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Soraka Build Guide by Lodus27

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lodus27

Mega Soraka (Wersja Angielska)

Lodus27 Last updated on June 16, 2011
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Hello fellow readers guide. Welcome to my first guide.

So who is this like two-legged unicorn? Well, from what I know ... Soraka originally sorceress who, instead of tapping on the Magic Valoran, reached the magic universe. One day I heard about this epic guy called Warwick. The great alchemist, great guy. In any case, that angry when she hears all this trolling Warwick guy doing her people and begins to speak nerdraging and curse this star Warwick. Well, it works, but also its curse. So you end up as some two-legged like a unicorn - which totally disturbs me, because Warwick gets a really cool wolf form and gets a corner that he can not even beat people - but some of its capacity before intact.

Some of you already biased opinion formed from Soraka. I know that I made before learning it and how it works. But with one guide to read and some photos of your own home improvement, I have renewed for an unpleasant Soraka champion, that team will have to aim and hatred.

What to expect:
Treat approximately 31 minutes to download if you sign it correctly, and the other team aced.
Your team work and the protection (if you're an ******* to your team, or do not watch their backs, I can not be held liable.)
Fun Time mute / healing mana reduction is based magic, healing the individual and all his teammates.
Enemy team jumps on the ***** as soon as there is on the Field of Justice. All right, just watch where you are, where you can run. Note the "safe zone" and stay in them goes only to save his teammates, and should be fine.

What not to expect:
To carry the team to victory.
Yourself to be able to keep track.
To be the beginning of the line trying to reduce the magic based or initiating.
Positive result. Soraka is very squishy and are often targeted. On top of that it is missing, the higher the firepower needed to get kills.

There are also a few other things I'd like to mention these instructions:
One, even if everything I mention in the guide, can not win. Soraka is largely dependent on the team if the team can not hold against the band, do not expect to win. You'll have to explain his team as "buffer HP bar" is and how it works (or you and how many can be treated as damage vs. what they can do. If you take more damage than can be treated or take a lethal damage before you can even get to get them to treat them, it kind of makes it worthless.)
Two, the ability to play Soraka is made by the player and his / her team, not spells, items, or the Championship. If a team does not like the porch or aggressive movements, you will not be anywhere in the game. I can only show you the door, you have to be the one who hits her in the face of the opposing team.
Three, and this is a high risk of stacking AP Guide (to build strength is derived from those who do not know and need additional Soraka HP, MR, or Armor), it is not the only way to play Soraka is, but I think that if you play in this way and played correctly, the other team can be quite fast in the 31 minute mark. Results may vary. This is offset way to play her, because instead of survival, you're switching to the possibility to heal your teammates (and yourself) on the massive amounts of HP. This compromise may seem absurd, but it's better in the long run.
Four solid supports, such as Soraka are not good at 3v3s. This guide only applies to 5v5 gameplay strategies. If you're looking to do 3v3 with her, I do not have a lot to offer advice, other than for what I said, calm as often as possible rather than to work about mana, and keep your team alive.

Pros / Cons: Yes, it has many drawbacks, which are only exceeded its heals.

Is a hole in the belt for a long period of time without having to shop.
Is this what some call, 2nd test. It can lead to wear alive long enough to damage them a terminal (and usually escape).
It turns out the team to a temporary tank with its increased armor
Do radically reverse the situation of the fight team. AP nuking build is more grounded in that role, while the survival of the build is for those who do not like or extension to die for colleagues who need to heal.

Belt needs a partner. Smarter champs simply ignore the enemy and push the tower.
It is super squishy beginning of the game.
Will there be a squishy middle of the game.
Will I still be squishy end of the game.
Actually, if you want to spend AP to survive, that's fine too. 300 heals not much, but it can alleviate some of the damaged tanks. You will not find it in the game changes, as the AP nuking build though.
There is a lack of escape mechanism. You must either pack a Summoner in witchcraft or construction.
VERY prone to disables (stun, taunts, fears, etc.).

