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Miss Fortune Build Guide by Rysia

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rysia

Miss Fortune - The Bounty Hunter

Rysia Last updated on August 9, 2011
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Hey Guys, this is my first build on mobafire and really appreciate if you guys could give me some constructive criticism to help me during my further builds that i might publish.
Moving on, so i made a build for Miss Fortune because i main miss fortune and use her in majority of my matches. After many trial and errors i ended up with this end result with great scores at the end of the game.

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For those who brave the harsh seas of Runeterra, attaining one's own ship and crew is the pinnacle of success. Sarah Fortune, a well-respected (some would say legendary) bounty hunter from Bilgewater, was able to achieve this feat just after her sixteenth birthday, etching out her name as the go-to gal for resolving special troubles. No bounty was too difficult or too dangerous for her feminine charm and her renowned use of her twin pistols, ''Shock and Awe''. Her success gave her the means to legitimately purchase her own ship... with a little flirtatious haggling, of course. Things weren't always so fortunate for Miss Fortune, though. When she was young, trade ships began to dot the horizon of her quiet home in the northern shores of Blue Flame Island's largest chunk. Trade routes brought piracy, and the inhabitants soon found themselves caught in a frenzy of pillage.

One day, young Sarah returned home to hear gunshots and screaming. Her front door was smashed open; inside, she saw her mother lying in a pool of blood. A sudden blow to her head made her collapse next to her slain mother. The last thing she could remember were her attacker's red eyes, as his face was blocked by a rogue's bandana. Miss Fortune has a strong distrust for pirates and she finds herself constantly bickering with the infamous Gangplank (the only captain to resist her charms) over the direction of Bilgewater politics. Her two goals: to unite the people of Bilgewater, making them into a strong and independent society, and to find the pirate who killed her mother. To that end, she has entered the League of Legends as a champion, trading her skills for the wealth and influence that will help her accomplish both.

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Pros / Cons

-High Damage
-Ranged Champion
-Awesome ultimate for teamfights
-Can Harass really well

-Low Health
-One Hit and Her Mobility disappears
-Harder to land ultimate in a 1v1 fight than a teamfight.

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You always have to farm or you wont be able to get all these money eating items =D

Many people have different ways in farming but i normally click on the minon to check how much hp it has left and depending on how much it has left i normally shoot. Some people just take a look at the minion health bar and take a shot. But either way it works. So FARM FARM FARM!

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Well.. I told you earlier that she was a great harasser because of her double up skill and her basic attacks. Normally, what i try to do is line up the minion so that the champion is directly behind the minion and use double up so that the second bounce hits the champion because her double up does an extra 20% damage on the second bounce. Also try to add in some basic attacks to deal further damage because her early game basic damage does deal quite alot thanks to those armour penetration runes.

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Greater Quintessence of Desolation
Greater Mark of Desolation
Greater Seal of Attack Speed
Greater Glyph of Replenishment

I Take Armour Penetration Marks and Quints to dominate early game, also to destroy peoples armour and get easy kills.

I Take mana regen/5 so glyphs so that i can use my skills to harass the enemy without worrying about running out of mana so quickly.

I Take Attack Speed seals to boost my attack speed early game in order to help finish of enemies quicker also with the aid of impure shots.

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I Go 23/06/01

-23 Points in offense for the extra damage, Armour Penetration and Critical damage and Strike.
-06 in Defense for the early game armour and magic resistance so i can take some damage and kill them first before the actually kill me.
-01 in Utility for the ghost, having one point in ghost improves its movement by 6% and duration for a further 1.5 Second. <-- That helps hunting down enemies alot or even running away!

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Skill Sequence

So At level 1 i take Impure shots to add a bit of extra damage to my attacks.
- You want to try and max out double up first Double Up
- Then the Impure Shots Impure Shots
- And Finally the Make It Rain Skill. Just because it doesnt do much damage but i still take one level at level 4 just for the slow and bit of damage. Make it Rain

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-I Take Dorans Blade at the beginning because its an item great for its price. Gives you Damage, a little bit of lifesteal and some health to boost your early game domination!

-On the next trip back i get beserkers greaves to give you some movement speed and attack speed. And maybe if you have farmed enough or like loads, you can probably get the B.F Sword which will build into a BloodThirster.

-So Yeah, By the third trip back, if you havent got the blood thirster, GET IT! :@

-Next i try to get the Black Cleaver for its damage and armour penetration, this item can be used to break down some of your enemies armour.

-Then i get the Infinity edge, probably one of the best damage items in the game i suppose so this really helps too. And with its amazing passive you deal more on critical strikes. =D

-Then i get the Frozen Mallet for survival and a bit of attack damage along with a little nice slow for most of the hits you do the enemy.

Situational Items
-Lastly this can depend on the situation and on the enemy, if the enemy is very tanky with quite alot of health, you should consider getting the Madreds bloodrazor because it deals damage equivalant to 4% of the targets health. If the Enemy team are stacking armour to counter you, you should get the Last Whisper because it gives you an extra 40% armour penetration + 40 damage. But normally i just buy phantom dancer if the team isnt stacking armour or health.

-For Heavy Armoured Teams or Champions

-For High Hp enemies or a very tanky team. u.u

-An Overall Item, If the enemy team are like nothing of the above, the phantom dancer helps the most here. xD But its up to you whether you decide to use it or not.

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Champions You Want To Avoid.


Blinding Dart due to this skill, your basic attacks will only be doing misses

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Summoner Spells

I take Flash And Ghost to help me chase after enemies or use them to get away from ganks and bad situations.

Other summoner spells you can take instead of Flash and Ghost are Exhaust. The reason why i dont get exhause is because later in game i get the frozen mallet and it gives you a nice slow, during the late game you probably wont use exhaust as much as you would in the early game but it is still a nice choice.

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To Do List:

    Add Images to the build to make it look more user friendly =D
    Maybe add some video and gameplay - My Miss Fortune gameplay will be up soon showing of her crazy early game damage!
    Add more topics later

--- By The Way, Does anyone know how to put those rune images where you hover over them, the come up with like a description?---

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Ahh, So here it is, the end. =D I had a great time writing this build and appreciate your comments and suggestions. Well. Get in Game and get Trigger Happy! Miss Fortune is awaiting your presence. ;)

PS: You'll Probably be the main focus during the entire match cause of the amount of damage you do to the other summoners.