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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chrispykreem

Morgana: Flexible and Deadly

Chrispykreem Last updated on February 9, 2011
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Welcome to my Morgana guide. This is how I choose to play her post-Doran's changes. I prefer to skip the Doran's Ring altogether to keep some health potions and to complete the core build earlier.

I believe that Morgana is a very flexible caster, who can take damage well because of her spell shield. You can build her to survive almost any team set up, which makes her a great choice for solo queues or ranked games.

It is important to consider the enemy team when choosing Morgana's items. I've listed below the items you should be considering based on your assessment of your enemy's strength.

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Rune Choice and Masteries

I chose to go with runes in Magic Pen, Mana Regen, and Health. The magic penetration is useful to Morgana's damage output all game. The mana regen and health are primarily for the early game. It is useful to be able to spam abilities early on as well as have some beefiness to survive without a Doran's Ring.

I chose a pretty basic caster build. I like getting the blue buff on Morgana, so it's better if it lasts longer. I also chose to allocate points into teleport and flash as they are my preferred summoner spells on Morgana. Feel free to adjust it based on the summoner spells you are comfortable with.

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IMPORTANT!: Item Choice

Items are a tricky situation with Morgana. I always recommend Rod of Ages first, and Sorcerer's Shoes. After that it depends on the game you're playing. The item you start building after your Sorcerer's Shoes should depend on these questions.

Do you have to deal with a ton of magic damage/CC?

Banshee's Veil is your item. This will give you a nice amount of magic resist while increasing your health and mana pools. The cancelled ability use every 30 seconds is what really makes this item worth getting on a tankier dps like Morgana.

Option 2: Build Abyssal Scepter. It will give you magic resist and also lower the magic resist of your enemies. It can help out your team, your damage, and your survivability. Great item.

Having substantial trouble with physical DPS?

Frozen Heart is a great item choice. You get more mana, better cooldowns, as well as a ton of armor. The passive slows down enemy attack speeds, which can buy you enough time to land a last second snare to get away.

Option 2: Begin building your Zhonya's Hourglass. It gives you more AP (firepower) and a good amount of armor, with a 2 second stasis that can really save you around teammates or waiting for your cooldowns.

What if you're doing pretty well?

If you have a few kills early game and are getting fed pretty well, pick up Mejai's Soulstealer and head straight to Rabadon's Deathcap.

If it isn't a complete blowout, but you have a nice farm, head straight for the Rabadon's Deathcap and avoid that situational snowballing item that is Mejai's.

Other important things to consider about your enemies?

If you are facing a team that is building very heavily into magic resist, you want to skip the Abyssal Scepter altogether. Get a Void Staff instead to really cut through their defenses.
If you're up against a ton of MR and very tanky/hp stacking champions, it is a good idea to throw in a Deathfire's Grasp as well.

If you're facing a very well balanced team, always consider items like Aegis of the Legion or Guardian's Angel. They can help you out with their combined Armor and Magic Resist properties.

You can also consider Will of The Ancients for synergy with Morgana's spell vamp passive, but I feel it is generally unnecessary and there are usually more useful items to take. Kudos if you work it in.

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How to use Morgana's skills effectively

Morgana is an amazing champion. There are a few things you should practice and consider to really master her, and use her to the fullest of her potential.

Dark Binding: This skill gets an excellent AP ratio of 1:1, so don't be afraid to use it just to hurt your enemy. It's useful for chasing enemies down, as well as stopping them from chasing you. You can bait your enemies in, and bind them just as your team arrives as well. It's such a versatile and useful ability to your team. Even when having a bad game, you can use this ability to disable a very useful member of the enemy team. Always have a priority for who you target with this ability in a team fight.

Tormented Soil: This is a great ability to farm minion waves with. Don't be afraid to ignore the enemies in your lane early game just to farm minions. Always, always, always throw this under an enemy that you bind. It will give you a great amount of damage. This can be a useful ability to discourage enemies from attacking your towers, or coming near your teammates.

Black Shield: This is the ability that pisses people off beyond belief. You can get your enemies to be very greedy and chase you because they believe they have a sure kill, and pop your shield on to negate their damage. You can target yourself or your teammates, so don't be afraid to give your tank a huge reduction in the damage they take. You can initiate very well with this on, flash, dark binding, ultimate. ^_^

Soul Shackles: Morgana's ult has a tether! Be sure to do everything you can to keep enemies locked in long enough for the damage and stun. Don't be afraid to use your ult in a team fight you're losing because it will make enemies run. Flash is extremely helpful, as well as dark binding for pulling this ultimate off. You can either flash in for good placement, or flash to catch up with a fleeing enemy who is trying to break the tether. Throw your Tormented Soil under enemies that are going to be stunned! Don't run into a full group of enemies alone however, as they will quickly CC you and destroy you.

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This is a guide in progress. I'm open to your criticisms, and will definitely add/remove/adjust information based on requests, comments, useful information, etc.

Please vote and comment, Thank you!