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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheRealMaeiv

Mid Plat 70% winrate guide to Jungle Pantheon

TheRealMaeiv Last updated on January 12, 2015
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Hello, I'm Maeiv, and as of writing this I am a platinum 4 60 lp pantheon main :). In my opinion, and the general consensus of well informed junglers, pantheon is probably the best jungler, and if not, at least tier1/god tier. I've been playing pantheon for about a year over separate accounts, through thick and thin meta-wise, and he is by far my most well played and favorite champion. Pantheon takes very low damage in the jungle when managing his amazing passive correctly, scales insanely well with the Warrior enchantment as of the 4.20 patch, is a great duelist, great in 2v2s, nearly global map pressure, and is pretty cost efficient in terms of items. This is the first guide I have ever made, and after giving it a pretty big amount of thought, I've decided that I'm going to make as in-depth of a guide as I possibly can for Pantheon.

So Why Pantheon?

Takes very low damage in the jungle 1-3 (Something that most junglers have a problem with after the 4.20 patch)
Easy ganks (Non skillshot ganking tool)
Wins a majority of jungle matchups
A global ult makes possibilities near endless
Amazing tower dives
Low skillcap
Early game is Lee Sin quality but doesn't fall off quite as hard (Loses damage, still has a great engage which Lee Sin lacks late)
Very cost efficient champion
Great in 2v2s and duels

Falls off damage-wise late
When behind, loses practically all of his power
Hard countered by disengage (Janna, Nami, Zyra, etc)
All in playstyle (No escapes whatsoever)

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I'll go down the list starting with offense.

Sorcery : A great mastery for any champion that scales with cdr. Since when you are the close to the bottom of the tree and the only choice is cdr or attack speed. I find 5% cdr to be much more useful than 5% attack speed.

Butcher : A mastery to simply fill up the tree so you can get the last mastery in offense. Extra damage on hit isn't bad if hardly noticeable.

Double-Edged Sword : A great mastery for carry junglers who are melee. Pantheon's passive blocks one of the auto-attacks in which he'd be taking increased damage from as well, which makes this a great mastery.

Expose Weakness : Synergy with the plentiful spells Pantheon uses, as well as stacking percentage damage with Double-Edged Sword.

Spell Weaving : Synergy with the two masteries stated above. One thing most people don't know about pantheon, is that since his Q can crit, you can receive this increased damage on it for better kill securing.

Blade Weaving : Synergy with the above three masteries, as well as the fact that he has built in crits on his auto attacks from his E passive.

Brute Force : Not a mastery that makes much difference late game, but because Pantheon scales off attack damage, and you must take it to open up Martial Mastery, it's a must.

Martial Mastery : +4 AD on top of the attack damage in our rune page is pretty underrated. Stacking attack damage is always good, and it's also the only choice to get further into the tree.

Executioner : Synergy with the masteries Expose Weakness, Spell weaving, and Blade weaving, which causes you to do huge amounts of damage when trying to finish off low targets. Also needed to unlock the best mastery in the game, Dangerous Game.

Dangerous Game : As stated above, my favorite and in my humble opinion, the best mastery in the game. Since Pantheon's skillset is one dimensional in the sense that once he is in a teamfight he can't disengage for himself, this mastery will be the unsung hero of your wins, carrying your games and making you survive close teamfights without you ever realizing it.

Devastating Strikes : Percentage armor penetration is subtracted from an enemy's armor BEFORE flat armor pen. For instance, if they had 100 and you had 6%, they would have 94, and then your flat pen would be subtracted from the armor value, rather than vice versa. In other words, it synergizes with armor pen, and is also needed to get into our last mastery, Havoc.

Havoc : Pretty simple explanation. Bonus percentage damage. Scales extremely well with the other masteries stated above that also give you percentage bonus damage. Many people get the warlord mastery instead of the Expose Weakness and Weaving masteries, but with stacking this much percentage damage you do much more than you would with a measly 5% bonus attack damage.

