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Morgana Build Guide by Junglemanoopman

Support Morgana support

By Junglemanoopman | Updated on January 8, 2013

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great cc.
immunity to stuns.
Building ap as support makes you do even more dmg.
Zoning with her is easy.
Useful in all stages of a game.
has some nice skins.


No escape.
Squishy early.
Banned in ranked rather alot.
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Why morgana support?

Morgana makes a great support. Reasons for this is she has a great snare, a much needed immunity to stuns, A aoe stun, and great zoning with her aoe pool.
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Why not build full support?

I dislike building support items on champions such as morgana nida and zilean because i feel so useless after Laning phase. In my opinion as long as you play like a support what you build doesn't have that big of an impact, At least with ap supports like morgana. You ofc can build full support but in my experiences building ap is more fun. more useful. and can help carry solo queue games.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Junglemanoopman
Junglemanoopman Morgana Guide

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Morgana support
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