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Master Yi Build Guide by Vhang

Master Yi - Wuju in the Jungle

By Vhang | Updated on April 9, 2012
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Hey guys, Vhang here. I made a Yi build a long time ago when I was still new to the game (wasn't even level 30 yet at the time), so I decided I'd revisit him and make a jungle guide for him. Here I'll go over some tips and tricks, as well as list out some ways to build Yi that should really help you out.


More to come soon, planning on putting a description about his skills, as well as a tips section to help with more advanced play. Also gonna try to get some pictures in to make it look prettier. Thanks for reading guys, let me know if you have any suggestions, and good luck out there!
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So hey, Rune Pages!

The main reason the runes are set up like this is to ensure you have a stronger jungle phase.

The alacrity runes work great with your Wuju Style and will result in a rather quick clear time, as well as making your early ganks a lot stronger.
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Obviously, masteries aren't always set in stone. This set up is designed for a more offensive Yi, and will favor Item Path 2 more than the others due to higher crit chance, however it works just as well to add some offense to your defensive builds as well.

Also note you can bring a 9/21/0 build if you find yourself dying often. Note however that this will probably slow your clear time significantly, as well as reduce your chance of an early kill, only do this if you REALLY think it's necessary.
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Summoner Spells

Summoner skills are extremely important in League of Legends and can be game changing. Master Yi is no exception to this, however, unlike some champions, Master Yi is extremely versatile in his use of summoner skills.

My Choices:

Strong CC, Works well with his ulti. Allows you to attack your target as if you're both standing still.

You're a jungler, so this is pretty much necessary, try to steal buffs should the opportunity arise, just don't die for the steal if you're not 100% and it's not baron.

Other Choices:

You can't get much more mobility than this. With the ability to use both Ghost AND your ultimate, you should never have ANY TROUBLE getting where you need to go. This skill can make backdooring the easiest thing you've ever seen. Either using it to get there quickly if necessary, or using it to beat a hasty retreat in the opposite direction.

Better than before, but still not a good pick for Yi in the jungle really.


If you were laning it would be a decent pick. You can bring it if you wanna win off backdooring I suppose, but if it gets to that point, it's probably over anyway.

Your ultimate already acts as a cleanse more or less. Any REAL problems you have can be solved by a Quicksilver Sash. Cleanse can be a good choice if you are just learning Yi and finding yourself in sticky situations often.


You really don't need the extra killing power. The main use of this skill is if the enemy team has a Mundo. Otherwise, it's simply not that useful as you will auto attack them to death just as quickly once mid-late game rolls around.

Save this for a support character, you have much better choices at your disposal.

Not really good for you.

Haven't tried it, though I could see it's uses in situations, I still don't think it's worth taking over another summoner spell.
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Skill Sequence

R > E > Q > W

Basically, you want to max your ultimate (R) whenever you get the opporunity (6, 11, 16).

You then want to get Wuju Style whenever possible until it is maxed because it provides a strong attack steroid which will greatly increase your damage output, especially early in the game. The only exception is at level 1 when you get alpha strike (the AoE significantly increases clear time).

Alpha Strike is the next in importance, and should be maxed immediately after Wuju Style.

Meditate is the least of your worries. I suppose my description of it would be "a removable Zhonya's Hourglass" due to the immense increase in armor and magic resist. You really don't use it much outside of AP builds or emergency situations when the enemy won't be much of a threat of CCing you out of it.
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Core Items


Berserker Greaves
These boots are the best option to enhance your damage. You should get these anytime you don't have a real need to pick up Tabi's or Treads.

Ninja Tabi
These are for teams with multiple AD champs, such as Jungle GP, Tryn Top, Caitlyn bot.

Mercury Treads

These are for teams with lots of Crowd Control or AP.

Great free wards, lots of lifesteal so you can heal up in the jungle between ganks, and a little armor to keep you safe(r).

Youmuu's Ghostblade
The ultimate Yi item. Pop this with Wuju Style and your ulti to absolutely clean house, you might surprise yourself how much damage you do with it.

Situational Items

Path 1:
This is the path to use if you've gotten the core build and you do an okay amount of damage build you REALLY need that extra defense to stay alive in fights. Don't expect maximum damage output with this path, but you won't be so easy to kill anymore.

