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League of Legends Build Guide Author Raiten

Master Yi - Why anything else?

Raiten Last updated on November 20, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So I've been looking around at other Yi builds... And I just don't get it. I see people building youmuu's and arm pen items. I just don't know why though. I mean armor sucks when killing tanks. But if you drop their damage dealers in 3 hits, one tank won't really do much when you life steal more then thorns mail. Let me break down what I do and maybe someone can help me see why it's not as good as something else.

I start off with Brawler's gloves and try to upgrade to avarice blade fast. I can get bullied at lvl 1 pretty hard. But you just got to try and avoid taking to much damage while last hitting. Once I have my blade, I go straight for boots and vampiric scepter. The boots vary depending on the team.

Now that you have some lifesteal and movement speed, depending on how your lane and team are doing, you can hop in the jungle for some quick gold. Gold is really important to Yi, so you have to max your efficacy. If your not pushing your lane, you need to be killing neutrals. If you're not killing neutrals, you need to be ganking. Once your 6, you should watch for any easy ganks. Exhaust with you movement speed, makes for easy kills.

Now that the basic items are out of the way, you can start working on doing more damage. I get zeal and depending on the team, I get IE or finish phantom dancer. If you need more speed or they have a lot of physical dps, finish phantom dancer. If you don't need dodge or speed, just go straight for infinity edge. You want to build the crit parts first. With all those crit damage runes and wuju style, you don't really need to worry about normal damage items... If you can land a crit.

Once I finish IE and phantom dancer, I usually just stack bloodthirsters. Sell the avarice blade to finish the 3rd bloosthirster. Some situational items I may pick up are GA and Banshee's veil if they have a lot of control/suppresses. I may grab a sword of divine if they have a jax and he's proving a threat. Sometimes get a frozen mallet if I need a little more HP or people seem to be getting away.

The raw damage I put out per hit usually lets me drop any other carry in a blink and with the lifesteal, I don't have to worry about them doing the same to me. Tanks die a bit slower, but you don't really need to kill them fast. In team fights you won't be focusing them and you can lifesteal more then anything they can throw at you. So I don't really see why I would waste item slots on armor pen.

As for the skill progression. I get wuju maxed first, because that helps you last hit and not really worry about damaging items till later on. I tend to rotate alphastrike and meditate. They are both useful skills. But I usually get meditate max, before alphastrike. It helps you last longer in the lane and provides a fun surprise if anyone if dumb enough to turret dive you. Meditate also lets you tank in small team skirmishes, when they see a carry and think it's a quick kill.

overall I think this is the most effective way to be what carry's are meant to be... Killing machines.