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Miss Fortune ADC Snowball Build [Fast LP + Quick Video!]

DayLoading Last updated on November 5, 2016
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I have released a video which is short, straight to the point, but more importantly informative about the paths and order which I have chosen! Check it out, Like and Subscribe to my channel and if this makes enough noise I'll make a guide for every champion! But only if you share and subscribe! Have fun guys

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Introduction! What to expect and what this is about?

This is a build I have created. This is a snowball guide which will make you incredibly strong and self sufficient from lane to mid, which is more than enough time to win your games. However you should not pick this build if you're against Junglers such as 'Zac' or 'Sejuani', Jungler who can gank easy as this guild requires you to be act very aggressive early which makes you vulnerable to ganks from these mobile junglers.

Now this build is strange, but this is perfect for snowballing early and carrying yourself to diamond. It took my smurf from platinum 5 to platinum 2 in 15 games, all victories + a nice win-rate along with it. I guarantee you if you follow this build and advice - YOU WILL RANK UP.

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Why pick MF?

The Strengths of Miss Fortune:

1. Her Mobility

Her [W: Strut] is one of my favorite W's in the game, it's what makes her a force to be reckoned with, this is because when her W is active it grants movement speed when she is not attacked which makes her able to travel around the map, to team fights and her roams so powerful, combine this with Cloud drake, berserker greaves, Youmuu's Ghostblade and she is ridiculously fast and agile. With this skill you can weave your wave out of fights to reposition and dodge skillshots in order to impress a few folks.

2. Her Q and passive

Her Q is so powerful, it's what makes her such a snowbally champion. For those who don't know, when her Q kills a target it recoils and does 50% increased damage onto the next target. Now in lane that is a massive poke, it's what secures kills and surprises the enemy adc or support when she suddenly die in lane. It gets the ball rolling by winning lane and snowballing another. Her Passive is powerful too, when she attacks a new target she does increased damage by 0.5 - 1, meaning that a good MF will constantly switch targets to maximize her damage output.

3. High AoE

She is now the queen of AoE Adcs, pop your E slow the enemies down and watch from behind a ledge as your ult absolutely destroys the enemy team. Her ult is so beautiful, it reaches far and it's so much fun to hear her psychopathic laugh.

4. She's fun to play and rarely banned.

Every Adc plays the same now-days, a cute dash with poke, I used to love Lucian for being so unique but it didn't take long for riot to nerf him and make him like every other adc. Now that MF is strong again, she's so much fun to play. Mechanically I'd say she's the most fun to play and greatest, there's no champion like MF. I love playing her and I reckon most of you would say the same.

The Weaknesses of Miss Fortune:

1. Very easy to cancel Ult

It's very hard to master the usage of her ultimates manly because it takes a simple left click to cancel. Once you move after ulting - that's it, canceled. Now if you do this, you'll be laughed at, as I have a few times whilst learning MF. It can be very hard not to move when you have an enemy team rushing at you. Especially if Lee sin ward jumps across the wall to wish you a merry christmas if you know what I mean.

2. No Gap Closer

Unlike most ADC she's at a natural disadvantage because of her lack of gap closer, however her [W] more than makes up for this luckily by giving her mobility, however against strong champions with massive gap closers like Zac, you're pretty much screwed if you mess up.

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Basics! Runes and Masteries.

The runes I got for are typical with the exception of your average Quintessences.

9x AD red
A must take for all marksmen, this is just a preference for my guide but a requirement because you need damage as an ADC and if you lack these AD marks then you're at a significant disadvantage.

9x Armour Yellow
This is so you can take hits and not be a glass cannon. In lane espically you're against two players, so they'll be constantly attacking you so you need to be able to stand your own, without these you'll find yourself getting chunked down after every auto attack. Again, this is a must take.

9x MR Blue
Typically a support has high Magic damage and taking these runes will protect you against their damage, in addition Mid laners are typically high magic damage dealers so you need these to survive certain encounters. The reason you take these over scaling MR blues is because you want to be able to survive in lane against enemy supports which deal decent Magic Damage.

3x AD Quints
This is a snowball guide, and how do you snowball you may ask? High attack damage, this build is all about maximizing your damage output so instead of taking Attack Speed or Movement speed, these runes give you incredible early damage.

