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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Siren

Mordekaiser - AD Build

The Siren Last updated on May 13, 2011
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Welcome to my Mordekaiser AD build. This dude has the same music preferences as I do, and besides he also looks awesome. Pentakill Mordekaiser skin for the win! (ryme was not intentionally) You can actually get pentakills with this champion. The first items make you though, and the last items make you deal insane damage.

WRITTEN ON 28-01-2011

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Pros / Cons

- No mana
- Almost unharrasseble because of your shield
- Once you get your core build, you are very tough
- Your ult allowes you to win 1v2, (or if you are fed 1v3) fights because you can get a ghost
- Great farmer
- Great (solo) laner
- Mace of Spades deals a lot of damage on a single target

- Early game without your shield charged, he can be squicy.
- No CC without items.

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For runes you can basicly take anything you like, exept for once that involve mana. I like magic penetration because his skills don't get much stronger with AP. Cooldowns is pretty clear I think: the more often you can spam your abilities. This is very important for Mordekaiser since you will want to keep your shield up.
The Fortitude quits are just for survivability early game (and later on also nice :D).

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For masteries I go 23-6-1. Why I want the improved Ghost is quite clear I guess. Armor, magic resist and a bit of dodge is nice for a little more survivability. In offence I take more damage, magic and armor penetration.

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What to take first?
I start off with a Regrowth Pendant. This will cover the damage that the skills deal to yourself. The choice is up to you whether you also get a health potion or not. I take it just in case. 9/10 of the times your enemy cant harrass you because of you nice shield. Later I build this into a Force of Nature.

I choose for Boots of Swiftness because Mordekaiser's speed is OK, but not that fast. Chasing fast champions makes it much easier with these boots. It doesnt really matter which one to take. You could also get Mercury threads for heavy CC teams, or Ionian Boots of Lucidity to get some more cooldown reduction.

Armor and Magic resist
Mordekaiser is a tank right? Most people consider him like that. I build him hybrid tank/DPS, and that works best for me. Once you got your Force of Nature you have nice HP regen and magic resist. Besides that, it gives a nice 8% speed bonus. Early game abilities won't harm you, since most abilities do magic damage.

Since you still have low armor, you should get some. Now you have the choice between Thornmail, Randuin's Omen and Frozen Heart. Skip Frozen Heart because it gives you mana what you don't have. Both Thornmail and Randuin's Omen are great. I would take Thornmail once you have enemies like Master Yi, Warwick or Tryndamere. Randuin's Omen is always good, since it give AOE slow (active). I prefer Thornmail since its cheaper.

Now you've got your core build:

Now you can basicly take out any 1v1 fight, or escape if many champions are chasing you. Mages won't hurt too much because you have Force of Nature, and DPS characters will have troubles with your Thornmail or Randuin's Omen.

After this we need to increase our HP a bit. Frozen Mallet rocks, because it gives loads of HP and a nice slow effect. That slow is very good because Mordekaiser has NO cc.

The Black Cleaver is great, because it gives you damage AND attack speed. The armor reducing is of course where this item is for, but I take that as side effect.

I finish my build with a The Bloodthirster to greatly increase your base dmg. Mordekaiser is an epic farmer, so that 40 minion kills is done in a couple of minutes. 9/10 the game already ended before I get this item. Same goes for The Black Cleaver.

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Skill Sequence

START WITH SYPHON OF DESTRUCTION!!! I see a lot of Mordekaiser player start with Mace of Spades. With the mace you cant aim for a champ which you can with syphon. Even on lvl1 you can harrass your enemy with syphon. That is really great. On lvl2 you should get the mace, but that is basicly to farm and to increase your shield's hp (early game).

Max syphon first because it is an epic farming skill, harrassing skill and it fills your shield in one or two shots (if a lot of minions are close). Ping your ulti as it comes up, and after that mace of spades.
Take creeping death last. It really isn't a very good skill. It deals little damage, and the armor and magic resist it gives, isn't much either. On lvl5 of that skill its ok, but lvl5 syphon and mace is lots better.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite is THE skill for Mordekaiser. Especially on lvl6, when you just got your ulti. Once the enemy tries to attack you, instead you will kill him. Once he sees you are low, he will attack. Pop ulti to get HP back and damage him, throw all your skills on him and he will most likely run away. Cast ignite and let him run. KILL
Ghost is great for chasing and escaping.

Other possibilites instead of Ghost are Exhaust, Flash and Cleanse.
I would not take any others.

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Morde is a great (solo) laner, so if you have a junlger, definately take the solo lane. Otherwise try to get mid. He is one of the best midlaners in my opinion.

Finally, thanks for reading, and I hope this build will help you in any way.
The Siren