT GET YOURSELF KILLED! Keep harassing and last hitting in your lane until you reach 450g, blue pill back and get the life steal item.

Mid-Game (levels 7-13): Now it's time to head into the jungle, With the life steal item and the razors you shouldn’t be dropping in hp. By the time you are level 10 you should be able to solo lizards without losing health. Make sure you keep killing the dragon to help out your team with xp when ever it's up. Keep your eye on the minimap, when you see an ally hitting a tower go pop highlander and take it out with them, don't be afraid to jump into team fights and ganks by the time you have a Zeal you should be ripping other champions a new one, you are very squishy though so wait till the enemy use there abilities on a tank first. watch this video if you are not sure on how to jungle.

Late Game (levels 14-18): This is where the ownage starts, by the time you have Infinity Edge you should be able to solo push towers with ease, pop Highlander and Wuju to take it down fast, then you should be able to run away before anyone catches you.Now your main goal is to get out of the forest and start pushing and helping in team fights. You should be 3-4 shotting squishy champions.

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Farming & Jungling

Master Yi is a great farmer. This is good, since you’re going to spend most of the game farming to get the gear you need to do well=D. To accomplish this you’re going to depend on timing Alpha Strike to last hit minion mobs. You can also pop Wuju Style to up your dps long enough to take out a minion mob.

Early on, you’re going to want to sit back and wait for the minions to come to a position where you can safely Alpha Strike them. You don’t want to Alpha Strike and end up in the middle of 2 enemies. Early on you’re too soft and they’ll end up pwning you. If you’re laning against 2 enemies who are trying to harass, stay back and wait for the minions to come just out of the range of your tower.

When they get in range, Alpha Strike and you’ll kill most of them. You can kill the remaining minions with your normal attack by juking back and forth until the tower gets them low. If you’re close to your tower and there are 2-3 minions and an enemy around, you can use those minions to slingshot into the enemies with Alpha Strike. You’ll damage them and land safely behind your tower.

If there's a lull in the minion waves I’ll swing by the jungle to pick up some extra gold and a neutral buff or two. Before I do any jungling, I like to wait until at least lvs 2-3. Jungling is very difficult without at least a second rank in Alpha Strike. The first camp you want to hit is the one with the specters. Alpha Strike them and if any are still alive, pop WuJu Style to finish them off.

If you want to focus exclusively on jungling, then you’ll want to pick up Madred’s Razoras one of your first items. Madred’s allows you take out the golem/lizard earlier, but I almost always skip on this item since I can plow minions so easily with Yi in lane. The money I save on Madred’s allows me to funnel gold into Zeal, Chalice, or a Vamperic Scepter. I often stick mostly to the lanes, but if I have 20-30 seconds while I’m waiting for more minions I sometimes hit a few minion camps to pass the time.

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Best allies

Disablers, tanks, and mages always make great allies for Yi. Blitzcrank, Alistar, Malphite, Morgana, Veigar, and Karthus are some of my favorites to lane with. However, early on, Yi makes a great solo.

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ABOUT THE Youmuu's Ghostblade

Yoyo is a good item but it is an overkill for Yi.
CDR is not needed coz of reset on cd's all the time. AD and Crit is low for the price. It costs that much coz of Active. But, You will depend on your active. You will have the AS only once every minute instead of passive. You will get bonus MS, but you will not benefit much coz of dimnishing returns.
Also if you think about Yoyo, what item would you remove from my build to put Yoyo in? Since Yoyo is not a great item for lategame, i suppose it would be either Stark or PD.
If you remove stark, you will suffer from no lifesteal making your jungling quite uneffective, if you remove PD, than:
PD cost - 2895g
Yoyo cost - 2687g
Diference - 208g

Why not taking splles like flash or teleport ?

Master Yi can run very fast, so he can reach whnever he wants in 3 seconds! Also his ulti combined with Phantom Dancer x 2 make him invisible for their enemies who wnats to catch him or to go away from him

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General Thaughts

Master Yi’s best qualities lie in his ability to deal a lot of damage very quickly. His skills are geared towards ganking/chasing. Frozen Mallet elevates his chasing ability from strong to excellent. A lot of players think they are invincible with Yi since they can deal so much damage so quickly. These same players are often puzzled when they rush in against 3 enemies and end up dead. I always get a good laugh when I see this happen. Master Yi is very easy to learn, but difficult to master.