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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Hidden Fox

Morgana the legendary

The Hidden Fox Last updated on June 14, 2010
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Im going to begin this saying that this build works for me so i wanted to share it with the mobafire community.

Step one, Item build up.
I start out getting the mana regeneration and 2 mana pots because with this from level 1-6 for the most part you really wont problems with mana.

Early game: Alright I personally like lane with a good dps when i am morgana, I prefer people that have a stun like Jax or pantheon since Morgana is extremely squishy.At level 1 morgana has very little damage output so you should tend to play extremely defensivly for the first 6 levels. As morgana you will want to stay behind minions/ dps and use your snare+tormented soil as a harassment. Through harassment you can lower your opposition to half health easy just staying behind minions and harassing them to nothing. Some people say that getting Tormented Soil is better at level 1 but i disagree. This is due to the fact that at level 1 a fight will not last in one spot long enough for your soil to do any damage. Getting Dark binding at level 1 allows you to check bushes for enemies aswell as keeping somebody close enough to your dps for then to get first blood or to keep somebody AWAY from your dps as they run away. I cannot urge you enough to get good with Dark Binding, Learning how to aim it properly through bushes/walls/minions/turrets can be the difference between a kill and an escape.
Mid game: This is when Morgana starts to shine. When i say starts i mean starts. With Your snare and ult you can keep somebody trapped for an amazing amount of time. Morgana is deadly if you are underestimated which will happen more than you think. Since all i see are bad Morgana's out there when people see you they think you are their feed. Well Lets prove them wrong. At mid game you should have your Meji's and possibly your boots depending on how you did on last hitting creeps and if you got kills or assists. You should focus on the squishys first through harassment. But know that if you have a melee dps that's who will be your feed. A melee dps will see that your squishy and go for you quite often. This is when you make them pay for their stupidity.
Lets talk combo. Well the combo that i have found that works the best is Bind+ aoe from a distance. Continue to do so until about half hp or lower. Once at that point put your shield on youself use your Tormented soil and bind on them and then once you get close proc your ultimate. Once your ultimate is up its a make it or die situation. Because half the time somebody will know you just used your bind and fight you or they will run. Either way, its your kill. Because after the 4 seconds your ult will stun them and you will have enough time to place another Tormented soil under them and by that time your dark bind will be ready and hit them with that. In every circumstance 1 vs 1 i have come across this has worked. Due to the nature of that combo you will do massive damage to them while they can only do so much to yourself.
Playing defensivly. Since you are a squishy you do have to keep an eye on Mia's and your opponents because your going to be making them mad with all the pwnsauce you are dishing out on your lane. Exaust is your friend in these situations. Since your shield can take care of the initial damage any caster can do you will have time to run (85% of the time) since you can snare them as you run you have a major advantage. If a Melee dps is chasing you your going to want to stun them. And its even possible to turn a melee dps into feed with the combo of choice. As morgana you always want to keep an eye on your ult. If your ult is up during a 1 man gank ( lets say udyr) If he isnt fed you can get the kill. All you have to do is snare+ soil him then when he gets close use your ultimate + keep running away. After that four seconds is up you got him again with a stun and you can combo him again for a kill. Also ignite is wonderful in that situation because it will make his turtle stance less helpful due to reduced healing + extra damage to get rid of the shield.
Late game: By now you should be team fighting and in team fights you always want to know if they are fed. If the opposing team is fed then you want to stay by turrets and harass as MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!! with your 2 shot combo you can drain people to half health or more/less depending on the stacks you have aquired so far. It should be around 10-15. Your In late game your main goal is to make sure your dps get the kills since you officialy are not a dps (but a fed morgana can 2 shot combo somebody if fed enough) Use your shield to eliminate magic effets that the other team is using (ashes stun arrow) If you have good dps you can sneak into the group of a team fight and pop your ultimate for uber pwnage. That massive amount of damage your ultimate alone can do+ its stun can change a team fight from bad to good. You want to be careful when going into fights though since you have low hp you can get pwnsauced extremely fast. But if your smart and know WHEN to use your ult you can pwnsauce them instead.
Item Explination- I get the Meki Pendent first Because with it and the two mana potions you can stay in a lane for quite some time harassing. Since your passive is spell vamp you will gain health while spamming your abilities without having much worry about mana. Normally when i go back to base the first time i have enough for the meji but if not i will tend to buy boots +Amplifying Tome. If you dont have enough for these two items at first trip home then you must decide at that point. Is this going to be a good game for our team or are we in trouble. If think its going to be a good game then get the Tome, If not then forget the meji and continue on to get your boots.
IF all is going as planned on your second trip home you are Buying your finished boots or working on getting your Zonyas. Dont go for the blasting wand first, go big. After you get that 80ap your combo is uber deadly. As long as your playing smart the feed will be coming in like kids to a chuckie cheese's. Once you get your Zonyas you have a true ability to stay alive. Using your Zonyas while your ultimate is active will not cancel your ultimate. This is key in a team fight because If done right you can absorbe a TON of damage while invinciable and get a stun of for your team. But again be careful doing that. After the Zonyas i get the Void staff for magic penetration cause whats better then 40% more damage? The game should end here. But if you have time to get more then your Meji's,Zonyas, boots and Void staff your already a force to be reckoned with. Your going to realize you havent upgraded the pendent, Well sometimes i do upgrade it to a deathfire grasp or a nashors depending on how much HP the opposing team has.If they have 2 tanks or more then i will get the deathfire for obvious reasons. If they have 1 tank or none get the nashors for the cooldown reduction. Now for your last item. I tend to get something that will benefit my team at this point,I like items that give cooldown reduction because at 20 stacks + 2 items with CR you can spam abilities like no tomorrow. With this you also much know, morgana has mana issues. These issues are easily fixed with the allmighty BB ( blue buff/golem buff) I try to call it every game and get it as much as possible. With the blue buff you are so deadly at level 18. Thats amazing CR and unlimited mana on morgana = amazing tower pusher.

Well, thats all for now im tired and going to bed. If anybody has question plz feel free to comment and i will answer all question.
Any feedback or constructive critisism is always handy. I am not saying this is the best build on the planet but for me this build is what wins games. I hope this helped you on your way to being a pwnsauce morgana.