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Master Yi Build Guide by MiracleKeeper

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MiracleKeeper

Miracle's AD Master Yi Guide

MiracleKeeper Last updated on October 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Some basic introduction about Master Yi.

Master Yi is often played as an Attack Damager (AD) or an Ability Power user (AP).
Master Yi is not good at either support or tank, due to the fact that he's build is more towards the damage side.

As for this guide, I'm going to tell you the ways to play Master Yi.
As you play further, you can always customize my build or anything you love. But what i find, this build is really good.
You can vote it, like it, hate it, or whatsoever about this guide.
But of course, I'm going to tell you how it's being played for a AD Master Yi.
Hope you enjoy it.

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Runes and Masteries wise, Its UP TO YOU!! I personally find these Runes and Masteries are better.

Hence, i'll move on to the item purchasing sequence.
Why i chose Doran Blade 1st? This is because it gives a good mix of health, 3% lifesteal and some damage. With that, you are able to lane better and at the same time, ability to First Blood more, due to high health advantage.

Next up is Boots, obviously!!! Master Yi can't survive without a freaking boots. Imagine if you want to chase people, but you just don't have enough speed. Dumb ain't it? LOL!!

After laning for awhile, try to get a Vampiric Scepter first. This is because, while laning or killing hero, you are able to gain more lifesteal from your Doran Blade and the Vampiric Scepter. With your ultimate, you are even able to hit faster, meaning more lifestea,.

After killing a few hero and quite a good number of Creeping Score (CS), Zeal might come in handy when chasing.

Since now you have both speed and attack speed, now it's time to build up more on the damage side. This might be tough but, the best is to get a B.F. Sword immediately. Try going to jungle more often instead of creeping. This avoids you getting gank and wasting time to heal.

After which, get your Phantom Dancer out. This is to chase the **** out of that person.

Followed by Infinite Edge, to give you awesome critical damage. Combo together with Phantom Dancer's high chance of critical.

Next up is Black Cleaver, giving you full 3 stacks of desolation when you are constantly damaging the person, give you the ability to kill the person faster.

Next item would be Blood Thirster, give you the ability to sustain other people's damage while sucking it from their own fellow people.

Last but not least, sell away your Doran's Blade and get a Frozen Mallet. Give you additional health and ability to slow the enemy, giving you chance to chase up with him/her.

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Skill Sequence

Skill Sequence is quite crucial for Master Yi. Personally, i find that Master Yi should take advantage of his high *** damage in the first game.

Level 1- Wuju Style:
Why? With the purchase of Doran Blade, you should be getting about 75 AD. But with Wuju Style, you would have 89 AD at the START of the game. Upon activation, you would amount to get 102 AD!!!! That's exactly why Master Yi must take advantage of this high damage. Not only that, with its low cost mana, you are able to use this skill to farm creeps also. Giving you more chance to last hit them.

Maxing Wuju Style first is important, with the help of your attack speed, your skills gives the damage. Meaning? It's balanced even without your core damage items. With that, getting First Blood is no problem.

Next skill to max would definitely be Alpha Strike. Why? Imagine leaping to your opponent and having 1/4 of his health to drop instantly. This gives you a easy chance to kill your opponent as soon as possible.

Leave Mediate to the last to max. But leave 1 SP of mediate at Level 3. This is to help you prevent yourself getting killed by ignite. This also helps you to sustain at tower if there were people to dive at you while you are at low hp. As a trick and another way to kill people.

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Let me summarize everything for you guys.
This guide that i've just showed you, is very useful, IF YOU ARE ABLE TO FARM WELL. I won't say extremely well, but averagely well.
I hope you guys love this guide.
I'm MiracleKeeper from Garena's LoL.
I'll be posting more guides under Miracle's
Hope you enjoy them and don't forget to vote.
See you at the battlefield. :))