Defense Tree:

Block : One of the best defense masteries available at any point throughout the tree, and you don't have to invest into defense in order to attain it. This mastery along with Unyeilding ammount to about 7 or 8 free armor early.

Unyeilding : Once again, a great mastery for being so low on the defense tree. Block and unyeilding provide some great underrated defense.

Tough Skin : Pretty important to prevent taking damage in the jungle. I take this mastery on just about every jungler.

Veteran Scars : It's health. Pretty self explanatory. Health is good.

Juggernaut : Plus 3% max hp only gives you about 30 hp fullbuilt but you take it because there isn't any better choice anywhere on any mastery tree available to you.

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This is the pantheon rune page I find myself using the most.

Marks: With the new Warrior enchantment, stacking armor pen in the jungle is very strong, since you can get multiple items that build armor pen. With fullbuild, we will have 28 armor penetration plus 40% shred, which is applied beforehand. To carries, Which usually have around 96 armor lategame, but to make the math more understandable, we'll round it to 100, The % shred would be applied first, which would lower it to 60 armor, and then minus 28, which leaves a poor marksman with about 32 armor. 32 armor negates about 20% damage in comparison to 50% at 100 armor.

Seals: Standard jungle seals for anybody just about. Even though pantheon takes almost no damage in the jungle, if you don't have sufficient armor, you're going to be punished

Glyphs: Scaling magic resist helps you scale into lategame less terribly as well as makes you able to handle a mages burst without dying on the spot. Since most champions have SOME sort of magic damage, I'd say these are the best.

Quintessences: In my opinion, Attack damage quintessences are the best choice. I've seen people run full armor pen, and while it's a viable option, it doesn't take advantage of Pantheon's amazing ad scaling while at the same time taking advantage of the fact that he scales with armor penetration the way that the rune page above does.

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Hexdrinker: There is only one real situational item that I build on pantheon. Sometimes I will swap my brutalizer out for a hexdrinker (The only situation in which I do this is if I am behind AND it is double ap (Versus double ap you take scaling mr for the exact reason of still going brutalizer)) If you are genuinely terrified of that enemy Vladimir, and you feel like you need hexdrinker, then you may.

Stalker's Blade: Because of the extremely low damage pantheon takes in the jungle early, you take Stalker's blade rather than Ranger's trailblazer because you do not need the sustain and it allows you to just about burn a flash every time you get a successful gank at the very least.
Warrior's Enchantment is the only choice for pantheon because of the stats it gives, especially the armor penetration which will scale insanely well with our masteries and the rest of our build.

The Brutalizer: A very cheap but strong item for pantheon. He benefits from every stat insanely well. You want cdr for your global ultimate as well as your combo, and stacking the armor pen/attack damage it gives you will make you literally one hit mages and carries through the midgame.

Boots of Mobility: Usually the best choice for pantheon. Allows you to get in range for your stun combo more quickly on ganks as well as gives you more map pressure moving around faster for a better ultimate.

Last Whisper: Because of all of that beautiful armor penetration we stack on pantheon, and that the percentage shred is applied before flat pen, this item is a must in my opinion on pantheon. The damage you will you to anything but a heavy bruiser is outrageous...

Randuin's Omen: Because pantheon is a bruiser/fighter champion, and not a full carry (Zed talon etc) You do need some resistances and hp. Randuin's gives you a great amount of armor, health, an active that synergizes pretty well with your ultimate, and an attack speed slow for pesky marksmen. And jax. No one likes jax.

Banshee's Veil: A GREAT item on Pantheon. This gives you the resistances, and hp you need to top you off as well as a great passive. Since you will usually be the main engage, the passive which gives you immunity to a spell will negate the enemy team from disengaging from you with a Lee Sin ultimate, Janna ultimate, etc. Very core for your lategame teamfighting.

Thornmail: If you are versus a full ad comp (Which Pantheon SHINES versus) and aren't punished for not building Banshee's Veil (Janna Support, etc)
Thornmail will make you insanely unstoppable. 280 armor Pantheon (Or should I say, PENtheon...hehe....No? Okay...) With all of that armor pen will really set your frontline up well.

