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Annie Build Guide by fallingout2008

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League of Legends Build Guide Author fallingout2008

Mini Annie guide All you need to know in 10 min max

fallingout2008 Last updated on February 8, 2015
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Annie Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

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So this is my first guide, so if there are any issues or lack of creativity, i blame my own stupidity . Feel free to blame my stupidity as well. <(^^,)> But if you can, please leave feedback. In this guide I will hopefully give you the info you need to get out of bronze elo, or just improve your Annie game. Yeah yeah yeah I know you looked me up and I'm bronze too. well. this is true so I wont fight that. Be that as it may, I feel very confident in my Annie play style. So take it or leave it. Here is the topics ill be hitting.
    Pros / Cons
    Summoner Spells
    Champion Abilities
    Game play
    Change Log

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Pros / Cons


Has crazy lane sustain- Annie's Disintegrate cost 60 mana at lvl 1. however, killing a unit, be it champ or minion will return ALL of the mana. This gives her the ability to not only farm very efficiently, but after 4 spells, your stun animation comes up and will be a very strong deterrent to the other laner, making them loose farm as they try to stay out of range.

Has high team fight potential with Tibbers AOE stun- drop Tibbers on the enemy teams heads and its a game changer if Pyromania is up. Aka stun.

Easy champ to pick up- Anyone can pick up Annie and play relatively well. Of course it takes time to master her, but you can get there fast.

Squishy as all get out- If Annie gets focused, it can end quick. Hour Glass can help, but you will want to come in to a team fight like an assassin. When your team is all in, come in from the back ranks and Tibber stun them all, followed with your rotation which I explain later in this guide.

Easy lane to gank against- As Annie is very squishy, and also has no real escape plan besides stun everyone and run like crazy, she is subject to get ganked... A lot. If you're winning lane, a ton. You will get focused in almost every fight if the other team is smart. so try and keep at least one side warded and stay on that side and WATCH YOUR WARD. I have a habit of warding and not looking at it, so keep an eye on it.

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Summener Spells

Flash/Ignite. I'd take that every time. At lvl 6 if your opponent is full health, a Tibbers stun Q,and W combo wombo plus Ignite and a few autos should kill them. If not, they will leave lane for sure. so farm up yourself.

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Champion Abilities

Pyromania (Passive): Pyromania is Annie's passive. Whenever Annie casts an ability she will gain a stack. At 4 stacks there will be a swirling white/gray animation, indicating that her next offensive ability will stun it's target for a few seconds. This passive is what makes Annie strong and viable.

Disintegrate (Q): Disintegrate is Annie's main farming tool. It refunds mana if it deals a killing blow making it an efficient farm and mana sustain. Due to recent Annie buffs, it now has a cool down reduction mechanic if it scores a killing blow (in addition to it previously refunding its mana cost). The buff to the CD time makes farming under turret a cake walk. It may take time to get the hang of, but its easy. i recommend casting this as a follow up on Tibbers stun or a stun to get away from ganks. i like to not waste mana on harassing with it. but that's just me.

Incinerate (W): Incinerate is a AoE cone shaped fire exposition.. It has almost the same range as Disintegrate, allowing for easy follow up on you're stun. Late game, casting this on large minion waves is a way to rack up gold like you are at a casino and hit the jackpot on the slots.

Molten Shield (E): Molten Shield is Annie's defensive ability. It gives her a buff in armor and magic resist. If attacked by an auto attack, the attacker will be hit with magic damage.This ability can also be used to charge up a stun.

Tibbers (R): Summon: Tibbers is your ult that basically kills everything it touches if you have your stun up. Tibbers will summon dealing a heavy burst of magic damage in an area, have a burning aura, and attack foes for magic damage. This ult is an easy way to get a kill a 6 fast. combo with everything, shaken not stirred.

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So I don't know how to make the items show when you mouse over them, (sorry) but ill figure it out. For now ill just explain in words.

Start of course with your ring and two health pots and sight ward trink. The ring will give you a good early boost of damage.

You should rush Morellonomicon due to the cd perks. It makes Tibbers come out and play more and hey, we don't want our bear lonely. After that grab your boots. Then, Hourglass. It is pricy, but you should be ahead in farm most likely, so just keep farming up. Worth the wait. She is squishy and needs this item to live in team fights due to her being bullied and focused.

Deathcap and Void Staff are both amazing items. They will decimate all. The perks from these items makes them a need not a want.

Chrystal scepter is a very strong item. giving you a big health boost as well as ap boost. Well worth getting.

Home Guards last and don't forget that elixir

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Game play

If you want to get out of bronze, or just improve your game play, i have a tip. Farm is important. VERY IMPORTANT. So, that said. farm. you're Q is designed to farm. So early game is easy.

kill minions with Q. If you can last hit with q every time. if your stun is up, do it anyway. farming is the most important thing early-game.

harass with your auto-attack. it has a good range and hurts for a decent amount. This sets you up nicely at lvl 6 to get an easy kill.

OK so you are 6. YAY!!!! Hopefully you have burned the other mid laner down. so get 3 stacks on your passive, wait for them to approach like an idiot, cast your E shield and drop Tibbers on them. once they are stunned cast your W and then Q. Ignite them after and they are down for the count. GENERAL TIP. After you get a kill in lane, assuming you have the health, push the lane to tower. the other laner will miss farm and xp. so go to base or stay and farm. it's your choice. but be ready they will have items when they get back so if you stay be ready. anytime Tibbers is up should be a kill 1v1 with most squishy midlaners.

Team fights are where people tend to start getting frustrated with Annie. So here's my tip. stay out of the front of the fight... its easy to get caught up and go all in. but it isn't smart. so come in after everyone, Tibbers stun or stun with W, that way the whole team is stunned and your team can clean house.


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I hope you got something from this guide. Its not fancy, but it has i hope, helped you. let me know! Annie is a great choice. She is very underestimated. Id recommend not banning kat, Yasuo, Akali, fizz, or any assassin for that matter. Annie can eat them all as her stun will make them useless. On Yasuo tho, watch for wind wall. Id recommend using Tibbbs stun and then blowing him up on the other side of the wall if he gets it up in time.

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Change Log

Nothing to report yet.