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League of Legends Build Guide Author SpaceSchuttle

MissCrit- Crit Chance MF

SpaceSchuttle Last updated on February 6, 2011
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Hey Guys, Space Schuttle here giving you my Attackl Speed/ Crit chance Miss Fortune. Or as people will probably call you "MissCrit". By the end of the match you should be close to 2.0 Attack Speed with each hit critting 475+ each. This build is not skill Dependent but is very weak against Tanks which is ok since mf can target squishies frin afar. Sounds nice Right? Well lets dig in!

"Oh Great Its CritPlank. . .wait a minute thats Miss- Gwaaaaah!"

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Pros / Cons

-Great Bully
-High dammage output
-F***sssssst oh so fast. Fast fast fast fast omg fast.
-Good *** dance

-AP output less than desireable
-Passive turns off when hit
-Lame Joke

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Extra Crit chance for the beginning. Super nice for Miss Crit.
Armor Pen or Damage is also nice with miss-fortune you cant go wrong with any

Fixing the squishieness of MissFortune with Quints and Yellows both in health you get an extra boost of health making you pretty strong on inititial health.

Keeps you in your lane
Make it rain will probably take most of your Mana so this is just a good plan for your blue's.

*You can rune up any way you can. this just is a good example of what works.

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21-0-9 is my favorite for this build your very offensive with MF so your Masteries need to coorelate.I dislike the Defense section on MF becuase it really wont be all that helpfull so your best bet is the offense section.

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Skill Sequence

To be Honest skills arent all that important in this build. You will use them in the beginning to lane and farm but here is a description anyway.

Passive- Strut
Extra speed for not being hit

use this to bully your opponents in the laning phase other than that it will sorta slow you down.

Impure Shots
You can get this its cool that it is just a shot buff but you wont need it until about level 12 when you start team ganking.

Make It Rain
This is the skill you will end up spamming every phase of the game. Slows your opponents just to get right on their backs an dkjill them some more. Sweeeeeeeeeeeet.

Bullet Time level 6-12 i use it farm like a god among men. After wards its solid for picking up an ace in big team battles.

I apologise for an unimformative skill description but this build focuses on her auto attack!

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Boots Of Swiftness

I prefer these over mobilities because i run alot to avoid traps so i need speed when im hitting opponents to slow them

Phantom Dancers x3

Once you get them all thats 90% Crit Chance 45% speed boost and a whole lotts attack speed. Always get Zeal first. It makes you faster and the faster the better.

Ice Hammer

I choose ice hammer really for my mages who sit in the back with me. No runners on my block, no sir.

Infinite Edge

A whole lotta yum! Ooops were talking about IE . . .anyway Lots of AD and the bonus crit is what gives MF her lasting effect in the end game. This item is irreplaceable.

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Summoner Spells

Slow them down

Good for helping ganking and also saving your team with make it rain.

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Alright Heres what your going to do

Laning Phase

Grab your boot and go top or bottom or mid itg doesnt matter really going mid just gets you there faster but in the end you should be able to finish the build. Last hit creeps and bully with Q skill. Your gonna want to head back after you kill their mid or they go back. Get your swiftness and Zeal ( I'm right around this area on my first return) after you get that good speed boost you can really take your mid opponent for a ride by just out manuevering them and bullying. Your probably going ba k for your second time after you take the mid turret. Get your first PD and a Dagger.

Mid Phase

Spend this time switching between the mid and helping your buddies. Off about 3-4 enemies and maybe a turret and you should be good for the next Phantom Dancer. Continue your good run through your opponents lane they should be starting to push the mid lane. This is where you shine in the back you will deal about 1/4 of all damage to the enmy with your CC and high crit hits. Do this until you get Ice hammer.

Late Game

Pretty much the same thing as mid phase except your going to have tp be on baron duty. Just CC
Baron every once in a while when you see that they are MIA. You should get Ifinity Edge and you will hit 475+ per shot kinda ripping through their players and winning the game. Late games yield a last Phantom Dancer. Thats Good Game

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Recent Changes

Section left for Changes in MF's Build.

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Awesome Stuff

Hey-o thanks for reading please comment and rate. Trolls get told ConCrit is Appreciated.
Remember the most important part of this game is to have fun. You have good games and you have bad games. If your looking for the perfect build than your shooting daisys justg be gratefull people like us make solid guides comprised of our mistakes and successes. Anyways happy playing!

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Ign- Spacechuttle