These are just some of the advantages and disadvantages of the master of this build. But the mention of squishy is the list of faults are not really a problem until you hit the midgame, you'll be doing for about 400 heal (no rank in 5) and at the end of the game (with full charge) should be done to heal for about 1300 (AP nuking only .) The problem of the mechanism of escape is not easy to resist playing style (AP nuking) or more and (Survival), which I will mention later.

Masteries: My head hurts too much to explain about this.

I'm kidding. Okay. Mobafire not actually show the tree in the championship, so you'll forgive the lack of images in this section. Championships are also the same for AP stake. You must increase the EXP to bring up to speed faster than the enemy champs.


Mender "Faith: Reduces your cool for 30 seconds.
We treat as "Oh Snaps!" spell. This is in addition, 140 + 25xlevel is really useful to keep his team alive in the extreme case that the two healing spells (I) can not or do not. If you do not use it feel free to put it somewhere else.

Resistance: Increases resistance to magic, master of the sixth
Soraka is squishy. It helps to fight them gently. Also used to unlock the power of the spirit.

Hardiness: Increases armor by 6 master
Same as above only that it is used to unlock the skin Harden.

The strength of the Spirit: Increases health regeneration champion of 0.2% of maximum mana.
Same as above, it is used to reduce the squishiness.

Harden Skin: Blocks 2 physical damage.
Do you see a trend yet? Stop being so squishy!

Veteran's Scars: Increases health champion for 60 years.
More HP = less squishy.

Ardor: Increases power capability and attack speed bonus of 4%.
Okay, this is finally something that breaks the pattern. Ardor helps heal even more powerful. Attack Speed ​​is something of a bonus, you'll be doing most of the damage to agriculture and using spells and such.

We finally got to the sequence of skills. This section will cover why I did it a sequence of skills, but instead I'll be covering the pros and cons of each skill, so you can decide how you want to build. This skill build is situational. It is very important to know the cooldown time and the power of skills you'll use. Statistics on the list of skills off Mobafire are incorrect. I will try to keep this updated.

Consecration (Passive): 16 magic is based around. 'Nuff said.

Starcall (3-1.8 sec cd 60/90/120/150/180 +0.25 XAP 40/50/60/70/80 MP cost.): This is a skill Soraka in culture. But wait, if you can farm Soraka why the maximum of the latter? Simply put, it is more effective as a healer than a pusher / farmer. You will want to wait until later in the game when you're more established before attempting to push hard. Magic is flat to reduce drag resistance in the ranks, so not only should be placed 1 point, if at all. If you have trouble pinning down the last shot with this skill, consider the 2nd point to the skills, but thus wasting mana point in its ability to supplement or to treat it. Pushing himself is also a bad idea, because it really has no permanent mechanisms to escape. Sometimes this ability to move when the other team is really good at harassing my partner belt. With hand, if you're caught by the enemy team and they are prosecuted, be sure to spam it as soon as it is off cool down. You will want to reduce their magic is based on the time the team is at your disposal. The magic really does wonders to reduce the work!

Infuse (. 15-9 sec cd or restore MP 25/50/75/100/125 50/100/150/200/250 + 0.6 seconds of silence XAP 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 0 MP cost): This ability is HIGHLY situational as you use it. I max this first, because our mana regen / 5 at nuking does not kick in until later in the game for survival, you'll want this skill just to keep from destroying the ring of nuclear weapons. you'll certainly need that mana regen early if you plan on healing your team in the cyclic rate. You spend 110 MP to rank 2, so that money is already strong. In addition, it serves another purpose, except the first. You have the skills to be able to regen mana in the fields, but say they need to do some major damage to kill the enemy ... will not do it. Your autoattack will not do. But it will be. Even if it is not powerful, some people will never suspect you can actually damage and it will stop people from his long silence of three seconds. He heard people complain about 3 seconds Rammus taunt? Yes, it works similarly. I'll be more on some of the characters the depth is particularly useful before - or even wheels. This spell has a relatively low cooldown, so use it when the team does not fight as often as you can. You can book in the struggle for some of the heroes who have bad comments, if their silence. In addition, late in the game, you can expect around 500 for the same spell (nuking), if you add in a few hits from, you can surprise the enemy masters of the output of the injury.

