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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chooncha

Miss Fortune S3 Low Elo Pubstomp

Chooncha Last updated on April 3, 2013
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So. You wan't to climb out of elo hell, but you only play AD carry? That's good, because I've devised the best MF build NA. MF is a champion who really takes advantage of Season 1 + 2 items. She is very easy to play, and one of the safest picks as she is naturally the healthiest AD carry in the league.

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This build is heavily orientated to you winning your lane and getting quite a few kills early. If you're finding it hard to do that, rush your BT until you've got it fully stacked, and then try to win lane. Don't take their first turret until about 18 minutes, really concentrate on farming and getting kills whenever you can.

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Get your support to be a bush pig. Bush control is a massive thing in ranked play, and without it you can become susceptible to poke from their support. I recommend Taric to lane with MF. He has great sustain with his heal, his passive works really well with MF's natural healthiness and his stun is an almost guaranteed kill if they are half-health.

Focus on creeping; that's what is going to get you the early gold you need to rush your BT. Whenever he can, tell your support to CC their carry. As soon as they do, use an E + Q combo. That burst is easy and basically unavoidable. If they are half-health or below, do that combo but lay an ultimate down as well. Try to cover the whole lane with the cone of Bullet Time so that it is hard for them to escape.

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Mid Game

If you're winning your lane, try to drag it out as much as possible. Do not push your tower until about 17 minutes in to take full advantage of their losing. If you're losing lane, try to push ASAP. This way you can push your creeps further up the lane and farm the jungle as well, allowing you basically free farm and BT stacks.

As soon as you push their turret, roam bot and mid a lot. Go mid, try for a kill. If you fail but they back, go for dragon, then go back to bot and farm. The gold income from this strat is monumental and makes it easy for you to complete your build (I end up with the most CS basically every game).

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End game

A lot of where the losing happens is late game. Teams get too cocky when they're winning and throw it, or they don't know how to finish. Roam with your team, push their lanes. If you're split from them (ie if they're top and you're at base) but they are doing fine 4v5, go bot. That split push can often win you the game as you can easily get free farm and towers while they try to fend off the top push. Even if they do send someone down, you should be able to out-duel them. To finish the game, try to initiate a fight around the baron area. Go for baron. If they have it warded, they will rush to you. Pick them off 1 by 1 as they try and come to steal it. If they all come at once, run out of the baron pit and let baron do some heavy damage to the enemy team. If they have even 1 person down, rush the base and win.

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So there you have it. Have fun dunking srubs with this build. GL and HF



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