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Morgana Build Guide by Eyeoftwilight96

Morgana will burst you down

By Eyeoftwilight96 | Updated on December 22, 2012

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Hi everyone this is eyeoftwilight96 bringing you a new morgana guide.
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Laning phase

When your bot use your Q & W combo to lead the fight & let an ally chase the escaped enemy to finish them both.Use you Q,W,flash ult combo for a nice kill.if your enemies are tower diving you use your ult,Q combo for escape & kill.

When your top against a shaco use Q,W ult combo to tell the one with the purple chain is the real one

When your mid use your Q,W combo to damage it,if you think you can kill it use your ult to kill.If you see a slight tanky tank use your Q,W ult combo to whoop his *** & your Q to finish him off,GREAT SUCCESS.
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Skill tips

In a AP caster situation use your shield to block most of its damage & kill it like a bauws.Dont forget to flash if you are out of range of your target then use your Q to stop the chaser

With your W you can clear a huge wave of minions.

with your Q use it to leash,interrupt an enemy recall & preventing from AD carry from last hitting or last hit a running opponent for a nice killsteal.

Some time you can use you Q,W combo to deal some mega damage then follow the enemy then kill.
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Ganking a shield opponent use your W to remove it & snare ult then,kill
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Team fights

If in a team fight initiation you can Flash ult zhonya combo to stun them all,with more Area of effect ult this can be easy & when they are sticked together use you snare on most important target then use your W

But if you don't know how to aim wait for team cc & snare the target for hit
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You made it guys so dont forget to vote & share the guide

League of Legends Build Guide Author Eyeoftwilight96
Eyeoftwilight96 Morgana Guide

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Morgana will burst you down
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