I run 18 in ferocity and 12 in cunning and whilst that's nothing unusual, where I like to differ is going for 'Bandit' and 'Assassin' which most people will think is very strange, but I find bandit is far more useful especially because you're going to be poking your enemy in lane a-lot meaning more gold and that's especially important because MF is a item-hungry champion unlike most ADCs, so the more gold > more items > stronger you are and better positioned to snowball.

For assassin the reason I take it is because I don't rely on anybody to help me win a game, that doesn't mean I don't team up or act as a team-member, of course not, it's just do not expect to be carried or have a support who'll life save you whenever you make a mistake. You must learn to play for yourself and become a carry. So assassin is great when your support roams or you mess up, you'll be able to stand your ground and even get a kill or two. Or a penta verses 5 which happened to me solo.

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Love tap [Passive]
Description: Whenever Miss Fortune basic attacks a new target, she deals 0.5-1.0 times her attack (at levels 1-18) bonus damage. Love Tap deals 50% damage to minions.#

During lane is this so beautiful, it's what makes her laning so strong combined with her Q, with this you'll want to keep switching poke from support to Adc to maximise damage output.

ACTIVE: Miss Fortune fires a shot at a target unit, which then bounces to hit another unit behind it, dealing physical damage to the first target and increased physical damage to the second, applying on-hit effects to both.

Double Up's second shot prioritizes units directly behind the primary target, especially enemy champions marked by Love Tap.png Love Tap prior to the ability being cast. If the first target is killed, the second hit will deal 50% increased damage.

Her bread and butter, with this you'll do incredible poke and this is what you want to do in order to snowball, just poke with your Q and watch the enemy bot lane run in fear! Max this first! This lets you win lane if you manage to pull it off perfectly.
PASSIVE: Miss Fortune gains 25 bonus movement speed if she has not taken damage in the last 5 seconds, excluding damage over time. This bonus is increased to a greater amount after another 5 seconds.

ACTIVE: Miss Fortune gains bonus attack speed for 4 seconds and brings Strut's passive effect to full power.

Marking a new target with Love Tap.png Love Tap reduces Strut's cooldown by 2 - 1.1 (based on Cooldown Reduction) seconds.

One of the best W's I've ever seen, it's my favorite aspect of MF and what makes her such a beast! Max this after Q.
ACTIVE: Miss Fortune rains down hundreds of bullets onto the target area for 2 seconds, Slow icon slowing and dealing magic damage every 0.25 seconds to units within the area.

Max last because it's only use is the slow, still a useful skill.
ACTIVE: Miss Fortune channels for 3 seconds, firing several waves of bullets over the duration, each dealing 75% AD (+ 20% AP) physical damage.

Each wave can Critical strike icon critically strike, dealing 20% × (1 + bonus critical damage) bonus damage.

Perfect Ult, hard to master its usage as it's easily canceled and hard to establish a great point to use it. Takes practice not to move when you ult and you must think ahead in teamfights, try to establish a great point in order to maximize it's effectiveness.

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At the start you want to go typical, Doran's blade, health potion and warding totem.

Now at first back people tend to buy a B.F sword, that's ridiculous, what you're doing there is wasting MF's opportunity and snowball time. MF is ridiculously strong in lane and to snowball you must utilize her Q and passive in order to gain an advantage as soon as possible. So what you do is back early and rush a Caulfield's Warhammer for CD and decent damage. Then after that rush longswords until you're able to buy a Youmuu's Ghostblade. Why rush this? Simple, because it's a snowball item and you're trying to build as much damage on MF as possible in the shortest amount of time in order to just destroy the enemy botlane. Also Youmuu's Ghostblade is perfect due to the CDR, speed active and AD.

After this rush Duskbladde of Draktharr, you do this because it has tons of AD and an incredibly powerful passive which fits perfectly with her ult.

Then you pick up boots [Yes lvl: 1] this is because you need to maximize your damage output as soon as possible and every 100g counts, her W and Youmuu's is more than enough for mid-game, you're already faster than most just with level one boots.

