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Morgana Build Guide by Patsiecki

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Patsiecki

Morgana - You'll be bound and gagged

Patsiecki Last updated on June 29, 2011
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Hello, welcome to my Morgana Build. This build is incomplete and only covers certain particular points as this was created to benefit a friend. Feel free to use it to help develop your own build/strategy and weigh it against other guides but know that you'll get more through explanations from one of the long-standing guides around here.

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Item notes

- You can pick up Catalyst the Protector early to make yourself a little beefy and get a heal to both health and mana whenever you level

- Get asap, only getting 2nd boots first if you think you really need them - rod of ages gets stronger over time, maxed out after 15 mins, so the sooner you get it the better.

After you get your deathcap, the next three items depend on the situation:

- Zhonya's Hourglass - If they are physical damage heavy or if you find yourself getting focused down a lot. you can jump in, unleash your ultimate, pop the bubble on this item, and after just a couple seconds anyone close enough to be a threat will be stunned so you can run away

- Abyssal Mask - Get this first instead if they have a lot of AP champs for the magic resist

- Morello's Evil Tome - this one is pure offensive, only get this after the deathcap if you aren't getting hit a lot. Otherwise get one or both of the two above first for general tankyness. Once you do, sell your original doran's ring and buy this and you will actually be quite deadly spamming skills so much.


You probably wanna go with Sorcerer's Shoes for damage but you can get Ionian Boots of Lucidity if you'd rather have cooldown reduction for more spellcasting or Mercury's Treads If they are focusing on you or stunning/slowing you a lot.

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Masteries and Glyphs notes

If you aren't level 30 yet try to get those nine points in offensive for the increased magic penetration, cooldown reduction, and AP. then put everything into utility as you get levels.

For glyphs, Greater Mark of Magic Penetration are a no brainer.

The best magic regen Glyphs are the Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration. I say just get these for now since they will benefit 80% of the champions you will ever play, and Morgana is mana heavy so she's one of them.

The most popular blue glyphs are the Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction and benefit every champion ever. Cooldown reduction is always a good thing.

I would probably go for the Greater Quintessence of Health, they give you a lot of health right off the bat that will make you harder to kill at the beginning of the game. The theory is that by the time they won't be useful anymore you will already have picked up items that increase your health a lot more.

If you are feeling bloodthirsty and don't think you need the HP, you can go for
Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration for more damage or speed quintessence since she's so slow.

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Notes about your skills:

Q: Dark Binding - most poeple say just get one level early on, and i agree. Even though it gets stronger and stuns longer the cooldown never changes and whats important is just stopping them in the first place. Max this second, I think. You are already getting better at this one, just remember it's easier to hit with when the enemies are running in a straight, predictable line, to or away from you. It also shoots through walls so you can shoot it from the jungle into a lane.
- If you have a strong feeling that someone is hiding in the top or bottom bushes you can line yourself up and shoot it through the bushes to damage and stun would-be gankers. If you tell your friend before you do it they might be able to coordinate and run up to the bushes just as you fire it and get some cheap shots in, wno knows, maybe end up getting a kill and countering the gank.

W: Tormented Soil - AoE bubbly ground. once it gets to level three you can kill the back caster minions with one cast. put it between the front and back enemy minions for farming, or if you dont wanna push too close to their tower (worried about ganks?) then you can put it between the caster minions and the champions for harassment or just to try to force them to keep their distance. Probably first to max so you can just rake up money, heal yourself efficiently. Better than you think in team fights because it really lowers their magic resist, so they sit there thinking they take no damage then all of the nukes on our team hurt them even more.

E: Black Shield - This thing's main purpose is to block crowd control. The shield is pretty weak and learning when to use it will require trial and error, but know that it's main point is to block stuns and stuff.

R: ultimate: Soul Shackles This is a pretty powerful nuke with heavy crowd control especially if you can get the 2nd part of it off. It's also kinda scary jumping into the middle of big fights to use it, huh? Don't forget that once you cast the first part of it you can do anything from that point - chase fleeing enemies, run from chasing enemies, cast more spells, anything.

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Making your Ulti work for you!

Making your ulti work for you:

- You can use Flash as an offensive tool to jump right in the middle of them and explode them. Best not to go in by yourself, probably best to do this after or right as your tank has jumped in (combos well with amumu's Curse of the Sad Mummy if you can get timing and communication down.)

- Just use it when you need it, and use it to just kill one or two poeple if you need.
Don't forget you can move and cast spells while it's between the first and second shot. I haven;t confirmed, but I think the bubble from Zhonya's Hourglass doesn't stop your ultimate's sequence once you get the first part off, and should protect you long enough for the 2nd part of your ulti to go off, and once it does they are stunned, and all your stuff is on cooldown so just get outta there. Yeah I know that's tough, and will probably take practice.

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Spell sequence

You skill sequence for trying to kill people (even just one or two):

Shoot your Dark Binding stun, and throw bubbly ground Tormented Soil on them. Try to get that AoE under them ASAP. Even if your stun misses, they will get nervous about the bubble ground and will be less likely to retaliate in the early game. If they don't get stunned, you failed, stay back. If they did, walk up to them as fast as you can and explode your ultimate Soul Shackles. Throw your shield Black Shield on because once the stun breaks they or their buddy will proabbly try to counter you. Follow the guy you stunned until your ulti explodes. If anyone is left alive, get the hell outta there.

So basically: throw Q Dark Binding stun them ---> W AoE Tormented Soil under the stun ASAP ---> run up to them and R ultimate Soul Shackles ---> E Black Shield yourself (or pop Zhonya's Hourglass), chase them until ulti explodes again.

- For team fights, save your Dark Binding and skip straight to throwing down Tormented Soil and using your Soul Shackles - Save the Dark Binding For if you need to pick off people that are running away or chasing you or your allies, as by this point they are running in a straight line either to or away from you so it's a lot easier to hit with it. Not too much point in opening team fights with the stun anyways since they can still attack and cast spells, they just can't move.

- Feel free to use your ulti to kill single or dual targets as much as you want at the beginning. Start saving it for teamfights once everyone gets to about level 12

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Beginning: Level 1-5

- I would pick up Dark Binding first only because I want you to have defense if they try to jump you.

- Then two levels of Tormented Soil to start working on farming. Get one point in Black Shield because ganks will start happening soon, then at level 5 your third point in your Tormented Soil will let you start farming consistently.

- Once you hit 6 and you get your ultimate you can actually kill people. Let your cooldowns get ready and if you are laning with someone let them know you're ready. If they can initiate with a stun, great, throw down your AoE then the stun to keep them still, then run up to them and ulti their face off.

- People will probably start grouping up at about level 10, so watch out for constant ganks and/or becoming outnumbered. You should have your rod of ages by now, hopefully much sooner.

- Your sequence for teamfights should be to throw AoE Tormented Soil down as you run in after your tank, explode your ultimate, bubble and try to last long enough for the 2nd part of the ulti to explode. If it is still very dangerous for you then retreat after they all get stunned, if not they are probably running and you still have your Dark Binding to stop them for everyone else to catch up and finish them off.

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Final Notes:

- Try to remember that if you've used up all your skills and they are not dead, you should probably run unless they are nearly dead and you can afford to chase them. Otherwise just run and let your skills get ready again.

- I love you.