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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Morgana Build Guide by s0nny

Morgana: My kinda angel! *undergoing changes*

Morgana: My kinda angel! *undergoing changes*

Updated on March 26, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author s0nny Build Guide By s0nny 7,325 Views 4 Comments
7,325 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author s0nny Morgana Build Guide By s0nny Updated on March 26, 2012
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Greetings summoners! Welcome to my guide on Morgana. This hadn't been changed in quite a while until a friend pointed out that it's in the top 5 or so guides, so I thought I'd better do something!

Just a quick note on ranked play: Morgana is an insta-ban in many games. I believe this is down to the immense difficulty people have in pushing her out of lane. Once she hits around lvl 3-5, she isn't going anywhere unless she wants to!

-Changed ALL the things
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+ Very strong creep pusher
+ Excellent sustainability in lane
+ Good support capabilities with her Black Shield
+ Very high damage output from her spells
+ Good initiator with her ultimate Soul Shakles

- Need to land skill shots effectively
- In team fights once you go in with your ultimate, you become a massive target
- Her CC part of her ultimate can be limited if champs manage to move out of range
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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration - Magic Penetration Marks, early levels and against carries with limited magic defence you should be doing near on true damage with your abilities.

Greater Seal of Scaling Magic Resist / Greater Seal of Magic Resist - As Morgana, you are an AP carry, and you will be mid-lane, most likely facing another AP carry. Taking magic resist seals (either scaling or flat) will help to negate some of their damage and help you come off better in trades.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Mana Regeneration - Mana per 5 per level, I take these to further improve my lane sustainability. I've tried Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction and I just found that even being frugal with my spells, I was running out of mana far too often.
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Skill Sequence

Morgana's passive. One of THE most useful laning tools in the game. Once your skills are levelled enough, you will be easily be able to heal yourself a considerable amount with a couple of well placed spells. This was nerfed a while ago, but it's still more than enough to keep you in lane.

This is your main farming tool. Once it is level 3, you will be able to take out a wave of caster minions in one go. This is great as it means you are very strong at pushing back creep waves right from the early game. Placed right, it can also take out the melee minions too, although this can take practice.
It also means a massive amount of gold for you, pop this on a build up of casters which are at your turret and just listen to the coins tinkling in!

Your main initiator, poker, mini-nuke, harass tool... I love this spell! It is a slow moving skill shot, so care has to be taken when casting it, especially if the enemy champ is near minions as it sticks to those like glue! Max this after getting Twisted Soil to level 3.
This is best used as a combo with Twisted Soil. Fire off your stun, and place your soil at the same time. If you land it (which can take a while to perfect) then the stun take off a chunk of their health, then hold them in place while your soil leeches them.
The range on this spell is fairly large too. It's great for finishing off turret hugging defending champs, as you can often land it from inside the jungle.

Unless you're up against a character with a strong disabling spell, leave this until Dark Binding is maxed. It only protects against magic damage so isn't great unless you're early game is against another mage. This doesn't mean it's useless though! Black shield is simply awesome for team fights as it completely blocks negative spells while it's active. Been a while since an Ashe arrow? Don't worry about it! See that a team-mate might be grabbed by a Blitzcrank? Not any more! Just remember not to be greedy with it, if you can save a friend then do it.

The ultimate game changer in team fights. Gives instant damage to all champs in proximity, and slows them. If you can stay in range then after 4 seconds, you will deal additional damage and stun enemies. This is great if they all decide to stay in the same place, but if they don't then you do have to make a choice as to which enemy to chase in order to get the full damage and stun. Be aware that it can cause people to focus you in an attempt to stop the second stage.
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This is a great item to get for Morgana (or any AP champ). It provides more AP and lowers your cooldowns, and it's great as a little boost before you can start taking the buffs. I'll often buy these during the lane-phase if I'm far off buying my next item.

Starting Items!

Boots + Health Potion + Mana Potion

A lot of people recommend taking a Doran's ring to start, but I disagree in many ways. We have starting AP already from runes, as well as mana regen. What boots over a ring gives you is that extra bit of mobility to allow you to dodge in and out, picking up last-hits while you avoid harass from your opponent.
Whether you take 2 health pots or 2 mana pots is up to you, if it's someone with big DPS at the start of the game, take health pots. If you're feeling confident, take the two mana pots so you can stay farming for longer before your first port home.

On your first visit to the shop, you should hopefully have enough for a Blasting Wand and a ward or two. Remember wards save lives, ward one side of the river and stick to that side to protect against jungle ganks! Rush Rod of Ages and complete your Sorcerer's Shoes.


So you have a Rod of Ages and your tier 2 boots. What next?
Zhonya's Hourglass
This works so well with your ultimate it's almost like it was designed for Morgana specifically. It provides a nice bit of armour against any carries or solo tops which are starting to roam, a fair whack of AP and an active which can make your ultimate truly game-changing.

So how to use it?
  • Wait until your main initiator or tank has started a team fight.
  • Walk to the middle of their team and use your ultimate
  • Wait about a second and then activate Zhonya's

If you time it correctly, you should come back out of invulnerability as they are all stunned. Obviously some people will be able to get out of range, but while they're busy escaping, they're not damaging your team, and your team can clear up what's left!

These three items are you're bread and butter, everything else is all situational.
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Thank you very much for reading this guide, I hope you like it! Please let me know how you get on if you use it, and good luck!

-sonny wolfsbane
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League of Legends Build Guide Author s0nny
s0nny Morgana Guide
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Morgana: My kinda angel! *undergoing changes*

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