Then rush Guardian Angel. Stick with the mentality that everybody is out to kill you and nobody can protect you - this is SoloQ and you must think like this in order to carry.

Then you rush Black Cleaver and finally finish Berserker greaves.

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How do you win games?

To win games in SoloQ, you MUST take early and snowball into a victory and I'm going to teach you how to do that...

First of all you need to adopt the mindset that:

Your enemy team only wants to kill you and your team will not help you in anyway possible!

You must be self-reliant, DO NOT RELY ON YOUR TEAMMATES OR SUPPORT IN SOLOQ, they'll let you down. Believe me, now don't get the wrong message from me. I'm not saying to not be a team member - of course I'm not saying that. This is a team game you're supposed to be a team player.

I'm just saying, do not expect anybody to help you or save your behind when you make a mistake. You must play for yourself and carry yourself. You must be the carry and to do this you must be a force to reckon with - build high damage! You must also be the person to force objectives, instruct your team what to do and most importantly, never leave your team alone, because people do silly things in SoloQ, you must follow your team everywhere so you help them avoid these moves and also prevent the enemy team from capitalizing on your enemy. Because if you're a big enough threat, the enemy team will never engage on you. And fear is everything.

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Now Ferret, just get to the point!: how do I win games?!

Okay, you win games by winning early. Now firstly before you even build you must take a look at the enemy team, check what type of champions they got, mostly take a look at the Support and Jungler.

Why the Support and Jungler in particular?:

Well because, Support is typically what wins lanes, this is mostly true in Diamond Elo. There is a popular misconception that support players are one of the weakest roles and least impactful to which I say... that's ridiculous. Supports are incredibly useful and a good support player is what usually wins the bot lane. Now depending on the enemy support you're going to need to adjust the build.


Janna: She is very strong and is perfect when laned with MF due to her speed buff, her damage and shield. But typically it's very easy to win lane when you're laning against her, what you should is just focus her, she has low HP and stats at the start and is easy to burst down.

Nami: One of the strongest supports as of patch 6.20, she's ridiculously strong and surprisingly tanky. You have to play careful against her because of her fantastic heal and she is able to CC you hard early with her Aqua prison.

Bard: Easy to burst down early, he does decent damage but his CC is hard to land so should be easy to defeat in low elo games where Bard player's skill is low.

Thresh: Pretty tanky, strong CC. He'll be a huge playmaker if your against mobile junglers, this is because of his lantern and flay combo, he can easily set up beautiful ganks on you so must respect him.

Zilean: Ridiculously easy to kill early, has strong CC and damage but easy matchup for MF due to her [W] speed buff. One successful [Q] from you and practically 80% of his health is gone.

Sona: Very hard lane due to her speed, heal and poke, but when she's low mana she is easy to burst down. Still respect her due to her poke potential.

Soraka: Easy to kill, an [E] into a [Q] and [W] for auto attack speed and she'll practically dead. Always focus her when fighting due to her strong heals. If your focus is bad, she turns into a nightmare in lane as she's able to negate most of the damage you do onto the enemy ADC due to her kit.

Now... about junglers, champions like Zac, Amumu, lee-sin are very strong against MF, manly because of their mobility. Zac is especially dangerous because once he jumps on you, that's a flash you must burn and if you don't have flash... you're dead. THis is why you should ban Zac, because it's a hard counter against your snowball and carry potential. All he has to do is Camp your lane and you're snowball potential has faded - and since his mobility is crazy high, you won't even be able to have constant vision on him.

Against champions like Amumu or Lee sin, they require good skill to fully maximize their potential, this is why it's find to build snowbally against these champions in lower elo due to the skill cap being very low. But you must always respect them.

First Stage of how to Win Games as MF:

You must win lane and snowball, now winning lane as a MF is quite easy, nobody deals damage like MF does, this is why you need to rush longswords and utilize her early damage. Most people build B.F sword on her. I think this is a terrible idea because it takes time to farm for a B.F and you're wasting that precious time. Most games are won in the early game, most low ranking people think you win it later - that's wrong. You win early = win game. This is due to the snowball effect which I'll explain shortly.

