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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Blick

Mid Lane Soraka v1.5

Blick Last updated on May 25, 2010
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Soraka is my favorite support champ. She has an AoE, Heal, Mana Regen, All Heal, and AoE MR aura. The awesome things is though, her 3 abilities have kickers that add umph!

In this guide I will touch on Sorakas abilities, the rune/masteries/spell/items build, overall strategy, and provide some tips.

This is ver 1.5

Abilities, a brief description

Her passive gives you and surrounding allies MR. Great early game against casters. Also has the game progresses into the mid and late game stages it also raises providing a great boost.

Hits all enemies in a short range. Already has a low CD which makes it spam-able. The base magic dmg is 60 and stacks on 30/level plus 25% AP added on. The kicker for this ability is the fact that it lowers enemy MR and is stackable up to 20 times!

Astral Blessing
The heal. Base healing of 80 and stacks on 55/level plus 100% AP added on. The kicker for this ability is it adds armor for a short time.

The Mana Regen. Base regen of 50 and stacks another 50/level. The kicker for this ability is that it can silence enemy targets for up to 3sec and deals magic dmg, equal to the mana if casted on an allie, plus 60% AP added on.

The Ultimate Heal. Heals all friendly champions. Heals for a base 250 and stacks on 150/level plus 200% AP added on.

Well, it may seem odd but I have a full CD page. It grants almost 15% CD reduction. I initially created it for support characters but find that its great because CD reduction isnt bad for any champion. It also allows me to not worry about getting CD items in my build. Works well with the mastery plan as well.

With my mastery plan I concentrate on mana regen and CD reduction. With this plan and rune build your going to start the match with a whopping 25% CD reduction! It also shortens your summoner spells recharge time.

Ive only listed 2 spells. These are great support. Ofcourse everyone plays different so use what you think will help.

Restores mana. With the Insight mastery point it now grants 100% mana given to nearby allies as it does you. This is great because it helps in the lane and team fights. Also note that with Presence of the Master mastery point it lowers the CD by 15%.

Reveals a small portion of the map. With the mystical vision mastery point it makes Clair last up to 10secs and has a 5sec CD reduction. Also note that with Presence of the Master mastery point it lowers the CD by 15% which makes this castable every 43secs.

With the item build your concentrating on AP, mana, and mana regen. Its all about the heals and keeping your team alive.

Archangel's Staff
Gives 400mana and 25mana per 5 and 45AP. The passive converts 2.5% of your mana into AP. The unique passive raises your max mana by 4 everytime you use an ability with a 3sec cooldown. This works great with Starcall.

Boots of Swiftness
Movement 3. Allows you to keep up with allies and if things go really bad allows you to run.

Zhonya's Ring
Gives 120AP. The unique passive increases AP by 25%. The active element also gives you immunity for 2secs making you invulnarble and un-targetable.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter
Gives 500hp and 80 AP. The passive has a slow ability as well. 2sec slow by 35% for one target, 2sec slow by 15% for multi-target. Great with using your silence infuse and AoE starcall.

Void Staff
Gives 70ap and has 40% spell penetration. Stacks great with starcall.

Elixir of Brilliance
Give 31-65 AP and CDR of 10% for 4min. Great bang for your gold.

Well, this is updated. Since then a couple of things have changed.

Soraka believe it or not is great playing mid. Shes ranged so can for the most part stay out of harms way. She can heal herself. She can silence. She can get last hits on creeps with starcall. Also being mid allows you to get your ultimate rather quickly thereby helping out the other lanes. Also, as soon as you can you want to buy Tear of the Goddess. Not only does it build into Archangels but it allows you to start raising your mana. When I buy AS I usually get around 100AP. I stick with movement 3 boots to make sure I can keep up with teammates and to run away if things get sticky.

When the teamfights start you shouldnt have to worry about mana very much. If you do get low though just pop your clairity. While in gank squads you want to wait to cast your silence until the champ is near death and/or it looks like the champ might be running away. While in team fights you want to cast silence almost immediatly on the highest dmg dealer.

In the late game you should be able use wish every 60-65secs or so. It should heal for around 1000-1300 pending on your build/ap. Astral blessing should heal for around 600-800. Infuse should deal around 500 and silence for 3sec. Starcall does about 200 or so. My AP for most games ends somewhere around 300 or so with only 4 items to boot!

Something to enhance your gameplay.

Watch for AoE spells. If one gets thrown dont be afraid to wait a second or two or even three to cast Wish. You dont want to throw a big heal when everyone is near top health and waste the healing. With that being said if being played against Karthus and he uses his ultimate you should use your ultimate. Countless times have I denied a Karthus from a kill or multiple kills by using Wish.

Always remind your teammates when you have your ultimate. You should know also that at a glance you can know when they have thiers. If you look at your teammates pics in the left of your screen you will see a border around it. In the upper right border there is a dot. If the dot is bright they have thier ultimate ready, likewise if its dark its not.

If your going for the support role you shouldnt be in the middle of the fighting. Try and stay back if possible. Your teammates shouldnt let you come to harm. Thats why with this build theres a lack of protection.

Silence is the bane of your existance. Fiddles crow, Kassadins wave, Cho'Gaths scream, Garens stab. Keep your distance from champs that can silence you. If you cant cast your as good as dead.

This version has been greatly edited since I started playing mid.
This is my first ever guide of anything. I encourage comments. Any pointers or maybe food for thought. Both positive and negative feedback works. Thanks!