Black Cleaver: If you need more armor pen, especially to help your allied marksman, pick Cleaver up. Black cleaver shreds flat armor (I.e. four cleaver stacks turns 100 armor into 75) and last whisper is applied afterward, which means that black cleaver makes your last whisper less effective. Saved for last because it's less gold efficient to rush last whisper and cleaver at the same time.

Maw of Malmortius: Usually your sixth item, bought after you sell brutalizer. Better than cleaver lategame because of the magic shield and attack damage passive, as well as making you a more well rounded out tank with the magic resist it provides. Really a great item.

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Triple Blocking

Triple blocking is a technique that most people don't know on Pantheon, regardless of it's relative ease and extreme importance for turret diving. Below I will explain in writing how to triple block, and intend to upload a video asap to show people what I mean.

All experienced Pantheon players know that you can get your passive to three stacks, and then use Aegis of Zeonia for a fully stacked passive proc. This goes into that strat, but adds another block into the mix. Simply perform the technique mentioned above, getting your passive to three stacks and then using Aegis of Zeonia for 2 blocks charged in your inventory. Afterward, wait for Aegis of Zeonia (W) to come off cooldown again before performing a tower dive on that unsuspecting botlane for three whole tower shots to be blocked. Not only will your ult nuke an enemy off the bat, but you will be able to take three tower shots after your ult pulls turret aggro toward you. Simply ult>Tower shot> W>tower shot> Proc third passive> Tower shot. It sounds complicated in text but it's really not, and you can try it in your next game when you dive botlane.

This is an extremely important technique for turret dives and must be mastered in order to have the highest winrate possible as jungle Pantheon, as turret diving is one of his best strengths.

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Skill Description

Aegis Protection: A VERY great passive. Every fourth spell and ability you block the next auto attack from a champion or monster dealing 40+ damage.This is what allows you to take nearly 0 damage in the jungle as well as makes you a great duelist and 2v2er. Learning to manipulate this passive is what separates a Master Pantheon from a Beginner or Learning Pantheon.

Spear Shot:
Physical Damage: 65 / 105 / 145 / 185 / 225 (+ 140% bonus AD)

If Heartseeker Strike has been ranked, Spear Shot will deal 100% additional damage to targets below 15% health.
Certain Death Damage: 130 / 210 / 290 / 370 / 450 (+ 280% bonus AD)

Simply a standard damage spell. Not much else to explain, it scales very well armor penetration due to it's high base damage mixed alongside it's low cooldown, as well as allows you to proc your passive more often. It also crits when your enemy has below 15% hp after you have your Heartseeker Strike.

Aegis of Zeonia:
Magic Damage: 50 / 75 / 100 / 125 / 150 (+ 100% AP)

Your ganking tool. What makes pantheon a good jungler. Most junglers have a skillshot stun or something that takes skill to create a successful gank. However, with pantheon, all you have to do is be in range and you can get your stun off. This spell also resets your passive, giving you an extra block, which makes you even BETTER for 2v2s, duels, and a possible tower dive

Heartseeker Strike:
Physical Damage Per Strike: 13 / 23 / 33 / 43 / 53 (+ 60% bonus AD)

Total Physical Damage: 40 / 70 / 100 / 130 / 160 (+ 180% bonus AD)

Physical Damage Per Strike Against Champions: 26 / 46 / 66 / 86 / 106 (+ 120% bonus AD)

Total Physical Damage Against Champions: 80 / 140 / 200 / 260 / 320 (+ 360% bonus AD)

A spell that provides you great aoe and shred for low health and resistance targets. Double damage to enemy champions, and a passive that gives you 100% crit chance after 15% hp against enemies. As with your Q, it scales very well with armor penetration. You max this spell second because it makes your midgame spike much larger than your Aegis of Zeonia.

