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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Morgana Build Guide by MCMo

Morgana - Soon you won't be the only Fallen one.

Morgana - Soon you won't be the only Fallen one.

Updated on May 23, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MCMo Build Guide By MCMo 6 2 22,895 Views 8 Comments
6 2 22,895 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author MCMo Morgana Build Guide By MCMo Updated on May 23, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


Hello, and welcome!

Hello, name's MCMo. I'm an avid LoL Player who used to main Morgana for a while. After a break to try Singed (who I love as well) I decided to go off and try some AD champs, which put me on a rather horrible Lose Streak. And so, in an attempt to drop the streak, I've returned to Morgana at last. Few things about the guide
-This is my first guide. I will take ALL feedback positively, and may or may not use it depending on whether or not it's reasonable (About the guide itself) or correct (about typos or factual errors).
-I'm a massive Grammar Nazi, so please point out any typos because I WILL OCD about them.
-I'm fairly new to the BBCode here. In fact, even though I have read jhoijhoi's guide (and have it open in another tab), I just learnt that typing CTRL+I give italics ( I was capitalizing an I)
-While I am a grammar Nazi, I do have a habit of hitting Shift and Capitalizing random words.

So, without further Ado, let's get on to the actual guide :D
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Most people have had experience with Morg already. I'm sure at one point, unless you're new to LoL, you've either
A) Played her.
B) Played against her.
C) Played with her.
D) Banned her.
But why would you main her, some may ask? Well, we can get on to that with...
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Pros and Cons

I will list three Common pros and three common Cons, then one situational pro/con for each.


-Amazing snare
-W makes for a huge advantage in team fights, ESPECIALLY if you have more than one caster.
-E is good in mid lane as you will USUALLY be up against another AP Carry.
-Is that Pesky Yi or Trynd bugging you? Snare Yi, no Highlander, Snare trynd, wait for Undying Rage to wear off while you close the gap. They mad.


-Often first ban.
-Whole combo is Q dependent, unless you wanna blow your Ult.
-Very mana hungry early game, usually stoppable with the RoA.
-You will get a LOT of flame for using your ult in a team fight and KS'ng someone unintentionally.
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The runes I chose give us a fair amount of Mana regen and an OK balance of Scaling and Flats.
Advantage of this is that We get a great early game AND a little bit of scaling. I also threw in some AP runes as well, once again balancing Scaling and Flats. These are the only runes I've ever used, though i could see people getting a bit tankier with HP Quints or a bit better late game with MPen marks. Feel free to remove the Flat/Scaling combo for Full flats or full scaling if you want.
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I run 21-0-9 masteries, going for extreme burst along with some sustain. I know I will be flamed for taking 9 in utility and NOT taking Runic Affinity, but I usually zone the lane or kill well enough that if I need to B I don't lose much and the opponent doesn't push too hard, leaving Blue buff at a Meh position to me.
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I play Morgana as a fairly tanky HP Burst champ. I start with the boots before rushing Catalyst, then upgrading my boots to Ionian Boots of Lucidity and then the Blasting Wand into my Rod of Ages. After that, I rush my Rabadon's Deathcap, but you can feel free to take something else first. After that it's Void Staff and Morello's Evil Tome. Those are what I more or less ALWAYS take. However, there are some times in which you wanna swap out some items, and these are what I find as good alternatives:
- Sorcerer's Shoes are always good if they get some MPen, possibly my most used situational item.
- Abyssal Mask in case neither the Void Staff OR Sorc shoes are working for you. In this case, replace Morello's.


Now, for the sixth item, you have a few options.
- Will of the Ancients This will give some GREAT sustain due to your W farming insanely well. I don't use it though, because your Passive gives enough sustain in my opinion.
EDIT: Well, they nerfed her passive. I now see this as more viable, and I would suggest it.
- Zhonya's Hourglass This works GREAT with your Ult and the Armor is good too. For how to use it with the ult, Slow's stuns from the Singed or Amumu or anyone with group CC, Rush in, Ult, Active, PENTAKILL.
Those are what I use, usually taking the Rylai's. You can honestly use anything you like, but for the love of god don't take something stupid like a Manamune.
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Skill Sequence

I Max Q first, as it is our main damage and CC. However, Until rank 3 W gets priority as once it hits Rank 3 you can take out the back minions with one cast. If the enemy AP is fed, or has a lot of CC, max E after Q. If not, E goes Last. Take Ult whenever possible, and ALWAYS take mid.
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Summoner Spells

I usually run Exhaust and Teleport, as they give me even MORE CC and insane lane presence. Other things you can use as far as I know.
- Ghost I used to use this, actually. Fairly effective, I would suggest it. Replaces Exhaust. Can also be replaced with Flash, which I won't got through the process of explaining.
- Ignite works well, if taken replace TP.
I wouldn't suggest anything else, but my Summoner Spells are probably not optimal as they are personal Preference. for a optimal setup, I would suggest Ignite+ Flash.
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Ranked Play

This build is as far as I know Insanely off course of the Meta, though it could be used in ranked with a bit of tweaking. If you play ranked as AP mid often, I assume you could rework the build to your liking with fair ease.
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Morgana makes an AMAZING farmer with her W. Place it at the back wave of minions, and then attack the front wave with AA. At Rank 3 you can take the back wave down in one cast, and at Rank 5 you can take the whole wave down with enough AP. This also makes her a great pusher :D
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To sum it all up, i feel that Morg is a strong champ. She's seen as OP, but she's easily countered so I find her pretty balanced. Here's what you will get from following this guide:
-Amazing pushing ability.
-Winning almost ALL 1V1s.
-An OK game early through late.
-Bragging rights for having an insane amount of AP :p.
Hope you enjoyed, please upvote if you liked it. If your going to downvote, please comment why. I will take the time to read all the comments ;D
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Thanks to...

Jhoijhoi, for her awesome guide on making guides (Yo Dawg) :D
Meridianprime for making a lot of awesome guides that I read and was inspired by :D
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Videos, Images, and other awesome things.

Here is where I will add in videos of people using the guide, Images of scores, etc. Etc.

Here's an early version of the guide in which I went 12/1/5 I think. Back when I used ghost and a few different items. Didn't have any runes either.

Here's a few of me:

PM me any of yours if this site has PMs, if not just comment them :D
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Darius Patch, 5/23/12. Morgs Spell vamp has been nerfed, sadly. I will probably go back to using WotA on her now. Will edit accordingly.
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