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Miss Fortune Build Guide by Diatrix

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Diatrix

Miss Fortune - The Next Best

Diatrix Last updated on October 24, 2013
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Welcome to my second build guide. This guide is Focusing on a champion who in my opinion is one of the top 3 strongest adc's. This champion is Miss Fortune. Miss Fortune is strong through out the whole game and can usually burst down almost any champ. This Guide will include the usual's (Build, Masteries, Runes, Abilities and Summoner Spells) as well as a bit About Me, Why You Should Buy These Items, Tips For Early, Mid and Late Game and also a Summary and 1 Final Tip.
Here is a bit about my past games with Miss Fortune and why i like her so much.
- Past Games
Once again, like in my first guide i haven't play many games with this champ since i only recently started playing adc. Playing only 5 games with Miss Fortune this might not seem that great but i have an average of 7.2 kills a game 3.4 deaths a game and 11.4 assists a game. These games have all been with the build that is listed above (My Usual Build).
- Why i like Miss Fortune
I like Miss Fortune purely and solely because of her laning phase. I find laning with Miss Fortune fun because of her abilities. When playing Miss Fortune one of the main things i like to focus on is using my q on a minion so it bounces off and pokes the opposing adc. After you know how to do this it seems pretty easy and natural. Once i had this down pat i focused on bouncing my q off the minion to poke the adc while picking up the cs of the minion. This is just basically last hitting while poking at the same time. Another aspect i like about Miss Fortune is how Make it Rain works well with Bullet Time. If you want to engage with your ult to destroy their health early. The best way to do this is to use Make it Rain quickly followed by bullet time.

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About Me

About Me

I'm not going to tell you that I am a brilliant League player, because i'm defiantly not. I was previously Silver V on North American servers (winning 5/10 seeding games), where i used to main top lane. When Riot released Oceanic Servers i transferred straight away. When Riot announced that Oceanic servers were going to be released they also said that players would be in a higher tier/division then they were on North America. I quickly found out that this was untrue. Players on the Oceanic servers proved to be just as good as the ones on North American. Instead of players going up tiers/divisions the majority of players were dropped. From Silver V i was dropped to Bronze IV where i currently am at the moment after recently losing my promotion series. After being placed in Bronze IV i decided that i wanted to main Adc. This was a tough decision as the role requires a lot of skill and awareness. After using almost all of the available adc champions i found four favorites (Who i now main). Graves, Miss Fortune, Caitlyn and Corki.

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Why Buy These Items

The items in this build give Miss Fortune the abilitie to stay alive in team fights while shredding tanks.
[*] Berserker Greaves
Berserker Greaves are the typical boots for an adc. Granting movement speed which is always useful and 20% attack speed. This attack speed will be useful early/mid game where you do not have a large amount of attack damage. NOTE!- I suggest purchasing Berserker Greaves after The Bloodthirster and Static Shiv.
[*] The BloodThirster
The Bloodthirster is an essential for an adc. I suggest getting The Bloodthirster as your first full item. This is because it grants a large amount of attack damage which will help with bursting down your opponents. Along with 70 attack damage the Bloodthirster also grants 12% life steal and +1 attack damage and +0.2% life steal with every kill. The life steal will give you good sustain while in laning phase and also helping you defeat your opponents easier.
[*] Phantom Dancer
Phantom Dancer is the next item i would suggest using because it gives you a high amount of attack speed and critical strike chance while also granting a small amount of movement speed. Phantom Dancer is just basically an item that is used for getting the maximum amount of damage out in a short amount of time.
[*] Last Whisper
Considering you have a good creep score and some kills or assists. Last Whisper is you next item to build. Last Whisper is an essential when you are going into mid game. Mid game is where the tanks of the team start to get a load of health and resist and team fights start to happen. Last Whisper, granting attack damage and armour penetration is a good item to have when opponents start to appear in different lanes and people start to get tanky. With Last Whisper and you high damage and attack speed from the previous items you can burst down almost anyone on the other team. Positioning yourself in team fights will allow you to get maximum amount of damage down. This is easier with graves because his abilities are easy to land and do high damage
[*] Black Cleaver
The Black Cleaver is an item that you can buy on Miss Fortune, but is not essential. I believe that Black Cleaver is a good item for Miss Fortune because it gives her that little bit more health for more sustain. Staying alive in team fights is what Miss Fortune is made for. Which brings me to the next aspect of the Black Cleaver. Armour Penetration. Black Cleaver's armour pen along with Last Whisper's makes it easier to shred tanks. To answer the question on why you should buy the Black Cleaver. The Black Cleaver's health makes it easy to stay alive in team fights. This and a bit of positioning and you will be unstoppable. The longer you can stay alive in a team fight the more time you have to destroy the tanks.

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Tips For Early, Mid and Late Game

- Early Game
While in laning phase with Miss Fortune you want to focus on poking with your q. Miss Fortunes q does a high amount of damage while hitting 2 targets if used right. In saying this you don't want to use it too often as Miss Fortune is quite mana hungry. You want to save some mana for when your jungler ganks. Because i play more passive then most other adc's do i would let my support engage on the opponents support, and while the opponents adc goes in to help his support start bursting him down. This is what i recommend. If you are a more aggressive player you should engage yourself on the opponents adc and get your support to stun or slow the opponents so they cant protect their adc. If your support does this you should be able to burst down the opponent adc and secure a kill or atleast burn a flash. NOTE!- Try engaging with Make it Rain and a q (If your ult is not available, if it is Make it rain then ult would be recommended). ANOTHER NOTE!- Try get sona as your support, cresendo and bullet time are a great combo.
- Mid game
Moving onto Mid Game. This is where Miss Fortunes Ult becomes very effective. If you have a Sona or Zyra support your ult will be amplified. If your jungler ever asks who he should go ask him to play Jarvan. Jarvans ult is a great engage and you can ult right onto it. In saying this pretty much anyone champion who has and ult that stuns/roots/knocks up a large group of champs works well with Miss Fortune. Moving along, in Mid Game or just before Mid game you should take the opponents bot lane outer tower. After you have done this, just like i said in my Graves Guide, you should be pushing up on the outer mid tower (if your mid lane hasn't already taken it) and at the same time controlling the Dragon area. Try get your team to focus on getting the first 2 Dragons and winning the first 2 or 3 team fights. They should be your goals for the mid game.
- Late Game
Late game is where people start to get full build. If you follow this build guide for Miss Fortune this wont be a problem. Goals for late game should include taking inner/inhibitor towers and consistently winning team fights. Along with these try to control the Baron area so if you get an ace you can take it without a problem. Miss Fortune in late game is just as strong as she is early and mid game. Try to consistently land your ult on the whole opposing team and try to catch out their squishies. A good way to do this is to ward their red and blue buff. Adc's and Apc's usually take these even in late game to just give them that little bit of an advantage.

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Summary And One Last Tip

- Summary
Miss Fortune is strong all game and will burst down tanks if you follow this build. She is very valuable in team fights and can easily turn the tables in any team fight. Her q does a ton of damage so try use that as often as you can. NOTE!- Buy wards and help your support out! They have builds to, sometimes they might not have enough money to keep buying wards.
- One Last Tip
1. Shred those Caitlyn's that rush Phantom Dancer!

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Feed Back!! :P

Since i am new to making guides, this being my second i would just like to know if anyone had any tips of what else i should include!
Please comment them! :]