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Master Yi Build Guide by killok

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League of Legends Build Guide Author killok

Master Yi: You touch, You die

killok Last updated on July 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Why I play: Master Yi

First of all, I would like to say. If you are just starting the game, you do not have any champs, and not a lot of IP to spend, go ahead and buy Master Yi. Master Yi is your best bet to success at early levels.
Okay, lets get down to bussiness...
The three reasons to why I use Master Yi, as a level 30 are:

He doesnt take to much practice to become perfect with.
I can kill people in THREE hits at the end of the game.
And last, he only cost 450 IP, which is great so I can save IP for runes.

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I chose to go Crit Dam. runes for the reason of beginning of the game kills. Think about it, all it would take is one crit and there goes a quarter, or even a half of there health if they are a squishy champion! Also, whats not great about getting first blood, and getting that great boost in gold! The extra boost in gold can get you your Berserker Greaves.

An alternative Rune build you can use, is to use Crit Chance runes, thats if you want a more frequent Crit. Which can also be a quick kill, or a first blood.

Runes that may come in handy with a Crit Chance rune build would be:

- Greater MARK of Malice
- Greater SEAL of Malice
- Greater GLYPH of Malice
- Greater QUINTESSENCE of Malice

If You would like to:
If you do not wont to be so squishy at the beginning of the game, go ahead and instead of the TWO Quintessence I told you, you could buy, Buy a Greater Quintessence of Fortiture which adds 26 Hp per. Quintessence rune you buy. (78 HP)

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I chose to go 21/9/0 because Master Yi is straight up DPS. I usually build my DPS champs as 21/9/0 for more damage, more crit., and a little bit less chance of dieing.


- Deadliness - is put at 3, better crit chance is the way to go with Master Yi.
- Cripple - is of course at 1, This will have an increase in damage for you while exhaust is on the enemy champion.
- Sourcery - I put sourcery at 3, instead of 4. I put it at 3 so that alpha strike can be used more often to farm enemy minions.
- Alacrity - For any DPS champs, you will need to put this at 4.. Enough said.
- Sunder - Once again, any DPS champs, you will need to max this for total damage.
- Brute force - This is just to add more Atk Damage, which is needed as a DPS champ.
- Lethality - I Max this out, for this is an add on to your Crit. Damage.
- Havok - Last, but most definetly not least. Havok is a great Mastery to have if you a DPS.


- Resistance - Max this out, any magic resistance can help out against a mage. ANY!
- Hardiness - Max this out too, this is like resistance, but instead of mages, it protects from other DPS.
- Strenght of Spirt - This will increase your time that your can stay in your lane. Not by a lot but it still helps out.

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My item sequence is:

Boots, Berserker Greaves, Zeal, Phantom Dancer, B.F Sword, Infinite Edge, Youumu's, Bloodthirster, and Bloodrazors.

I buy Boots first for the mobility, this is needed to catch enemy champs in a winning battle, or to run from slower enemy champs in a losing battle.

When you go back go ahead and buy, Berserker Greaves, Buy these for more mobility and better atk speed. The attack speed is greatly needed for you already have Atk damage from your E skill.

If you have been feed, go ahead and just straight up buy a Phantom dancer. If not feed then just buy a Zeal, which can help with movement speed and more Attack speed.

This is the fun part, do not go back unless you have low health, if you save up to 1650 gold then you will then commense the ownage. Buy you B.F. Sword to add on to your damage.

After saving up enough, go back and buy your Infinite edge. After buying this the other team should just go ahead and quit, it's GG for them. This is the best item a Yi can have. In other words, BOOM, head shot, kills just come easy.

Next just to get more crit and more damage, buy a youumu's ghostblade. The active on this item is a second ult for yi. So if you dont want to waste your ult, which really wont happen, go head and activate your Youumu's blade and get the kill.

My next item I get is the Bloodthirster, I have learned over time. A friend I play with finally changed my mind about life steal for Yi. I did not think you would need it but man does it come in handy in team fights. So go ahead and buy your Thirster.

Last thing I buy is Madreds. Madreds is perfect for Yi, his attack speed is crazy, his damage is crazy. So why not make his damage insane? You would think, "whats the point" but who doesnt like 3 hitting enemy champs!?!

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I strongly believe in maxing out Wuju Style first. If you play a Atk Damage yi, why would you not add on to your Attack damage with 35 more attack damage, that is free? Its just that simple.

Some may ask why do I not go ahead and get atleast ONE, Meditate. I think it is pointless, not enough health back if your not an AP yi. So screw the meditate till the end of the game.

I Max out Alpha Strike second, I use alpha strike for last hitting minions. Its a good way to get your Inf edge quicker, which will commense your annihilation.

And Last but not least, the BEST ULT IN THE GAME, Highlander. I see this ult as the best ult in the game because it is a great skill to get away, to chase, to go Smack down on someone. Its just that great...

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Spells that are good for YI:


Spells that arnt sooo good for YI:


The Spells I Choose:

I choose Exhaust and Cleanse.

The reason I choose Exhaust is because Yi, is a great 1 on 1 champion. So if you use exhaust on the other champ. then if they are DPS, they can not touch you. If they are a mage, then they there armor will go down and they will take in more damage.

The reason I choose Cleanse is because Yi's worst enemy is Exhaust. So back to the 1 on 1, if the other champ. uses Exhaust and you do not have Cleanse, then you are screwed. Only because you are squishy and if you can not attack then there goes you advantage on damage. So bring Cleanse.

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Full game Summary as: MASTER YI

Beginning Game:

At the beginning of the game when you have your boots and TWO potions! Do not forget those potions or you will have an un-needed walk back. When you do get into your lane, i usually go to the second bush with my allie champ. This will put you in position for first blood. When the enemy champ comes close to the bush exhaust them and use the E skill for more damage to get you your kill.

That is all for first blood. If you would like to play it safe stay at your tower, and wait till minions arive, follow in behind them and begin killing enemy minions. You are going to want to last hit a lot of enemy minions! This is needed for a successful game as yi. When you get your skill, Alpha strike, you will be able to use this skill as a taunt or as a way to last hit minions for more gold.

When you hit level 6, you are going to want to go back and buy your next item in the build, Berserker Greaves. This will add on to your atk speed. Which is needed for kills. I stay in my lane till i get around 1-1.5k. This insures me that i get my boots and the next item on the build.

By level 10 you should have your Phantom Dancer or Zeal. You will need Phantom Dancers early so that you can increase your crit., atk speed, and movement speed. All three of those will insure for more kills. A fed Yi is a scary Mo-Fo.

Next you will want to wait for the B.F sword I talked about earlyer in my build. When you get this you should be able to steam roll threw squishy champs. You wont really be able to do that yet against there more tanky champs. but you will be able to get more kills.

When you get enough after you get B.f. sword, go back as fast as you can and get the INF EDGE! This. Is. Your. Baby. You may think its not as great as i pledge it to be, but man does it rape. You should be at about lvl 13 or 14 when you get this item. Unless your fed.

Now is the time to get your life steal, when you get the life steal you will be able to stay alive in team fights longer. So this is a need! 15 or 16 is the level you should be when you get this item.

For your final torture item, get the MADREDz! Medreds will allow you to, THREE. HIT. ENEMYS! How great does that sound. I know it sounds crazy, but its true.

All of this advise will garentee you to carry.
So try it out if you do not believe me. You will end the game positive.