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League of Legends Build Guide Author Adrenalynn

MF - the way it's meant to be played.

Adrenalynn Last updated on September 21, 2010
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EDIT: few changes to item build, it's less "easy" because it lacks mana reg, but after lvl 5 MF can solo golem + mana reg from utility is ENOUGH.

Hello there. I've seen many AD builds for MF, but in my humble opinion, most of them are useless. I'll try to explain why.
First of all, most of them go for wrong items. Few guys say that Manamune is perfect - no, it is not, you don't need that extra mana (EDIT: I don't use chaliceanymore, mana reg from utility is enough, and soloing golem is also quite easy, I think lvl 5 and buff is yours - ofc golem will take you to low hp, but porting to base is not a problem due to our high move speed), so why would you waste your gold on the item that's only 50% useful? I have no idea.
Others focus on wrong boots, few go for Sorcerer's Boots - totally pointless unless you are going for AP. There are also those who pick Berserker's - Miss Fortune doesn not need attack speed!!! She needs lots of AD for her skills and big crits. Don't waste your gold - pick Boots of Swiftness and laugh at people running like a madman (well, madgirl ;p).
THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT - DO NOT go for AS(!) Phantom Dancer, Berserker's Greaves etc - totally useless. As I've said before - you should focus MAINLY on AD. You might ask why the hell did I pick Youmuu's, and I've got an answer for you. Cooldown red., burst in move speed and attack speed, armor penetration... do I really have to explain it? If so: cooldown red.- obviously for your ulti, armor penetration - it penetrates armor, hellou; a lil bit of dmg - our main goal is to have a lot of AD; burst in MS and AS - move speed is the key factor in every MF's life, without it your mobility goes to the rats, and a lil bit of AS, together with Impure Shots and our dmg - lovely.

Secondly, people tend to go for useless runes. I'm not saying that my choice is perfect. What I am saying is that runes that I've picked are useful to us. Yukimika put some mana reg glyphs and AS seals - remember, we don't need mana reg (chalice and golem buff) and we don't need a slight improvement in AS, actually we don't need AS items at all (one exception - go back to the point where I mentioned Youmuu's).

As for the masteries, I urge you to pick anything that YOU like. I go for utility because I think that -15% on summoner abilities is a huge advantage, and 5% on dmg is actually not that much. Just think about it. 5% more dmg over awesome survivability? Hell no! Everyone is happy when he has plenty of kills, but only good players are happy when the match is won and they have 0 deaths! (If you think that I'm talking ******** these are my stats from few recent matches: 12/4/12, 7/0/8, 22/1/11, 7/1/10. As you can see I got plenty of kills and assists but look at the number of deaths, in only 1 game I was carried away a lil bit and rushed into enemy team like a superman - btw. don't do that :P)

Summoner abilities - obvious choice considering that we have got bloody lot of move speed. Exhaust for slow and some nasty Yi's or stuff like that, Flash for great kiting and chasing. Of course you can take anything that YOU like, however think about your other choices. Who wants some stupid clarity? golem buff! Ignite? Well, maybe... or maybe not - good in early game and when you want to finish running champ, other than that - useless. The only thing I'd think of instead of Exhaust is Ghost (bonus move speed is always nice and sometimes you actually might get some nasty hits so your passive won't help you). Good summoner ability next to Flash is Cleanse. So, what I would recommend:

Exhaust + Flash
Cleanse + Flash

btw. no, Ghost isn't better than Flash because maybe it can take you further, however it can't get you on the other side of the wall, which is the best way to escape.

Ok, how to play it. Very easy so I won't tell you much - being good is a thing that you gotta learn by yourself, no1 can help you with that.

Ask for mid, you are a carry, and due to your great move speed you can swap lines and gang very fast. Deadly. Harras enemy with double up. Remember, always target the last creep, so that there's a better chance a champ behind it will cry. Unfortunately people are not THAT stupid, they know how double up works after couple of days playing against MF. So our lil harras might not work. Well, if it doesn't work use it to farm gold. If you time it well you can take down 2 creeps with 1 double up, that's good. Remember to last hit, MF needs gold, at least until we get Occult's. When you are sure that you can get a kill - go for it. If not, wait for the line to be a lil less crowded ( enemy champ is away ;) and go for a gang. It would be very nice If you had gathered 3 k gold, but I know that it takes time, so 1.5 k gold is good enough. Run to your base and buy Boots of Swiftness. If you have enough gold - buy Sword of the Occult. Start ganging. Remember to be smart, creative and crafty. Miss Fortune is a sly fox, I guess the only carry that shouldn't be at the front line. Run around the battlefield, lay down make it rain and few double ups, when it's time for your ulti - use it. and get your charges ;) It take a lil bit of experience to deal full amount of dmg with your ulti. A good thing to remember is to lay it down behind enemy champs, if you think that they are about to run that way. Never, I say NEVER cast it so that it's in the middle of enemy champ, such a waste. Also a good thing to do is to run around enemy champ(s) and attack them with your ulti from behind (make sure that in front of them are your mates :P). Right after casting it run away or finish them off, and right before that - cast make it rain, extra dmg and slow is always nice. As for the last 6th item, take anything that suits your playstyle or is NEEDED, for example Madred's for guys with lots of hp, or Last Whisper for armor lovers.

I guess that's all. If you have any questions about my build, any questions at all (items, gameplay, whatever) - don't be scared and ask.

If anyone would like to help me, tell me how to put item images into the build so that it would be more clear :) I might also add some screenshots on how to use ulti etc, but I guess I'm not that smart to figure out how to do that.

PLEASE comment, and give me some feedback if you vote me up or down. Thanks a lot! :)

small edit:
few mins ago I finished a game, there was another MF. I won't give you the stats but I can tell you that the other MF, despite from the fact that it had to be a ******, had ****py items (manamune, boots of mobility, infinity edge, last whisper and stark's fervor) and finished the match with stats like 7/9/12. It doesn't matter who won the game(we did, they got bad urgot and ******ed morgana), because I want to talk about that other MF. Lets look at her items 1 more time.

manamune - okay, lets say that taking this item is a mistake, but not THAT big.
boots of mobility - pointless. you will get speed boost from your passive anyway, and basic 2 is not enough.
infinity edge - good choice, but hat was the only1
last whisper - our team: myself (MF), Morgana, Olaf, Twitch, Malzahar. What's the problem here? NOT A SINGLE CHAMP had an armor item. + high attack speed with her ****py dmg - wtf?
stark's fervor - more attack speed and life leech. still low dmg so not much health gain.

small edit: with this build soloing Warwick is a peace of cake. ofc I'm talking about ww going jungle build, that is with smite. IF he hasn't got Cleanse he is doomed. -50% heal with Impure Shots + Exhaust... well, only Cleanse and Exhaust could help him, but it seems that ww players don't use any of the 2. Our attack speed with Youmuu's and Impure Shots is high enough, and our dmg is ftw(!) crits happen really often :)

As I've said before... attack speed MF sux *.* This is funny btw. because of my cat I missclicked and totally missed my ulti :O All 4 kills were made with attacking(impure shots, Youmuu's) and double-up (which I think had a crit). Ashe and the other MF were down with 4 hits. That other MF went for attack speed and Madred's (lolz). I didn't have a chance to solo her, but I guess I'd pwn her with ease.