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Morgana Build Guide by Yukimenoko

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yukimenoko

Morgana Dominating Dominion

Yukimenoko Last updated on October 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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League Of Legends: Dominion

Read the guide first before trying this build, Morgana needs some good tactics to go well. Do not whine if it isn't what you like to see or it isn't working for you. Anyone plays diffrent and if you have better ideas then go make your own guide.

Dominion is not the playstyle we're used to. It's a fast gameplay in which one needs fast control of the flow. Unlike the original gameplay in which tables are harder to turn around in dominion it's easier due area control easier to get. Since this game is all about defending captured points and stealing those of enemies you'll need fast speed.

Common Champions
Most champions you will see are speedboost champions and champions that are pretty good at backdooring. Mainly and some other champions with high movement speed or stealth. Champions that also appear alot are jumping over walls, and teleporting pretty much to the place where they are needed.

Going for capture points
I won't suggest to backdoor too much with morgana as she is not the fastest champion, and neither has a speedboost. Morgana's good at defending capture points and supporting her allies. I saved a lot of teammates with Morgana, as well as helping initiate and takeover capture points. Depending on how the flow of the game goes you build up the items I pointed out above. Mainly focus the game on capturing points, these are most important and many players forget that it's a game about lowering points by taking over capture points, and go after enemies to kill those.

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Same runes as I usually have, you need the heavy damage output to harass and kill your enemies. As you level grows rapidly in this gamestyle so will your AP rise rapidly as well.

The will help keeping your mana up. As you will only focus on harassing/killing/fleeing from enemy champions by trying to lock them in your and hurt them some more with but if you are very quick and good with skill shots you can first use Tormented Soil before casting darkbinding since tormented soil takes down magic resistance over time giving some more damage output. Plan with other champions that have CC for an combination with your spells if you feel like killing.


and are your core items for the dominion match. RoA makes you harder to kill as well as giving you a nice AP boost. Usually enough to kill off the squishies most players like to take. The boots are for the extra speed you need, if you get CCed a lot go for . You get enough damage output later on so you don't need the magic penetration.

The following items can be bought in any order.

If it's going fine you can begin with which gives a nice amount of AP. As it's the best AP giving item in the game.

gives a nice amount of AP as well as magic penetration for the whole team. Also a fine item to get when you fight alot against AP-based champions.

I'm not the biggest fan of this item as I usually forget to use it. But I take it if I feel that I get mainly hurt by AD champions.

nice item only take it if you really fight against heavy AD, lowering attackspeed as well as a nice amount of armor. Also reducing cooldowns giving you a bigger chance to escape if you get hurt alot.

good item that gives movement speed as well as HP and MP good if you need some more mobility to go for taking over towers.

surheyla's reverie is good for giving your team a small speedboost for chasing or running. Also gives you some hp, and regeneration.
Skill Sequence

I strongly suggest putting everything into first. As this is the best damage you can do. You don't need start with the blackshield, because mainly when you first engage the enemy you're already level up.

is mainly meant for the anti CC boost this one on your first level up. It can save you from Magic damage only. It won't save you from .

soul shackle intresting skill. Can only be used when a champion is in your range. Fun fact: It can even hit stealthed nearby enemies. So it's good for champions like Twitch
Summoner Spells

is the finishing touch of your combo whenether you catch a squishy champion it gives the little Damage you still need to deal to kill the champion. I put a mastery point in this summoner spell just for the extra 10 AP you get from it when it's in cooldown which It will be alot.

the main skill most Dominion players use, because of the good mobility it gives in the game.


If you could lock a champion under your turret with darkbinding you can also combine it with Garrison and use the turret for alot of damage.

Exhaust is another option, but I despise it. Since you already got darkbinding for escaping as well as ignite comes in handier than exhaust when it depends on it.

Mainly based upon utility for your summoner spell and mainly mobility and regeneration you might need upon your game. AP is a must as well as cooldown reduction.

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Early game

First priority you'll have is gaining three capture points. Morgana plays the supportive role in the first minutes by snaring and damaging the enemy and holding CC off her teammates. Get your boots ASAP as well as the RoA.

Mid game

Once you got three capture points go for defending your points. It's important to hold them. And you can make kills out of it simply by enemies trying to capture it. If there are too many enemies for you to manage ask for support, make sure you have a place to run to in safety if they try to kill you. Make sure to hurt them when they try to take over the capture point once they are channeling, this sets the channel to cooldown and helps you stalling for your teammate to come and help you. The more you stall your capture point from being captured the longer the HP goes down from the enemy. Poking is the best way for stalling.

Late Game

It's up to your team if they want to get more capture points. But if it's a really strong opponent I suggest keeping the defenses up is better. Make sure that you have three points captured, if not go more offensive but stay with your team. This is the point backdooring gets important but be careful with it. Most teams go ganking around this time.

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This is my proof it works. :)

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Recent updates

•Soul Siphon spell vamp decreased to 10/20/30 from 15/25/35
•Black Shield ability power ratio reduced to .7 from .8

These are just minor changes they don't affect Morgana a lot. The 5% missing spellvamp isn't that much as for the shield which is mainly used for anti-cc, not for protection against magic damage.