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League of Legends Build Guide Author xVisage

Master Yi - Wujitsu (The Ap Guide)

xVisage Last updated on January 8, 2011
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Alright, welcome to my Wujitsu guide for the AP Loving.

Now I know what most of you are thinking; AP Yi? WTF? He should have Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancers, not Lich Bane and Rabadons!?

Now hear me out; at first, this build was just for the lols; it followed suite of a few other unusual builds ive seen, namely the AP Warwick build, the DPS Lux, the AP Alistar, and the AP Sion

It was all good and fun while gaming with a random AP build on what seemed like a DPS char...

But it was only so long till it started gettin to my head: "AP Yi? Hmm..."

Ever the expirimentalist, i decided to give it a go, and here's what I got:

Ap Master Yi, topping 600 AP+, with Alpha Strike hitting for over 800 per target; I could heal over 2k HP in 5 seconds, with an amazing 300 armor/magic resist that made me the perfect (and somewhat unusual, if not unexpected) tank in team battles

And with all those items, mana regen was a piece of cake. You ready for the insane?

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Pros / Cons


- This build is VERY unexpected; vs most tanks, they'll be stacking armor before they notice you're dealing magic damage
- Your alpha strike deals 800+ Dmg per target, making you extremely powerful as a team battle initiator by taking a big chunk out of everyone's hp at the start

- Your Meditate heals way more then ANY team can dish out, along with 300 Armor/Resistance; this means after you alpha strike in they'll target you, but you can just meditate for 5 seconds and tank it all, giving enough time for Alpha strike to cooldown (30% Cooldown reduction)

- Mana will NEVER be a problem since your regen is peaking 50 per 5 sec; thats 10 mana per second!

- Chasing you into the jungle is lethal to enemies if they think you're on low health; Meditate and PEWPEW you're at max health already. It just takes 5 seconds.

- Each spell you use will give your attack AP damage boost (due to Lich Bane)

- This means you're very out of luck while your spells are all on cooldown

- You're squishy. I won't lie; if you dont have Meditate at the ready, you're pretty much Cat Food.

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I used my standard AP Rune build for Mana based chars:

Quints for HP
Seals for Regen
Glyphs for AP
Marks for Magic Pen

Why magic pen? 2 reasons:

1) Your Alpha Strike is a MAGIC dealing attack - Only makes sense to up that right?
2) With Lich Bane, the bonus AP dmg boost is MAGIC damage as well

The AP Glyphs are self explanatory. Quints help boost your HP by almost 100, and that with the Doran's Ring you should be starting with it will be an amazing 200 HP almost. The 4 Mana per 5 sec regen stacked with the Seals regen of 2.79 or so will be more then enough early game.

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Summoner Spells

The usual Yi spells, ironically enough: Ghost to catch up and run away (stacked with Highlander is amazing) and Exhaust to slow / finish enemies that are getting away

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Dorans Ring - Great starting item, provides AP, mana regen, and some HP

Rabadons - Self explanatory; 155 AP +30% of total AP

Lich Bane - deals AP damage after every spell

Archangel's Staff - Mana goes into AP

Nashors Tooth - 15% Cooldown, +55 AP. And the attack speed bonus is always good

Ionian Boots - 15% cooldown, great! + the movement speed. This CAN be replaced with Mercury treads if the enemy is high on CC

And if the game is dragging on really long, replace the Doran with Void Staff for Magic Pen and more AP, or Abyssal if they have a lot of AP damage heroes

I usually start Dorans Ring, get 1 pot, lane till i can get boots, followed by sheen (later builds into lich bane) get Fiendish Codex (builds nashors), finish Lich Bane, build for Rabadons, build Archangels, finish Nashors, etc.

The build is really actually situational, whatever works best for the team.

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Skill Sequence

For the spell sequence, I generally start 1 point into Alpha strike (farming and harass reasons) then try to max meditate asap. This allows you to start that surprise tanking tactic almost instantly, and flash heal on the spot which keeps you in lane longer and more importantly, can save you're ***. Wuju style is not high on my priority list, as you're stacking AP damage, not DP.

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All in all, this build was fun to expiriment with. The best I've gotten with it so far is 20/2/3

No, I don't have a screenshot, so I can't actually prove it, but I guess you'll just have to take my word.

Quick reminder; Meditate is a CHANNELING spell, meaning stuns will cancel it, so make sure to go Mercury treads instead of Ionian boots if the enemy is high on CC, and wait until AFTER the stuns to meditate.

Feel free to comment.