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League of Legends Build Guide Author niNjaballa

Master Yi, The Wuju Way

niNjaballa Last updated on February 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys, this is the way I play Master Yi, Master Yi is a high damage melee carry. He can be used in several ways. Some like to use him as a pusher champ, for backdoors and such to keep the other team off their game. There are several "tank" Yi builds, but I consider those to be, less than ideal. There's always the fabled AP Yi that some say is real and can work very well, which it can, but personally I hate it. No no no, the way I play Yi is simple really. Farm. That my friends is your favorite word. You can be the #1 farmer in any game no matter who the opposing champions are. Also, alot of people enjoy jungle Yi, it can be very good and if there is no jungler in the game already is a very useful and versatile pick. But this build is not about jungling 100%, nor is it about laning 100%. You need to understand the unbelievable mobility he has. And with Lizard Buff you can can basically anybody you're ganking. Now I hope you enjoy the content of this guide.

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My runes are quite simple. They should be very easy to understand but what I want everyone to comprehend is this. Runes are a preference!!!! Go with what you are comfortable with and what you think works well. This is just what I consider to be the best way to do things.
x9 <- This is obvious, it's great for everything, when tanks begin to get armor to try to shut you down you can know in the back of your head, "oh I can penetrate some of it"
x9 <- This is for those of you that want to jungle, because obviously, you can survive longer in the jungle with dodges, and as well, those of you that don't want to jungle. This is because the dodge just plain works. You WILL be getting focused by a good team. And you will need any chance you can get.
x9 <- Personally, I just ABSOLUTELY love these runes. The cooldowns are amazing. For all of your skills. Picture this, you get an assist and you want your Ultimate to be off CD so you can catch that carry that flashed at the end of the fight, Oh hey! You have awesome CDR! Go get her.
x3 <- These are, in my thoughts, the BEST quints in the world, even after the nerf, it just gives you that extra security early game that if you get ganked you will be able to ghost away without being bursted like a squishy carry.

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For masteries, pretty simple, nothing to really go into detail about but just in case you have any questions I'll explain it to you, cause I love my readers =].

Offense:(Yes it's made in paint, I don't have access to riots prints. Lol

Anyway, The crit strike chance is obvious, because Yi could always use some good old critical strike chance for that extra damage. The AP is just a place holder basically, I'm not getting exhaust so obviously don't improve it, plus, helps the heal and Alpha Strike a bit.

Defense:(Again, paint pro.)

In the utility tree, pretty self-explanatory, the XP boost because it's awesome to have, ESPECIALLY if you do jungle, you should ALWAYS have it if you jungle. And the Neutral Buffs are very necessary because even if you ARENT jungling, you will still be taking red buff quite a bit.

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Let me start with this, items are always, and should always, be according to the game you are in! Don't copy the build to the letter EVERYTIME, sometimes you'll need to go more defensive, sometimes you'll need more damage, etc. This item build is just one that I love to use. I use this often, but NOT always. So let's begin,
, These boots are my favorite on Yi, some may say CD boots, some Merc Treads, but when your ultimate makes you IMMUNE to all slows I don't really see the point of it, sure, the stuns, snares, roots, fears, and such will still be able to get you, but most teams dont have all of those. But hey, if they do, feel free to get Merc Treads.
, Madred's is awesome, especially against champs such as Vlad, Cho Gath, Nunu, Mundo, and ANYBODY with, Warmog's, Rod of Ages, Rylais, anything with health and no armor/mag resist.
, The Stark's is simply amazing, the lifesteal can keep you alive for a VERY long time, and the attack speed is just beautiful for that extra tower push, or damage on their carry. Plus, the Aura helps all AD champions and even the non-AD champions with the HP Regen.
, The Youmoo's Ghostblade is an awesome item for Yi, every single aspect of this is gorgeous, the AD is obvious, the active makes you even more dangerous, plus gives you that extra speed boost on top of ghost and your Ultimate. (YIKES!) Also, the CDR on the item is ALWAYS a good thing, you never wanna miss out on a kill because you were one second late on an alpha strike.
, The Bloodthirster may be one of the best possible items on Yi, with already a good amount of lifesteal, this is just making you even MORE vicious. It's also a GREAT pushing mechanic for those of you that want to play backdoor Yi, because when you kill a creep, you get the passives, (1 damage per creep kill, and .25% lifesteal per creep kill.) Making this an enormously dangerous item on the already frightening bladesman.
, This is amazing item, 99% of carries will get this item as some point in the build and with Yi, the Crit, and the damage, are just the icing on the cake.