Grand Skyfall:
Magic Damage: 400 / 700 / 1000 (+ 100% AP)

Minimum Magic Damage: 200 / 350 / 500 (+ 50% AP)

A jungler with a global ultimate....Can it get much better? A well positioned Grand Skyfall can be the perfect engage, set up an amazing tower dive, give you a perfectly timed counter-gank without having to wait in a bush and put yourself behind...Very rewarding for landing a good ultimate. The closer to the center of your ult, the more damage it deals. Also provides a huge slow which allows your team to follow up on a well timed ultimate.

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Champion Matchups

Fiddlesticks is less faceroll, but still an easy matchup for Pantheon. You can countergank his insane ultimate pressure with yours, and if you find it safe to do so, you can bully him around his jungle due to the fact that you can stun him out of his drain. However, if you try and counterjungle an enemy Fiddlesticks and he has assistance from his team, the amount of cc he provides will get you killed in an instant. Stick to counterganking his ultimate and trying to outpressure his 1-5, only try and kill him when you are 100000% sure his allies aren't in a position to help him.

Jarvan IV:
A skill matchup in my opinion. Whoever snowballs harder will win 1v1s, and both have amazing 1-5 pressure. Pantheon isn't as good late game however, which makes this matchup a bit of a ticking timebomb.

A very favorable matchup for Pantheon 1-5. However, after level 6, dueling him is a bad idea. His 2v2s aren't as good because he is less tanky early and can't get isolation if you have allies around. Stay away from trying to duel him unless you're ahead and focus on out pressuring him or countering his pressure. (If kha'zix leaps in for a gank, he has no escapes, which leads to bad things for him, being so squishy and you having such great damage/targeted cc)

Lee Sin:
A matchup slightly in Lee Sin's favor. Lee's duel potential doesn't come from any sort of on his ability that you can block, and he has a shield and sustain in 1v1s. In skirmishes and 2v2s you are about matched. Lee sin can win this matchup early but the later the game goes on you provide a much better engage and can sit on a carry more efficiently.

You can't hurt him. Like at all. This matchup is pretty annoying due to the fact that if you spend too much time early trying to pressure lanes, you have the chance to walk into your jungle and find everything missing. You can't fight him in his because of his immense tank stats. The key to this matchup is to keep your resources warded and try to avoid 2v2s with him. (His ganks aren't half as good as yours, but if you countergank him and he uses his attack and movement speed slows on your or your ally, you are bound to lose most of the time) Try to not fall behind and gank wherever you feel he won't.

Probably the champion Pantheon counters the most, and for more reasons than people think. Rengar gets very behind in the jungle if he dies a lot. Pantheon wins 1v1s against Rengar because you can block his main damage source. Twice. Simply have your passive at the ready for his first Q, and then wait for him to gain full ferocity or flash before stunning him for an instant block. After you block both of his Qs, he does about 200-300 damage in the time it takes for you to push him out of his jungle or outright kill him. However, not only do you counter Rengar's dueling potential, but when Rengar goes for a pretty obvious ultimate gank, you can counter it with your ultimate and possible turn the tide of his insane gank pressure.

Shaco runs ignite, which makes you lose duels versus him. His early map pressure is better than yours as well. This is a matchup favorable for Shaco because if he does snowball, he can outscale you in mid game extremely well. However, if he doesn't take advantage of his great early game, you are better in skirmishes and will always be better in teamfights. Generally teams with shaco are lacking in an engage (Malphite top and the like are exempt from this statement), which is where pantheon shines late. Your objective control is better too, with an ultimate that can nearly take half a teams hp lvl 6-10 if they attempt a dragon.

Pantheon provides much better pressure levels 1-5 than Vi. You can also outduel her by correctly managing your blocks (Always try to block her W proc, NOT the E spell.(For those who don''t know which spell her W is, block when you see her trying to put the third ring around your character.)) However, Vi is probably the best jungler lategame at just about everything, and pantheon falls off late in comparison. Vi is also a very expensive champion, whereas Pantheon is not. This means that if you put her behind given the chance, you actually can outscale her in some cases.