Wish (120/110/100-60 sec cd + 1.3xAP 200/275/350MP 200/300/400): The ULT is used mainly as a way to save his team and get free of the pile for the company. Do not underestimate the AP scaling. 1:1.3 did not scoff. When not treated ULT 1300 during the final match (nuking), other teams will develop the spirit that you are trying to do something to ruin your team, so they just give up. Note: If you cast the ULT, do not hesitate to donate. Most save their ULT shooting only for heroes with low hp, rarely use it to initialize. So when you see, simply close your winnings with the anti-ULT wines ULT button.

Various heals and why it is best for what we build

Masters, who hate-err ... And it means that love to silence. Here are two characters you'll want to save specifically for:

: Okay, we all hate this nasty little bundle of sticks. She loves the place and not from the people. As if this were not enough, and he likes people too! This little green link between him and other heroes, giving him a lot of life and prevents killing him? Yes, completely stoppable midcast with. By muting it, you can stop it short of nearly all its combat effectiveness. My favorite part is if you fiddle foolish enough to facecheck shrubs and silence him before he entered the bush. Of course, if you're up and see it empty, use it.

: This tryhard is a bit harder, and most people do not realize how much you can destroy this guy. I did a play in which the enemy refused to enter into every fight that I was present in because of what we can do. How to mute the work you ask? Wait until just before the end of the ULT and silence him. You just have to effectively reduce him to walk 300g waiting to pick off the field of justice. While he muted, can not be used to treat or not to use to escape. You autoattack or Starfall him to destroy it. Autoattack with usually just a minion.
Note: Footynotes why you could not so he could not use his. It was a great suggestion, but I checked the custom during the game. It has been confirmed now: perhaps even when silent or confused.

Heroes that are worth silencing:

: Do you hate the ULT? Do. Stop short with and laugh out loud WTF says his teammates.

: You can actually stop him in the middle of the ULT so it can not teleport. You can get a kill or to save his colleagues in this way.

: You can stop the ULT, provided that they do not catch it early.

: Do not allow the use of his match (ULT) with silence. The only downside is that it must be alive, while he was casting, you can not stop him when his spirit form.

Hate it? Yeah, me too. Would you like more? Me more than you. Silence her to stop her from escape or laying waste to your party with her ULT.

: You can stop the ULT of silence, provided that you are not with them is suppressed.

: Another hero of wheels, which can totally screw if the silence. You can prevent him voidlings call, and can stop him from ulting his team, before or during.

: Yes. Hate her laughter when ults? I think that sounds like a short kid is throwing stones at a bus without a hard hat. Stop laughing (and rocks flying) short and kick it back under the bus!

Yes, you can stop it in mid-ULT cast. Prove to them that you're better.

Not so great for the silence:

: The ULT is a very short cast. If you can nail it, do it. However, getting close enough to him when he ulting is a different story, and it is rare that you'll be able to catch it in mid-act, much less how you live trying to get to him.

Yes, you can prevent it from escaping when using the ULT, but you can not prevent his shield, which is cast next. Furthermore, it is mockery. Soraka it is susceptable.

Summary: Thanks for reading!

In conclusion:
Remember, you're playing on the squishy hero's still fun. Do not keep fighting, keep your team instead of having to "b" of the fight. Remember that he is a hero that can be "gayed", but it can recover if you start getting stacks. First of all, that part of the snowball really started to get up to the end of the game. All you have to do is win a few battles the band, so do not despair if you dream a lot early in the game (just make sure that teams are not.)

I hope you learned a few new things here and there. Please leave me a good (or bad) review. Remember that my style of play may differ from you, and if you have another suggestion, try to see if the mine or if it's only on the disk has already formed the first Soraka history. If it is based on my building, leave me in opinion, if not, you're in a bad guide, and should be off writing your own.
If you leave me feedback, I will try to best incorporate it into this build / guide.

Have a nice day and plays like Soraka!