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Lux Build Guide by Tylud

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tylud

Mid - Strong AP

Tylud Last updated on August 6, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, this is my first guide, so bare with me! I was waiting to see on what champ i would make a guide about, and finally decided to make it for Lux, because in my opinion she is one of the best mid champs in the game. But also, because... LAZZORS.

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What i believe is key to win mid lane, apart from good CS, is having a stronger burst than your opponent. Lets say you're playing against some one like Veigar, you will need to kill him before he bursts you down, so you need to jump before into the fight and kill him before he has a chance to burst you, there fore a good combination of Q + W + R and good AP will burst any mid enemy down quickly.

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As mentioned before, you should focus on bursting down your enemy down, thats why i chose to take Magic Pen and Mana regen Marks and Seals. Then straight forwards AP for glyphs, and finally CDR and 1 ap quint. CDR quints with your CDR items in game, will provide a faster use for your ULT, making it drop its cool down to a point where you can clear minion waves late game with out worrying about wasting it for a team fight.

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Pros / Cons

-Great early game and late game
-Good harasser early game
-Her CC is deadly combined with ult
-Versatile, can be supp or mid
-Really fun to play! (if you can hit skillshots)

-Hard to master, due to dependency on skill shots
-Big time mana user
-Doesnt have great escape abilities (apart from a cc)

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Team Work

Lux is a great team worker, even if not played as a support. Why? 1st because she has an AOE shield, which can be used to heal the entire team. Then, good initiated if played correctly. If you hit your stun on an enemy ADC, you've done more than what you needed to do for the team! You leave the enemy ADC vulnerable for a quick burst from the team and then an 'easy' ace for your team.
By having the ult with such a low CD, she can easily use it at the very beginning of a team fight and then at the end of a team fight to pick up some kills.

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I believe Flash is fundamental in any mid champion in order to have some escape uses and if used properly, it can position you into a great burst kill.

Clarity, Why Clarity? Well, i feel that harassing your enemy in mid lane can help you get higher CS than them, and if enemy doesnt play it right, open space for your jungler to gank mid. So since Lux is so spell dependent you can harass more with your 'E' and not worry that much about your Mana.

Ignite, off course is a good option, it can be perfect to finish of a kill, or used at the beginning of your combo since sometimes you leave the enemy with 10-25 hp left which can be done by the ignite at the beginning.

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Unique Skills

Her ult,Final Spark simply amazing... It can be great for many things, including, taking kills that are behind the turret, stealing enemy blue, stealing dragon, and even stealing Baron.
You need to learn to time it properly, and if done so, you can do massive harm to your enemy team.

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Thanks for reading, i would love to listen to any of your feedback to know what you think about it! Remember, this is my first guide, so bare with me! Have a good one..