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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yeorl

Max your Jax - LS/DMG

Yeorl Last updated on February 7, 2011
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Jax Build

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Intro: And we have..

This build, may not be the most secure build and relies heavily on being fed early on or at least being able to maintain domination of your lane. But if I've been doing it and had this build work for me, then maybe it'll work for you. It's moderately priced and very effective, you can also start off with a cheap full 6 item build and upgrade the items later on into more effective ones making for a good early/mid game build and one that just grows as the game gets later instead of becoming obsolete like so many other ones.

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Advice: Use it.

1. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO KILL STEAL - If your team/partner knows what you're doing or who you are they won't think twice about letting you steal the first 2-3 kills. Since a push in the right direction can send this build so far ahead it's ridiculous.

2. LEAP FROG - Don't be a stranger, hitch a ride, use leap constantly and become an expert at it - It's a tool to flee and chase - Consider it always.

3. JUNGLE - Always ALWAYS get this extra source of income, I can build this so fast by going for builds and at level 11 I highly recommend soloing the dragon - Helps you but more importantly your entire team.

4. ULTIMATE - Use it often, use it well and don't forget it like so many Jax's do.

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Pro's and Con's: Definetly more of each.


1. You're fast and agile, with quick movements and fast attack speeds you can usually escape all danger.

2. Your life steal gets ridiculous! So you can actually at times take on the entire enemy team on your own I've got a number of Quadra kills with this.

3. With the high damage generated from blood thirster, you usually have a fair amount of health late game and your ulti can cover the armour.

4. Highly versatile build, I often find myself re-arranging the order depending on my opponents and what situations arise.


1. Expensive - This build requires great spending power, so if you're no farmer and you can't hold your own early game you're most likely going to get licked.

2. Discipline - With this high movement speed I've often found people catching their opponents only to run into ganks - but still confident in their speed running past turrets and getting killed along the way. You've go to be conservative to keep this up.

3. Gaps - Your health and armour is so low early and mid game that if the enemy team aims for you and you're not prepared to deal with that you'll be kept down most of the game. (Of course this build isn't THAT expensive so you can make a comeback easily.) Your abilities are also not put to their full potential it's highly reliant on your survivability and base damage. (As well as Critical chance which full build gets to about 49-53%)

4. Not a very team compatible build - You've got to be prepared to carry and win this on your own, you can play as a team but I often find this build makes me too self sufficient to help the team often sealing my own fate.

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First off I like to buy, the boots for ninja-tabi and as many health pots as I can, as this build leaves you very squishy for the first few levels I like to have a good movement speed and escape as well as some good HP regen. The tabi will also give you some dodge which will help the stun. Which with this build - YOU WILL NEED - for the first eight levels. Soloing other champions should never be a problem, but I'd still play very conservative.

You get leap strike and generally use it to harass the other players while running back to your partner, or if you're soloing behind minions, just repeat - Keep in mind, conserve your mana if it's not doing anything significant don't go wasting your mana on pointless leaps.

I'd normally recommend staying in the lane until level 6, then going back and buying Ninja tabi and the beginning components of Zeal which I'd buy next on my way to building phantom dancer. At this point I usually am sitting at around 2/0 - 3/0 but if you're not you most likely still have a lot of gold from the minions.

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Phantom Dancer: Your best bet.

Alot of this build is built around the Phantom Dancer, high movement speed makes it excellent for if you want to chase people down as Jax, or need to escape a gank. Since building HP tends to be a bit tedious and expensive I've focused on stealing my opponents health instead >:) and out running them at all possible junctures in combat.

Build it up from Zeal, get the attack speed bonus then go for the critical - It's nice if you build it slowly so don't safe for it all at once. Which strangely I've seen people do.

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Mid Game: Jungle and such.

At this point you should have your phantom dancer and your ninja tabi, this point in game is CRUCIAL - This is the point where you go for buff monsters especially that infamous Dragon, lil' bastard. Go for the income and farm like hell at level 11-12, lane hop like a mad man, keep the pressure cooking and boil the enemy team; if you're not carrying help out the carry as much as possible.

Now what to buy next, toughie, depending on your opponents I'm sure you can figure this out yourself buy either Blood Thirster or Rage blade.

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Late Game: You're up to bat.

At this point in the game you're either carrying, getting your *** handed to you or making a contribution to the team - This point of the game is where I find my build begins to lapse, you're going to need to win the game. Unfortunately you can't carry on forever, the enemy gets used to you and starts buying measures to counter you. Watch it and don't be afraid to get help no matter how fed you are.