So to recap, you HAVE to go aggressive in lane. Go with the mindset that you only have 10 minutes to get as many kills as possible, which means you MUST take risks and you cannot be a coward. You must take that advtanage of MF's damage and carry it to the stars! You have to poke with your [Q], follow up with your [E] and finish them off with your [W]. Once you get a kill, you're in the position to win the game due to the snowball effect...

What is a Snowball?

What is a snowball you may ask? It's a clump of white snow that's been rolled into a ball. How is this relevant to League of Legends? Well, what happens when you roll a snowball down a hill?

It gets bigger and bigger until you send the people at the bottom of the hill running like they're Indiana Jones.

And like the snowball you must take an advantage from your lane and roll it into an unstoppable boulder. How do you do this you may ask?

Well there's three ways:

This is an objective game, not a deathmatch. If you're able to apply pressure on your lane by getting an early tower, you'll be able to open up your team to a wide array of tactical movements and plays, if you win lane and get your tower... the enemy bot lane will be forced into pushing a huge wave to your tower. In this time you can do such moves...

You can take another tower like Mid or Top, Dragon or even invade the enemy jungle camps and steal gold and farm from the jungler - shutting not only bot lane down but another player. This does wonders against the enemy mindset and once they get the image of you being a Force to be reckoned with, that's when the enemy has lost. But in addition to this, taking first tower provides you with 400G, it's called First Blood Tower and you'll need this if you want to continue your snowball.

You'll also attract the attention of the enemy jungler which is massive, it can open up your team to perform moves against the enemy team because of this. They'll also most likely flame their own team if you manage to get kills her, it'll also affect the mindset of the enemy bot lane, in particular the ADC. They'll either become frustrated at their loss, or they'll become enraged at your presence and being to make foolish mistakes in order to even the score.

I could go on for hours about the psychological behind this and how to win games just by affecting the enemy team's mindset, but that's for another time.

Becoming the Grim Reaper
One kill is all you need to get the ball rolling. Snowballing is all about taking an inch and going a mile. If you get a kill on MF - You rush damage and through that damage you get more kills and apply more pressure until it's 20 minutes and the enemy team is pinging your location all the time and typing in chat 'WHY DID YOU FEED MF?' But do get to this point you need to be skilled...

You have win your lane through plays and taking risks. To understand what I mean, take a look at EUW in Worlds, they sucked, this is because EUW teams are heavy farmers, they're afraid of contact in the early game. If you become afraid of confrontation in early game and you play passive - you'll never win.

YOU MUST BE AGGRESSIVE! You must take risks, play aggressive and be a force to reckon with. The whole EUW as a scene is a joke because they're too afraid to make plays or be aggressive early. And sure many may disagree with me on this, but they will not disagree that because of the passiveness of the EUW Teams, it's no wonder our region sucked at worlds.

So in lane you go crazy, you Q every minion onto the enemy bot lane, you rush in with your [E] and follow up with [W], you ping your support to be a mad-man in lane. Because every minute you waste farming, you're giving the enemy team enough time to power up to late.

Too many players in low elo are afraid of fighting and prolong the game. The sign of a good player is somebody who wins early, not somebody who's too afraid to fight early. And I'd respect somebody who played aggressive and lost than somebody who farmed till late and lost.

Now as you progress higher you'll find that people become more aggressive, they'll invade the jungle early, they'll make plays bot, they'll camp you, they'll be more aggressive - so you MUST ADOPT THIS AGGRESSIVE NATURE IF YOU WANT TO STAND A CHANCE IN HIGH ELO.


As I've said before, this is not a deathmatch, this isn't call of duty this is League of Legends and this is a strategic game meaning it's not all about kills. You must think about taking objectives all the times as it's the only way to win the game - defeating the nexus, not ace-ing the enemy team and whilst this seems like a contradiction to what I've said... it all fits together.

You snowball early with kills > pressure the enemy and take objectives > force fights on the weaken enemy > take the nexus. That's how you win the game!

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If you've liked this, Check out my How to carry yourself out of Silver/Gold

For the guide.

Hey guys, if you've liked this LONG guide then please take a look at the link above, it's to my first mobafire guide which is 'How to carry yourself out of bronze silver gold and platinum. It's an indepth guide on how to win games, I skim over these issues in this guide but I go full detail in this one.

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