Wukong is pretty great at all stages of the game. His passive gives him good tank stats in 2v2s, and he has an armor shred, which makes a 2v2 scenario inadvisable (if two people focus a target with shredded armor, things go south quickly) His ganks have decent burst but lack cc, whereas your ganks have burst AND cc. His ultimate is a huge gamechanger, and a great engage. Wukong is like Vi in the sense that he's definitely one of the top 3 bruisers in the game late, meaning he outscales you hard. Whoever engages first usually wins a teamfight between these two. However, Wukong can engage and counter your engage if you time it poorly, whereas Pantheon can only engage, not counter engage. The only parts of the game in which you can beat Wukong is in pressure and 1v1s, since you can block his Q. However, since you are both pretty tanky, the duel is bound to be a long one, and if it's in his jungle, his allies will probably come and help him. If you find him in the river, though, you can beat him in my opinion.

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Season 5 Jungle Changes

As of the 4.20 patch, League of Legends is practically a new game. Just about everything has changed at least a little, especially the jungle. There's new items, new camps, smite has more functions, including smiting enemies (Teemo included). Below is a tier list for the new jungle items and a list of the buffs that smiting your jungle monsters will now give you.

Ranger's Trailblazer : UNIQUE Passive: Blasting Smite: Smite deals half damage to all monsters and enemy minions near the target and stuns them for 1.5 seconds. Casting Smite on a monster restores 15% of missing Health and Mana.
The strongest of the two 'clearing' smite items. Ranger's Trailblazer is to be taken on junglers who lack sustain or clearing power early, need more ability to 'power-farm' and/or need a certain level to get their power spike, most often level 6 (Vi, Amumu, Hecarim, etc) Pantheon does not fall into this category of junglers since he has great early damage resistance in the jungle as well as a very potent early game.

Stalker's Blade : UNIQUE Passive: Chilling Smite: Smite can be cast on enemy champions, dealing 28-164 true damage and reducing their movement speed by 50% for 2 seconds.
The best of the two 'skirmishing' smites, or smites that you can use on enemies. Intensifies gank potency. To be taken on junglers based around taking advantage of a strong early game, and/ or have no reason to take Ranger's Trailblazer. By far the best choice for Pantheon, since the slow allows you to get into range for your more short range Aegis of Zeonia. Also great for dueling, and setting up picks for your team. 50% movement speed slow for 2 seconds is HUGE.

Poacher's Knife : UNIQUE Passive: Scavenging Smite: When you Smite and kill a large monster in the enemy jungle, the cooldown of Smite is halved, you gain +20 bonus gold, and you gain 175% increased Movement Speed decaying over 2 seconds.
This item is pretty much a worse version or Ranger's Trailbllazer. A severely flawed and telegraphed item. The main problem with this, aside from only benefiting you being in the enemy jungle, is that when enemies see you build this item, they will know your game plan instantly. A well coordinated enemy team will simply ward their jungle entrances and push you out or possibly kill you every time you go to take advantage of this item's passive. After being pushed out of the enemy jungle enough times not only will you not be able to collect the gold income from this item but you still won't have the clear power or sustain that Ranger's Trailblazer gives.

Skirmisher's Sabre : UNIQUE Passive: Challenging Smite: Smite can be cast on enemy champions, marking them for 6 seconds. While marked, you deal 60-162 (based on level) true damage over 3 seconds, have vision of them, and reduce their damage to you by 20%.
This, like Poacher's Knife, is basically a worse version of the Stalker's Blade. Obviously intended for counter-jungling and dueling. The DoT on this item isn't as good as most people think. At level 18, it's damage is 162 per proc, and can be proc'd twice for a total of 324 damage overall. Stalker's blade gives you 164, practically the same damage, but all in one burst. That isn't what makes Stalker's Blade better, though, since the damage is obviously less. In a counter jungle situation, the kind this item was intended for, you wouldn't be going to counter jungle simply because you have this item and you feel like it'll make you win a duel. You'd be playing Shaco, Lee Sin, Pantheon, or another champion that can beat nearly anyone in 1v1s early, and you'd still have kill potential with or without this item, which means that the enemy is going to start running away for their lives. Since the item doesn't provide a slow, you won't have chase potential and they're going to either stall for their team to come or simply run away and give you the objective you wanted to kill them over. The only truly useful bonus to this smite item is the damage resistance, which is insanely good versus a mage that intends to one shot you (Syndra, Fizz, Leblanc, etc) 20% less damage will get you out by the skin of your teeth more often than not, and cause enemies to waste cooldowns on you due to overestimation. Also has extreme synergy with exhaust.

