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Miss Fortune (3v3 solo)

Miss Fortune (3v3 solo)

Updated on May 15, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author 1Lee1 Build Guide By 1Lee1 25,263 Views 18 Comments
25,263 Views 18 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author 1Lee1 Build Guide By 1Lee1 Updated on May 15, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Miss 3v3 intro


This may, or may not work for everyone, but in 90% its works for me.
Hhis is my first Guide enjoy - I will enjoy Feedback.

I publich this by an aksedent its not done yet. so please dont be mean - im still working on the detals.

REMEMBER Just becaus a guid/build is high rates dosent it means its work everytime.

INFO: do not only play after a Build! make sure you build after how the match turn out.

About this build: i build miss to be a solo 3v3 player, becaus the high attack and super skills


This are the abilities who are follow with Miss F.
Under here i will explane them, and tell them what they are good for and how/what i use them for. ( mouse over to read)

no. 2 bullet will hit harder than the first. If the enemy isent in range then hit a minion and its will go through to the enemy.

is the second abilitet. This will speed up your attack speed, and slow down your enemy hp reg. Ill use it when im attacking turrents. And in some situations vs an enemy.

the more points you put in this the more its slows enemy's down. I most use this to Farm Minions.

this is the last abilitet. and the most powerfull, but also a weakness for Miss F While using it she cant move untill she is done. if she move the attack will stop. Do only use this abilitie when enemy is under half hp. or to Dubble kill.


Combi abilities

Using E + R making your ulti harder to escape for your enemy. Like this:

video comming soon
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How To use this build? (3v3)

How to use?

1st step; Try to get first kill (to get gold)
how? start buy before game start (under life steal) that gives you a little bonus !

All of your team hurry down and try to get the single hide spot on the down field!
then you will notice your Q skill is werry usefull. ( try to save ur heal )

2nd step: When minions come hurry up solo at the top field and eat minions
dont wayst to much mana becaus she easy run out of it the 4 first lvls ( use only mana to fight )

the rest comes as the game goes


Use heal for more hp when you about to die

Use flash to jump over walls to escape when you about to die

The works an a extra eye for 3 min at the time clik at it and then where you wanna put it showes where minions and heros are in a arier

Use minions as shield

Talk with ur teammates when problems

Try not to die, dont rush into battle

( your speed goes up every 7 sec you dont take combat dammage)

Use ur ulti to dubbel kill

Dont start a combat by using your ulti. save it to they have under half hp.

You may seems weak in the first but in the end you will get around 20% dodge ( does that the hit miss)

Really fast runner
High armor pen ( does that a part of your hit goes trough the amor)

High life steal takes a % of ur hit and give you that life
get over 300 attack dammage

Dont does ladys mad when they have guns

Imm 1Lee1 feel free to add me if questions (:
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Main items.

Main Items impordent
This boots is impordent for this build. that give you the high amont dodge. if you want more Dodge, go for an extra par, but remember to sell em again so make space for good items. ( maximum dodge is 30%) (almost 1/3)

Mana Problems?
Miss F have some problems with the mana its isent a big problem for me becaus after a combat i always recall to fill hp and mana, and count on my team mates, but if you having problems with
mana reg. i recoment this item Philosopher's Stone
Its cheep. give good mana reg and hp reg.
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Items builder for diffrint teams. (3v3)

If you are in a normal game i just would pick this normal guide. But i had been in a few cases where i needet to build diffrint like this:

When im in a 3v3 vs only tanks i would bould like this:
And from there just whatever fit the match best.

Whem im playing against people who can go in stealth. i play after this i always have whit item on me ( from lvl 4 and up) (Teemo from lvl 6 and up also show mashrooms)
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fact about Miss.

Here is some fact who might can help you,

Every 7 sec she dosent take combat dammage she get more movement speed.

Whenever Miss need to use her ulti, she need to stop move untill she is done using it. If she move the attack will end.

Miss aint good in huge fights. so stand a few steps away and try to help by slowing the others and use your ulti to take hp from them.
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Escape options ( all over the map) (3v3)

Here you will se some diffrints escapes options by using flash in hard sitaution

How to wall jump? :
When you wanna wall jump just get close to a wall, and use flash ( click at the other site at the wall )as showing below.

video comming soon

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Teamwork goes bothe way. (3v3)

When You notic a player are hidding down to your allie's then type SS (name on enemy or how many) and then dot where you think they comming from ( on the mini map) that takes a part of the ganking moment away from the other team. then your allies know if they shall run or are strong enoug.

try to get this picture in your head : You standign close to enamy turrent, and your getting ganked and dont have enoug hp to get behind turrent, what to do ? :

You use the jungle to try to get close to your allies then mark your position, to tell them you are comming and need help then they oft can help you off.

Always keep an eye on the mini map. If you are in truble that will tell you if your allies are comming to help you if not, then make it clear that you need help by mark your position on the mini map by press ALT and clik on the ground while running.

commonikation: always talk with your team, plan the next move together, tell them if your are in truble, help them when they are, tell them when you recall. when you are comming back. ect.

video comming soon

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Playing against tips

Tips playing against all : always keep your hp and mana high! rather lose a kill than gamble with your own hp.

Akali: Can still be hittet by your bullet rain shile she is hiding in twilight shroud.

Alistar: if you are 1v1 vs him and going for a Turrent then get a few step back when theres only 2 minions left- his headbutt trows you near tower is he do it correkt

Amumu: When Amumu use bandage tross at you try to run up or down. if it catch you Amumu will be forced into you dont try to run just use your E skill to slow him down and fire up with Q skill or Ulti, he is an melee ( not shoting ) so that gives you an bonus while he is close to you when he try to escape. but always try to be a few steps away from him in combats so he cant hit you.

Anivia: When she is in the egg then keep kit her if you dont she dosent die.- the farther away you stand from her the more chance you dodge her flash frost

Ashe: Ashe is bad in defensive, that make her a good option for ganking, and in team fight always try to kill her first. playing against Ashe i would also pick untill i was up in the lvl

Teemo: When you plaing against teemo, i always after lvl 6 have a with me, that gives me vision, then i can tell where mashrooms hides, and where teemo try to hide( does only work neer you) - i also always slows him down before combat with my E skill. Does teemo posion you and you have under 1/4 life then just run unless you need 1-2 shoot to kill him,

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