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Master Yi Build Guide by TruthBeam

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TruthBeam

Master yi : trial error, discussion and theorycraft

TruthBeam Last updated on September 12, 2016
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My summoner name is TruthBeam. I've been playing the game for a couple of years but never took it really seriously. I've played for years without really thinking about what I was doing. Now my mindset has evolved and after watching some of the guides one can find on the internet about lol. I've decided to take the game a bit more seriously.
My approach will be mostly analytical. I'll discuss some of my findings. I'm currently a beginner even after having spent years playing the game so most of what I'll talk about might be obvious for you but I hope some of it might be new and interesting .
Have a good read !

PS : Dont stop yourself from typing a comment ! This is discussion so your opinion matters !

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Placing Wards

I just focused on warding for a couple of games and it seems to really be worth it.

Why :

- it can save your life many times by seing an aggressive roam
- if your playing jungle it can give you the information for potential counter jungling, potential ganks on your team or generally give you information on what the other jungler is doing.
- it can save the life of your teammates by predicting an aggression ( you know that guy that just feeds without stoping you can tell him now when he's getting ganked)
- it can secure vision on objectives ( noshor, dragon ...)
- it's free

Basically its a great way to make better decisions and an effective way to prove your allies the point your trying to make.

Where :

1.- Laning Top

When laning top some obvious ward placements are the river and the tribush they allow vision to detect most of the ganks you could face allowing you to lane safely. I'm not going to cover the other lanes but to place wards effectively try to think about possible gank routes your enemy could use this will help you to place wards accordingly.

2.- Efficient Warding

We only have so many wards but we want to cover the most vision possible. This ward placements enables your team to never miss where an opponent is going. You may want to split push or have vision on key objectives well with a few wards u can get a really precise idea of what your enemies have in mind.

I dont think you can place too many wards get as much vision as u can. If you want to get an idea of your warding skills go to this website :ward score.

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Notes :

I'm currently testing this cookie cutter build u can see above