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Miss Fortune Build Guide by EverettMcclain

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EverettMcclain

Miss Fortune - Dominion Capturer

EverettMcclain Last updated on October 14, 2011
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Hey. This is my Capturer MF Guide. I love MF, she is beastly in SR, and she is just as fun in Dominion. This is nothing but a Dominion guide, so for the love of god don't try to take this build into Summoners Rift.

If you are wondering what i am referring to when I say Capturer, You should read this
Dominion Guide to Roles and Teamwork
So far, it's the best guide I have found for dominion. It goes over the difference in roles between dominion and SR, as well as some strategy on when and where to cap, defend and kill.

So, on with the show.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells I have chosen Flash and Ghost

Flash Flash is a fantastic summoner spell in the hands of a skilled player. For this build, we will be using it primarily as an escape mechanism. Whether it's over a wall, into brush, or outside that [Nunu] Ulti, flash can be a life saver.

Ghost Ghost is another great spell for dominion. Right out of the gate when everyone is getting caught on each other, you can activate it to cruise though your allies and get ahead of the pack. This speed burst along with Priscilla's Blessing and your boots and passive will get you across the map in next to no time.

Other Spells

Exhaust This is another option but I don't find it as worthwhile. When capping a point, this could easily be put on a champ that is threating you, however, it only works on a single target. With flash or ghost, you can get away from multiple easier.

Cleanse This is also an option. As a Capturer, you will often have CC throw on you by defenders and disruptor. Though we do get a Quicksilver Sash to deal with this problem, having two may be more to your playstyle.

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Off to the runes!

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed You're going to be doing lots of running around. +1.5 Movespeed is pretty nice considering you will be using it constantly.

Greater Seal of Evasion These will be used to keep off chasers,(You get a lot of them.) and to proc Nimbleness . An extra 10% Move speed for 5 sec after dodging an autoattack is beautiful. With Evasion and these seals, it brings your evasion up to 8.5% I believe.

Greater Mark of Vitality and Greater Mark of Vitality Both are for pumping up your health. In Dominion, you level quick, so you may as well have Hp/level. Please refer to my section on Warmog's as for why HP.

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Haste More movespeed and a longer duration? Sold!
Awareness As far as I know, this works with the passive crystal scar buff in Dominion, meaning you will be gaining extra xp passively.
Utility Mastery What's that? Increases Movement Speed Shrine Durations? Yup.
Quickness More move speed.
Blink of an Eye More flash per match!
Presence of the Master And some CDR for your summon spells, letting you get off more Ghost and Flash

Evasion and Nimbleness When you dodge, you completely null any attack damage that you would have taken. That is far better then Armor or Magic Resist, right? Well, No, not entirely, however with the extra movespeed from [Nimbleness] It does make it worth it. 1 in 13 hits give you a speed boost? That's pretty nice.

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Boots of Mobility These boots plus Strut will put you up to 480 movespeed right out of the gate. Not including Masteries and Runes, or Ghost

Priscilla's Blessing The ultimate Capturers tool. Activate for movespeed, +15% Cap rate, and some health/5. All great for Cappers. Why hp/5? The more you have, the less you will have to Blue Pill back to the base, and the more you can run and cap.

Warmog's Armor Health! Oh sweet health. With the automatic Armor and Magic Pen in Dominion, HP has taken a better influence on living and rotting on dirt of the crystal scar. It helps your survivability by leaps and bounds.

Quicksilver Sash Here is your cleanse. Fun fact, this is the only method in the game to get out of Suppressions. Great against those pesky Warwick and Malzahar

Thornmail This is a fantastic piece. 2000 gold for 100 armour is amazing. Then you have the fact that it returns auto attack damage. This helps due to the fact that a lot of Tanky DPS and AD Carries get played in Dominion.

That's all. It's a touch pricey for dominion, but in a longer game, you will get them all built for sure.

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Strut What's that? A free Boots of Mobility? Don't mind if I do!

Double Up This skills isn't as good in Dom as it is in SR. For this build, this will be leveled second, and used as a poke to get people off of turrets, or to deal some quick damage.

Impure Shots This isn't really all that useful for Cap MF. As we aren't really focusing on killing, the attack speed is overlooked. It's great when you are ganking, but not really a central point to this build.

Make it Rain This is your bread and butter skill. Max it fast and love it. The slow will help you get away from incoming enemies as you are capping, or it will help you hold a point if you are disrupting or defending for whatever reason. Fire it on a group of cappers to take them all off of it, or someone who is trying to kill you at a turret to make sure they spend as much time under turret fire as possible.

Bullet Time This is an interesting skill with this build. It actually doesn't do much because we aren't building AP or AD. It will do a decent amount to a squishy, but where it really shines is cover fire. People generally avoid that giant area where you are firing. You can use it to scare people away from a turret, when a teammate is capping, or you can use it to interrupt when someone is low on HP. It has it's uses.

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This Miss fortune has little actual damage. You're main focus is Capturing. Remember that you aren't a Disruptor or Defender, and if worse comes to worse, choose to flee rather then die defending.

You are going to be at their mid a fair amount. It is usually left relatively unguarded and you can get a neutralize off on it before anyone else gets there. Which brings me to an important point for this build:

You are a troll!

Yup. With this build, you are a mega troll. Why cap their mid? It will either get you a capture point, or it will get some people off of top and/or bottom to deal with you, leaving their top/bottom less fortified and easier for your allies to take. Also, if you can get two or three of their people chasing you throughout the jungle instead of doing something productive, do it. This guide is all about keeping people busy.

Rule of thumb: A neutralization and living is better then a capture and dying. Neutralization still affect the score, so there is no real harm in leaving a turret like that.

Fighting: Alright, here is an strange issue. You have to fight dirty. You cannot take someone down 1v1. However, with your mobility, you can quickly assist a 1v1 fight and make it 2v1. This is what you always want to do. If there are no unguarded turret, always go and make a fight uneven in your teams favour.

How to deal with Defenders: Generally, you don't. If there is somone rooted to a turret, chances are you won't be able to do enough damage to them, and would sooner die to a turret. Go find an unguarded turret or help a team fight.

How to deal with Disruptor: Run. Generally running is the best idea. You can't kill them, so turn tail and run towards the nearest bushes. If they start recapping their turret, feel free to give them a poke or two. Having them chase you isn't a bad thing as it means that they aren't defending or assaulting anything. Don't die. I can't stress that enough.

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Early Game

Buy Boots of Mobility and a Rejuvenation Bead and Put 2 skills into Make it Rain and 1 into Double Up. Go to top bit of that spawning pool, and /dance until the gates are down.

When the gates are down, Ghost and head for the speed shrine near your mid then to top. You should get there before anyone else, unless it's a Rammus. Start capping. The point of capping is a distraction. You shouldn't be able to cap it in one try, and if you could, the enemy team has already lost. You will be interrupted before you can really get too far into the cap. That's fine. Hold them off til your team gets there.

From here, you can either:
A) Fight Fight Fight! Windmill is a nice starting thing to have
B) If you are sure you are going to Lose or Win windmill, run to their mid and cap. There shouldn't be anyone there.

After that, get your Blessing, and start working on your Warmogs.

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That's all. Thanks for reading! Try her out, and remember to comment and vote! Critique would be great; I am always up for improving my game.
Special thanks to Zemiazas for putting together that awesome dominion guide.
Gl and HF