Smite Item Conclusion :
In my humble opinion, the only two items worth buying are Ranger's Trailblazer and Stalker's Blade. These items are unflawed whereas the other two are. Not only that, but most things that the lesser items do these two 'tier 1' items can do much better.

Changes to Jungle camps and Addition of Skuttle Crabs :
Smiting each of the new jungle camps gives you certain buffs that can improve a jungler's quality of life greatly. Also, there is an entirely new 'buff' that grants vision and a speed shrine in front of dragon and baron pit.

Gift of Heavy Hands: Your first and every 6 attacks after stuns monsters and minions. Attacking a tower deals a true damage nuke and consumes Gift of Heavy Hands.
A pretty key buff for attack speed junglers. If it's your aim to farm until a certain spike (Most often level 6) this will keep you the healthiest of all the jungle buffs. However, not a good choice for clearing power if your champion has low attack speed or doesn't auto-attack much in the jungle (Fiddlesticks, Rammus, etc)

Red Buff: Smite bonus restores a large amount of missing health. When Slain, grants bonus Health Regeneration, a true damage over time tick, and a small slow on hit.
Red/blue buff have really awesome synergy with the Ranger's Trailblazer passive. With Ranger's Trailblazer, smiting Red buff will gives you 30% of your missing Health, which isn't something to joke at. A perfect time to smite your red would be at the 7 minute mark, if you can clear it and gain level 6 off of it. The huge heal it gives you will pretty much top you off unless you're below 40% hp and you can achieve a successful gank before backing.

Raptor Camp: Smite bonus: Razor Sharp, grants true sight upon being spotted by an enemy ward.
A really underrated smite buff. It's literally a red trinket every time you smite raptor camp, which is insanely good. That means with a pink ward, this buff, and your sweeping lens, you can have true sight of three areas. You can literally clear the entire side of river with this on you. However, since with Stalker's blade, you save smite for more potent ganks, you won't be using this strat much on Pantheon. I smite Raptors if I'm going to go back immediately because I can use the buff when I return for a gank and still have my smite up for a gank afterward.

Wolf Camp: Upon smiting, releases a ghoul that lingers in the Wolf-side half of your jungle. If an enemy enters that side of your jungle at all, the ghoul will detect them, run toward them, and grant you vision of the opponent
An okay buff if you are versus an enemy that is relentlessly countering your jungle. Since it doesn't help clear your jungle the way Gromps and Krugs do, as well as provide gank potency the way the Raptor camp does, most people don't use it. All in all, smiting wolves is very situational, and you should focus on smiting another buff if you have a 'clearing' smite.

Gromp Camp: Grants "Gift of the Toadstool," poisoning enemies who attack you with magic damage over time.
This smite is intended for tank junglers who have low attack speed to provide stronger, steady clear times. Basically, it's the same as the Krug buff, but different because of the champion pool it's intended for. Junglers like Nautilus, Rammus, and Zac smite this rather than Krug because they don't scale off attack speed the way Vi, Warwick, and the like do.

Blue Buff: Upon smiting, grants a large amount of your missing mana back. Upon slaying blue buff, grants increased Cooldown reduction and Mana Regeneration.
Smiting blue isn't quite as good as smiting Red. Since your jungle item gives you mana and hp regen while fighting monsters, you can simply clear with auto-attacks and let your mana pool charge up. However, on a jungler who is mana dependent, but takes low damage in the jungle, perhaps Maokai or Fiddlesticks, this could prove a viable option.

