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General Guide by Sxar

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sxar

Mordekaiser - 820 AP

Sxar Last updated on September 10, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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About the Autor

This is my first guide. I have played mordekaiser in a lot of ranked games, so this is the result. Please coment and rate. I'll fix it and make it better if you help me too. Thank you for read it and enjoy Mordekaiser.

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How and When play Mordekaiser

Mordekaiser is a really stronger and pusher champion but have no scape mechanic. In early game you will be full ganked when jungler note this. So to counter that you must full ward the line. When you cast Creeping Death you must run in the middle of meele and ranged minions so your shield will be full easy and will resist your enemy offensive, therefore secure you to make all the last hits with the other spells Sympon of Destruction for ranged and Maze of Spades for melee minions. You can try too poke your enemy with Sympon due low CD. But you must be smart.

Mordekaiser is really weak against enemy with stun, ranged, spam of spells and silence.
So Morgana is horrible against you, she have a stun that makes you easy ganked and a spell shield; Orianna too due his slow and spam of her ball; Vlad and Swain are your worst enemy because you must use life to use your powers and he will damage you and heal himself with low CD. Againts Swain is not a problem in early game (because shield will take the damage) but if he farm a lot then you'll have a serious problem. Nalzahar is another hard champion against you but not until 6 because can't performance full combo. Leblanc could be hard in early due his poke but will not be a problem if you push the line and tower do the rest.

You're strong against Fizz, the squishi fish. If he try to attack then your shield and spells will do the rest. Lux, if you max your shield and spam the Symp. Just don't try to fight her in tower if you're not sure you can kill her. Ryze, Gragas, Heimerdinger, Karthus, Casioppeia, Kennen, Ahri, Lissandra, Zigs.... this will be easy line.

Talon is another spammer so you must be careful. Zed will be easy but keep farming and try to avoid his shurikens. TF has no chance against you, you'll tank all his cards with shield. Veigar will be easy too, just walk around his shield when he try to catch you. Be carefull with CC like Fidlesticks, avoid all CC you can. If you don't have shield you'll be a focus ganked, that's why you must rush Zhonya's and Moviment Boots therefore ward a lot in early and mid game.

Mordekaiser can be a really strong top too due a lot of enemy in top are melee you can easy spam mace of spades and farm with shield, just WARD! because if you don't you'll have two carrys against you and that's not fun in early game.

Remember, you must farm, push and quit. The tower will do the rest. Yor most easy line will be against Shen so if you leave it open in ranked you can counter him really hard with morde top.

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Mordekaiser is an awesome champion that can spam a lot and have a shield that can take 360 damae (max), Will be filled with your spells so that's why you must spam them.

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You must run full AP progresive runes, is your best chance to farm all the line and push hard in early (and late game even if you got a bad game).

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You play full AP carry and some life points in defensive line to can spam your spells in early game.

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Items are basic to make spell spam and full damage. Therefore to protect yourself against a gank in early (but WARDS!) and late game (Zhonya).

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Skill Sequence

With the skill sequence planted at the start, we can push the line HARD and farm a lot. Then the tower will do the rest.

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The spells are obvious (ignite + ulti + skills). Flash against Ganks. You can try too Cleansense if you're against hard CC team full of stuns or agains annoying like fiddlestics.

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Ranked Play

Just one word about this: WARD!

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Pros / Cons

- Best pusher in game.
- Semi-Tank
- Can turn a team fight 6-4
- Awesome carry in late game.

- No scape mecanics.
- You must pay life to cast.
- Easy focused.
- CC is your worst enemy.

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In Jung. Just max shield and maze of spades instead Creeping death. I don't sugest you run jungle because you have no CC to gank. You're best in top or mid.

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Team Work

Focus the ADC and cast your ulty on it. If your team kill it fast (how should be) then you'll have 2 ADC against your enemy team, therefore you can use it agianst the tower to tank all the damage and your team can destroy it then.

Your ulti too can shut down a tank because make damage about enemy life, so if you see you can make off-tank with your team don't doubt about it and focus it with your spells. However if he has magic resist don't waste your ulti on him unless you will kill it just with the cast.

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Just cast Creeping Death and stay in the middle of the minions, then spam the other two spells (Maxe of Spades and Symp of Destruction) to carry the line and make your creeps fight against enemy or tower.


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