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Master Yi Build Guide by RUJoking

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RUJoking

Master Yi, win for only 450ip

RUJoking Last updated on August 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Getting Started

This is my first guide but I've played Master Yi since i started I've done well with him since i started and i finally got around to making a guide. I apologize for any unconventional guide mechanics because this is my first.

-AD carry
-great chaser
-hard to catch
-drop people very quick
- VERY easy


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Master Yi is a very strong champion. With this build you will have amazing attack speed and survivability with a tremendous damage out put. I have played Yi from 1-30 and i have fine tuned the build over and over. Any suggestions are welcome and any questions you have should be answered if you read through the whole guide.

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Team work

When playing master Yi there are several good choices in lane partner. What you want is either a

- A Support ( sona, zilean, soraka )
- A ranged carry ( any ap carry, caitlyn, vayne)
- A well played Tank can get you a Kill ( rammus, singed, alistar)

When it comes to team fights you want to make sure you don't charge right in! NEVER DO THAT. You don't have endless rage so be careful. Alpha strike to one of the squishy's and hope your team does well up front. If all goes well you'll get another penta kill.

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The skill sequence i use revolves around Wuju style. This is because Master Yi's combo is right click, right click, right click.

Starting out with Wuju style and boots is a good way to have extra speed to almost always secure a bush for your lane. Also the earlier damage boost from wuju style is better than an alpha strike.

Alpha strike should only be used to farm and as a movement effect NEVER RELY ON IT FOR DAMAGE. Alpha strike will place you next to the target after your done, so used it to catch people, Tower Dive, and escape by alpha striking to minions.

Highlander is for the best champion, Master Yi. Highlander gives you amazing attack speed and move speed. It also has a very short cooldown. You can use it to chase, escape, and KILL. When you are fighting multiple people don't forget that your wuju style and highlander stack with itself. When you get a kill just make sure you E and R. Kill E R, Kill E R and that's how it goes.

MASTER YI'S PASSIVE IS AMAZING. this is where the attack speed seals come in. Every 7th attack master yi will attack twice. What you do is attack minions until you have the buff that says "master yi will strike twice with his next attack" then alpha strike to an enemy champion and BAM! two auto attacks, and an alpha strike, its even more efficient if you use wuju style before the alpha strike.

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Well Armour Pen runes are a must. Like all AD carries, you must have the Armour pen. It will give you 25 armor pen so then you will be able to ignore most of the lvl-1 armor. With your auto attacks and alpha strikes armor pen will make quick work of anything.

Then For The Seals we get the flat attack speed, at the start of the game you will have .8 attack speed which is .2 faster then without the bonus. This bonus will greatly help with your damage because your passive will proc more often in lower levels.

Then for glyphs I run flat cool down reduction. It isn't necessary but it is helpful for the lower lvls. If you have the option get these LAST. Your ult's special ability will guarantee full cool down reduction.

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Summoner Spells

I personally like ghost and exhaust.

Ghost can be combined with highlander and alpha strike to catch anybody. It is also useful for escapes because that way there is no minion concision.

Exhaust is a must for any melee champion. Master Yi is faster than almost all other champions already but a Alpha Strike Exhaust will seal the deal.

Cleanse is not necessarily needed because with highlander movement impairing effects don't work on you.

Flash is alright. You could use it to escape but you don't need to rely on summoner skills for chasing.

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Master Yi is all about auto attacks. Wuju style can sustain him for damage through the early game, but with out a high damage item you wont fair well mid game.

So you start with boots for move/atk speed. then a zeal for crit chance, atk speed, and move speed.

Then you build a phage for the slow but it gives a little damage and good health.

Then you jump on that infinity edge ( Greatest weapon ever)

after that you go back and finish up the phantom dance and frozen mallet.

At this point you should be fine with health and crits, as well as crit'ing very very hard.

From here you can build a blood thruster for the life steal which is very good. or if you need some more survival build a guardians angel. And if your really just crushing the enemy you should build another phantom dancer, then its basically GG.

There are other options but one item which i will Never Ever get is The ghost blade, it is recommended and looks good but it really is not. The cool down reduction is useless because you will have runes, your ult refreshes your skills, and master yi doesn't spam anything unless he can get kills.

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This guide is quite expensive, its is around 17,000 gold which is only like 700 minion kills, but you can get that without a problem. Playing Master Yi will take some getting used to but you will get the hang of it. He is relatively easy you just have to Right click. The only slightly difficult part is knowing when to go in so you don't Die, and so you get a kill.
So master Yi is awesome, and that's about it, haha but you are't always gonna win so good luck and i hope you enjoyed to guide, oh and remember you passive despells health bars