(NEW CAMP) Skuttle Crabs. Upon slaying, summons a shrine in front of baron and dragon, respectively. This shrine grants Vision of it's surrounding area, as well as a movement speed boost when walking through it.
A pretty underrated addition to League of Legends. When this objective is taken, it's impossible to sneak a dragon (I'm looking at you, Vi, Udyr, Fiddlesticks) And also provides you vision against river ganks. This can be your best friend or worst enemy as a jungler. When the enemy has this cleared, it's a ward you can't clear, which means you have to improvise a new gank path if river was the one you intended on. However, if your team takes the Skuttle Crab, Not only do you have key counter-gank providing vision, but you also have a pretty large movement speed buff in order to get you into position better for your gank. Also, when doing a dragon dance midgame (Constantly poking and clearing wards around dragon until one team backs off) You can completely put a stop on the game-changing action by clearing this. After clearing the Skuttle Crab and backing off, they can't repeatedly clear your wards, since the skuttle crab shrine is invincible, and you can go back to laning. If they try drake, you will have vision of it and can rotate for the fight, which will almost always turn out poorly for the team tanking dragon.

All non-objective camps respawn timers have been increased to 100 seconds.
All jungle camps health to damage ratios have been increased.
Hunters Machete no longer gives damage reduction, but gives you a small magic damage over time and health and mana regeneration.

Dragon no longer gives you gold, but provides small buffs every time the dragon is slain. Also deals 7% more damage and takes 7% less per every dragon buff the team fighting it has. (Up to a total of 35%)
--Gift of Dragonslayer 1: Grants global 6% bonus attack damage and ability power.
--Gift of Dragonslayer 2: Grants 15% bonus damage to turrets.
--Gift of Dragonslayer 3: Grants global 5% movement speed
--Gift of Dragonslayer 4: Grants 15% damage to all minions and monsters.
I really feel like I have to comment on dragon four, since it's definitely the most key aside from the overpowered part five. This buff grants your entire team better waveclear for minions, which in turn grants you siege defense. It also helps junglers clear their camps much faster. You can even do 15% increased damage to Baron Nashor, which is insanely strong. Definitely the most strong of the four first dragon buffs.
--Gift of Dragonslayer 5: Doubles all previous buffs, and gives all allied champions true damage on hit (Based on level, ends up being a LOT) True damage only lasts temporarily.

Baron Nashor Buff: Still gives bonus attack damage and ability power, no longer grants improved health regeneration. Instead, grants 'Baron-improved minions' which greatly increases damage reduction to minions, makes them deal more damage, and also turns the wagon minion into a turret shredder (Or as close as a minion can get), as well as grants 'Baron-improved Recall' which makes your backing go down from 8 seconds to 4 seconds.

I'm sure we've all seen baron buff in action in a game and know how strong it is. It makes minions practically invulnerable to damage, which makes mages unable to waveclear, as well as makes the wagon do 250% damage to turrets, and greatly increase it's range. It also grants improved recall, which can get teams out of severely dangerous situations.

Conclusion to jungle monster changes:
The season 5 jungle gives greatly increased diversity and more potent choices to a jungler in all areas. As a jungler running Stalker's Blade, save smite for ganks, except for when you are about to recall. For a jungler running Ranger's Trailblazer, what camp to smite is now very situational. All of the camps except for wolf camp are viable options to smite in most cases.
When clearing your first buff, clear half of your jungle and the surrounding Skuttle Crab camp(I.e. Gromp>blue>Crab>Wolves) And then return to base so that you can buy your smite item immediately. Regardless of which item you buy, you want it as soon as possible, as they all give 20 extra gold upon killing a large monster.