, Again, if I'm annoying you with the amount of lifesteal that Yi can have, then I'm giving you the right information! Plus easier creep killing, taking buffs, (Lizard Golem Baron Dragon)
, As I said before, you CAN use these if the other team is intensively heavy in CC, I do love these boots, just not on Yi as much as I do on tanks, or other carries.
, I like this item on champions like, Ashe, Pantheon, Tristana, Corki, etc. But I inly get on Yi when I see an immediate Randuins or a Thornmail, or Sunfire Cape.

These items are what I love to get on Yi and I hope they see you to success as will in the future.

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Skill Sequence

My skill sequence is quite simple really:
, This skill is great for farming, closing the gap, and jungling. The passive on this skill, (Gives you a 20,30,40,50.60% chance to deal 400 damage to a minion.) Makes jungling SIMPLE early game IF you land a proc on it. It's all chance with that skill my friends, tip, don't rely totally on that to jungle Yi.
, This is NOT your main skill obviously, unless you're AP Yi lol, but otherwise, let me explain a bit about it. Most people don't take the time to realize that when it heals you, it also gives you 300 ARMOR AND MEGIC RESIST when maxed out!!! That's nuts!! You can tank ALOT of damage when you're sitting in meditate.
, This is your bread and butter early game, this gives you a HUGE advantage early game over most other AD champions. This ability gives you passive attack damage and when active doubles that amount for a certain time, however, when the active is down, it must come back off cooldown to give you the passive amount again. <-- REMEMBER THIS.
, This is one of the most unbelievable abilities in the game. Not only do you gain crazy movespeed AND attack speed, but if you get a kill with it on, you regain it BACK to use again immediately, if you get an assist, then the cooldown is cut in half! This can make the difference between you getting 4 kills or just 1.

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Summoner Spells

My summoner spell choices are typical, however there are other options:

I chose,, because it helps you finish off kills, but most of the time, you wont even need it because of your dominance to close the gaps between you and the enemy. This is mostly used for early game kills.

Also I take,, because this, mixed with your ult, and youmoo's.. you kidding? Only person catching you is Eve with ult, Boots of Mobility, and Revive passive movespeed. Doubt it. However, they can't catch you, but you have time for a cup of tea because you're gunna be running right with ANYONE to kill them.

, Don't really need it, considering your movespeed is off the charts and you won't have any trouble catching up with anyone, but, if there is a Tryndamere, and a Xin, and a Warwick, etc. Then it may be in the teams best interest to take it.
, Please don't take this.
, Useful, however ultimately unnecessary.
, I'm asking you, as a favor, to NEVER take this.
, Obviously, take this if you jungle, not any other time.
, You do not need this with meditate.
, Useful for stuns, taunts, fears, sleepers, and so on, but I wouldn't get it because there are so many other better spells to get.
, You shouldn't be the one getting this, this should be taken by the tank.
, Definitely not necessary on Yi, because late game all you need is auto attacks, your ult and E which don't take much mana.
, Leave this to the supports.
, Only take this, if you are unbelievably scared of dying and want to have 328471486 ways to escape everything.

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Master Yi, The Wuju Bladesman, A jungler, A Carry,

An unstoppable ninja force to not cross.