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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by wotsits97

Top Mathematically Attempted Mundo

Top Mathematically Attempted Mundo

Updated on July 7, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author wotsits97 Build Guide By wotsits97 5,595 Views 3 Comments
5,595 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author wotsits97 Dr. Mundo Build Guide By wotsits97 Updated on July 7, 2021
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Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Second Wind

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+65 Base Health


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Champion Build Guide

Mathematically Attempted Mundo

By wotsits97
Mundo Goes where he can get more AD
This is more or less a modified version of mathematically correct sett but I feel it works almost as well on Mundo due to the scaling's he gets from E and the high base damage his cleavers get. The extra ad makes for a very happy face smashing tower pushing chonky boi.
The main use of this build is to hard win lane and just keep on chugging down the lane drawing the enemy jungler top hopefully, ive played a few games and even in 2v1s you still seem to be dummy strong, so just keep smashing your face into the towers until you kick down their front door.
TP vs Ignite
Id probably take TP 90% of the time however into Irelia or Darius i may take ignite. Id add Voli to the ignite lis as well but since i perma ban him i have yet to have an issue with him XD
Mundo has one of the best health scalings with abilities in the game, his Passive, W,E and Ult scale pretty well with HP as well as the bonus ad scaling that Titanic Hydra gives based on max HP, all of this leads to some juicy trades as well as a good auto damage with the E to reset the auto.
Why Conquerer over Grasp
Even though grasp would give a higher scaling with the bonus hp it gives, i find that conqurer helps to keep you ahead in the lane due to how quickly you can stack it, as well as the ability to maintain the stacks with your q poke, the bonus healing comes in very handy as well plus extra AD cant hurt
With this you want to rush gore drinker however I find its better to go phage then kindle rather than getting the iron whip simply due to the bonus healing and cd you get from them, then titanic hydra to get that extra ad working for you and to help take those towers, this is more due to personal preference maybe due to my elo but I just ignore the team until I get ahead a little more so stick to just split pushing as hard as I can and trying to create as much pressure to help out that way, next I grab either warmogs or steraks dependent on how far ahead I am over the enemy laner warmogs helps you to stay in lane if you are stomping however if its more even then steraks may be a safer choice adn then just picking up warmogs after may suit better. The last item is a flecible pick I havent gotten far enough into a game yet where ive reached this item due to the splitpushing god that mundo can be :P, howvere i feel black cleaver would compliment this build pretty well but this can be swapped for a more defensive item if needed, Finally Boots, Ionian boots of Lucidity = More Cleavers simple as no explanation necessary.
The Math
Ill come back to this XD Im sleepy atm, Or if someone wants to crunch some numbers im happy to put a credit down here for you :P
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League of Legends Build Guide Author wotsits97
wotsits97 Dr. Mundo Guide
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Mathematically Attempted Mundo

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