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Early Game (1-5)

This is probably Pantheon's strongest area in the game. I'd say that though he doesn't have the fastest 1-3 clear, he probably has the healthiest. After you are level 2, simply get your passive to three stacks, and stun the monster directly afterward. This will give you a stacked passive block as well as have another queued, making you block two hits in a row. Practicing this mechanic gives you extremely healthy clears, and having more hp makes your ganks more potent. In my opinion, after the 4.20 patch, you should clear one half of your jungle, and base for your smite item. For example, if you started blue side, you would kill Gromp>Blue>Wolves and then base, get your chilling smite, and then go straight for red. This not only gives you your chilling smite for your first gank which can sometimes be the difference in a kill, it also makes you nearly full hp after killing your red buff. Always look at your map, and time EVERY flash that is burned. This will be the difference of a kill and a failed gank. Typically, if no flashes are burned, and I didn't accomplish anything while I had red buff, I will try and get 6 as quickly as possible in order to give my team an advantage with my global pressure.

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Mid Game (6-12)

After you get ultimate, it's on your shoulders to make use of it. Typically, in this phase of the game, I simply watch my map as I said and time all flashes. If an enemy can't flash out of your ult and you place it well they are pretty dead, which can lead into objectives, or towers. At this point, we should be getting our brutalizer and Warrior enchantment, and take every blue unless our mage is very fed. The reasoning behind this is that we want as much cdr as humanly possible in order to get as many ulti ganks off as we can. This phase of the game is based around utilizing your ult well, so this is where I decided to discuss the best ways to use it. The most viable ways to ult in my opinion are A) Asking your ally to push the minion wave in HARD to the enemy turret, and tower diving with it, and B) Setting up perfect counter ganks. The map pressure the ult puts out is insane. If you ult in the correct spot your enemies will never know you are coming, and if you place it well, they will never have a chance of getting out of it. The only time I would ult outside of a turret dive is if it is botlane, and the enemies are pushed deep into your allied turret, in which case you would ult slightly behind them, pinching them into your turret. This ult is also a perfect last resort for engaging on the enemy team trying to take dragon while you are outnumbered. Even if it is a 3v4, this ultimate will turn the tide in an objective fight. Always remember to prioritize ulting the lanes in which flashes are burned and following the enemy jungler around if you can win a 2v2. Wards win games.

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Late game/Teamfight phase

This is where pantheon starts to fall off a bit damage wise. You can no longer one shot carries and you can't faceroll towerdive turrets like we discussed. His ult is much harder when you have to aim it to engage rather than simply gank with it. You can't 1v1 bruisers who are designed to scale into late, but can still pull off zoning a marksman or killing a mage given the chance. However, if that makes you think Pantheon is bad lategame, you are dead wrong. Pantheon has one of the most cost efficient builds into the game, making YOUR lategame come sooner than your enemies most often, giving you the highest spike earliest. In this phase your ult may be hard to aim, but once you master using it, it's one of the most surefire engages in the game. In this phase of the game you should be buying pinks until all of your slots are full, and red trinket everything. This, of course, sets up your team for picks, which is all Pantheon is useful for late aside from his great engage. After your engage, if it is well placed and you have allies around, you should begin to zone the marksman or mage with your intense damage. Typically, unless the enemies are very behind, you wouldn't go in on your target instantly, for fear of getting focused down HARD by 4-5 opponents. Instead, you would take advantage of the slow your ult provides, Wait a second or two for your allies to catch up, only throwing spears and autos for the time being, and then using your W spell to catch the priority target out. Done correctly, if not facing a wukong, you can set up a teamfight perfectly after you have bought Banshee's Veil. You can also simply use your ult to zone enemies off their turret if need be for more objective gold.

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Like I said, this is my first guide, and I really hope anyone who reads it, even if it's only one person, learned something :) I am currently taking my 80% winrate Pantheon and getting to diamond as quickly as I can so that people will take a guide like this more seriously. I know most people hate big walls of text, but if you came here to learn, and took the time to read up, I really hope I could get my message across correctly :) Since this is my first guide, and I'm still learning, leave a comment below and tell me what I could have done better and what you liked. If you liked the guide and want more, simply comment and give me the name of a jungler and I will have another guide as in depth as this made within a week :) I intend on uploading footage very soon. If you have any questions, pm or comment. Thanks so much to anyone who read my guide. Good luck on the rift~