Warmog's Armor
Provides a lot of health for a strong defense that usually seems to build quickly.

Atma's Impaler
Great synergy with Warmogs, provides a good amount of damage, even when forced to build tanky with Warmogs.

Frozen Mallet
Worth a mention here, the health and damage stack well in this combo. Also provides a great slow to keep people in place longer.

Path 2:
This path is where you will really see the damage. The armor pen from Youmuu's and Last Whisper will blow your mind. Additionally, the crit, move speed, and attack speed provided from Phantom Dancer will make you an unbelievable killing force for a rather cheap investment. You can then take this path and build in a couple directions, either pick up an IE to boost your damage from PD, Bloodthirster for the sustain, go back to path 1 and pick up your atmogs, or pick up some straight defense like Banshee's, Force of Nature, or Guardian Angel.

Phantom Dancer
Everything Yi loves, crit, movespeed, attack speed. Absolutely amazing. I should probably point out that with Master Yi, since his Wuju Style provides him with an attack steroid, you can build movespeed and attack speed which will directly result in a strong damage increase due to more frequent procs of Wuju Style.

Last Whisper
The armor pen from Youmuu's in combination with Last Whisper will make you the ultimate shredding machine, just be aware that you're still squishy until you throw in some defense.

Filler Items

These Items are here for you to throw into your build at any point for some added survivability, damage, or utility. Worth a mention that it's generally not a good idea to rush these, build them bit by bit as you build your main path(s).

Banshee's Veil
Banshee's allows you a good deal of magic resistance to help counter some of the damage that Thornmail would deal to you, as well as making those annoying burst casters virtually useless. Additionally it will eat a stun for you, allowing you to get away much easier. Always a good choice for survivability if lifesteal or that warmogs just isn't getting it done for you.

Guardian Angel
This option can be great to increase your survivability, as well we allow you to "rambo" a little more if you find it necessary. It is also a good way to save yourself late game if you find your team consistently getting in bad positions that could result in losing the game.

Quicksilver Sash
A nice cheap item that provides a little magic resistance and more importantly, allows you to remove blinds and stuns, giving you the ability to finish off those characters that would simply jusxhaust you and run away.

The Bloodthirster
Quite a bit of damage and quite a bit of lifestyle. Generally the number one choice for damage on Ranged Carries, and it can be good on you too. Just know that you don't NEED a BF Sword Item (IE, Bloodthirster, Black Cleaver) to do damage. Riot gave you that Attack Steroid (wuju style) for a reason. This is mainly for the purpose of healing in the jungle between ganks/team fights, as well as a strong heal when you're not being focused down and you can attack freely.
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More information about this to come later.

Start at your blue buff and ask your mid lane for a leash. This simply means that you let your mid character stand away from the buff and auto attack it once (or a few times if they are nice enough to stick and and damage it for you) so that they draw the aggro. The golem will then slowly try to run away to catch the person but will break aggro of them right around the time the golem gets near the bush. As soon as the golem turns to attack you, Alpha Strike him to avoid taking damage. Continue to auto attack the golem until he is around 400 health then smite him. Be sure you keep an eye out for enemies that make be trying to steal the buff, you can prevent this by pulling the golem into the bush so he disappears, so if the enemy comes by, they won't see you, or the buff, and will have to enter the bush to steal it, giving you plenty of time to react. Remember, you can pop a health pot or two as needed, that's why you have 5 of them.

Once blue is dead, continue in a normal jungle route, attacking the small wolves, then the wraiths. To reduce damage on yourself, auto attack the largest minion in the mob once, then immediately alpha strike it. This prevents you from taking damage while you dash around, as well as maximizing your damage output.

Once you've finished wraiths, you can start on red buff if your smite is back (or close to being back, 5-7 seconds left on the recharge). Again, feel free to use health pots as needed, and remember to smite the buff when it gets low. Check your smite for an exact damage amount and try to smite it right as the monster's health gets to the amount of health left that smite would damage for.

Continue to small golems if you have the health. Once this is done you can double back to your respawned wraith camp and you'll be level 4. You should now have 2 points in both Alpha and Wuju and you're in a perfect spot for a mid gank, health permitting of course.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Vhang
Vhang Master Yi Guide
Master Yi - Wuju in the Jungle