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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lokirobe

Master Yi: Wuju style.

Lokirobe Last updated on April 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Master Yi is a Melee and a very good carry, he is very dependent on attack speed and life steal, he also needs a bit of movement speed for his chasing to work better, he is very good in MID lane and/or the jungle. when he is in lane, he can last a long time due to his meditate.

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Well, Master Yi does not really NEED runes for any build, the runes i have chosen are just some random runes that seems good to use, like Armour penetration and some mana for his alpha strike.he should try to use some movement speed quintessences for a good chasing time and to out run opponent in lower levels.

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Master Yi should go full attack damage for his brute force and crit strike chances.

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Mid Lane and Last Hitting

True that last-hitting is just damnly important on the Lane. But the real masters of it can be found on Mid Lane^^ Okay, let's bring this up like this:

Melee Minions:

* Take a not these info are useful for laners as well, I'd suggest reading it:)

1. Health 445 (+20/3 min)
2. Damage 12
3. Range 100?
4. Armor 0 (+2/3 min)
5. Magic Resistance 0 (+1.25/3 min)
6. Critical Strike Chance 0%
7. Attack Speed 1.250
8. Movement Speed 325
9. Initial Spawn Time 1:30
10. Respawn Time 0:30
11. Gold: 25 (+ 1/6 min)

Caster Minions:

1. Health 280 (+1/3 min)
2. Mana 150
3. Damage 25
4. Range Yet to be known. About ~450-500.
5. Armor 0 (+1.25/3 min)
6. Magic Resistance 0 (+2/3 min)
7. Critical Strike Chance 0%
8. Attack Speed 0.670
9. Movement Speed 325
10. Initial Spawn Time 1:30
11. Respawn Time 0:30
12. Gold: 16 (+ 1/3 min)

Tank Minions (Siege)

1. Health 500 (+27/3 min)
2. Mana 0
3. Damage 40
4. Range ?
5. Armor 12 (+6 per 3 minutes)
6. Magic Resistance 0 (+3 per 3 minutes)
7. Critical Strike Chance 0%
8. Attack Speed 1.000
9. Movement Speed 325
10. Initial Spawn Time 2:30
11. Respawn Time 1:30 (1:00 after 35 minutes)
12. Gold: 30

In terms of Gold:

The best way to quickly farm here is to get 1-2 Auto-Attacks against Melee minions and wait for them to get next to your turret. Don't push, it will only hasten the enemy's gold and exp gain. Try keeping them off from last hitting, of course, if this is possible. When Melee minions come in the range of turret, let it hit them twice and last-hit them. (Work a bit different for AD and AP, AD can sometimes kill them at spot, without turret help, just by aiming AA's in time). Later in the game focus Caster minions, they are really cheap way of farming after 15 minutes as you will have them by 1 Skill + 1 AA (usually, just 3-4 hits for AD Midders). Siege Minions aren't really worth it, if you see an oppurtunity to finish them off, do so. Other than that, focus them a bit if they come, so the turret will have the job done faster. Remember they take 50% less damage from Turrets, so it's obvious you must wreck them first.


1-14 Minutes:
Melee Minions > Caster Minions > Siege Minions

15-35 Minutes:
Caster Minions > Melee Minions > Siege Minions

35+ Minutes:
All Minions as they go.

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Master Yi should get:

1.he will need this in early game when he chases, some of you are like, shouldn't he get a berserker greaves? well hes he does need that, but in late game he will have 2.5 attack speed and with those boots it is still useless, this is the first item you should get,

2.he needs this for the life steal it gives and it enables you to OUT-LANE people so you will be at a higher level and advantage, it also gives a critical chance so it can make you life steal a higher one.

3.this item is for life steal and attack speed, he really needs this item, if you are going against some tanks you can try and get a black cleaver because they have more HP and it'd be good if you had some damage AND attack speed but you will loose 20% f your life steal.

4.this is for juggling and faster pushing of minions so you can get a 5v4 gank out of the way quicker but since you are Yi you can out run them unless one has a stun or a slow, then instead of getting a wriggles lantern, get a madreds bloodrazor instead, it can help kill tanks and solo the baron. come one of Yi's most NEEDED item, this item can help you crit, move, attack faster and run away from high HPers, theres no other choice in what you get instead of this.

6.your final item, and one of the most useful, you will need this when you are too busy farming and can't help ALOT in team fights, so once you are available to help, your life steal will be EPICLY high and also your damage.

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Core Items

these 4 items are item you HAVE to have for a Yi, some other choices instead of a starks fervor are:
this is used when the enemy has a lot of armor like when your going against a tank like Garen and amumu

this is also used against tanks but for higher HP ones, like chogath and nunu

use this item ONLY if the other team also has a Yi, a Yi can run, fast so you have to play cautiously because he may be luring you to a gank.

NOW, some reasons why wriggles lantern isn't ALWAYS good:

you should get this if they have tanks and if our going to solo baron,

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Skill Sequence

Master Yi should max out his alpha strikewhile also getting a bit of meditatebecause at level 1 his meditate is basically useless, healing him for 100 HP, after maxing out alpha strike you should get wuju stylewhen you use your ult against noobs. once you have those 2 spells maxed, go and finish you masteries by upgrading your meditate, you don't really need it, since you have 77% life steal at the end of the game.

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Summoner Spells

well, the best ones are exhaust and ignite, quite basic to use, not very hard. there are no other spells that are better so just go with these ones.

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use this build wisely and GL HF!