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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MortalCake

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MortalCake Last updated on July 30, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Ezreal Build

Hey guys, as you can probably tell already, this is an Ezreal guide and I am a person who freaking love Ezreal(no ****). Ezreal was like one of the first champs that I bought mainly 'cause he looks SO FRIGGIN' COOL! But when I first started playing him(back when recommended item made him AP, which is also after the heal removal), I pretty much when 0/0/4 all for a bit. I wondered why would Riot make a character SO COOL and make him so useless as compared to other mages like Annie or Swain. So I asked around some pro irl friends and they told me Ez works better AD, told me some items, and I started to play AD Ezreal. After that, things started to go uphill for this gamer. XD

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Ezreal's Pro's And Con's

-Looks cool
-LOT of fun to play once you get him
-Very versatile
-Great range
-Strong last hits(minions or champs) ;)
-Awesome abilities, HAS ACROSS THE MAP ULT
-/dance <---not even
Gragas can beat him

-Squeeeeeeeeesheeeee(vulnerable to CC blah blah blah)
-Takes a little getting used to
-Requires SOME skill, not too much, just SOME
-Somewhat team reliant(just need 1~2 good teammate)
-Victim of internet bullying(he is NOT a girl =.=")

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Ezreal Summoner Spells


Ignite does true damage over 5 seconds to one opponent while it halves their healing effects(such as lifesteal, summoner spell heal, or a healing ability). It's a great tool to last hit your enemy if you needed it before you hit level 6 or if they have some kind of Dr. Mundo thing going on. People usually tell me that ignite on Ez is not necessary and such. But I think that ignite works well with Ezreals damage combo and his overall role as a carry.

FKING LOVE IT. I just fallen in love in flash ever since like....prolly around Dreamhack, like everyone else. I find that I initiate with Arcane Shift too much and get killed after maybe getting 1 or 2 kills myself. Ghost is nice but it just doesn't cut it when there's a Gangplank or Twisted Fate. With this, go in, get kills, get out alive, get more kills.

Ghost is a great spell. It makes your character Usain Bolt for 10 seconds. It's used for when you need to gank/rush somewhere/escape. It gives you a lot of mobility and survivability. Most of the times I use it defensively or for mobility, only a small chunk of the times I use it to catch up to a runner.

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Ezreal Runes

I'm not much of a rune person. I didn't get ANY runes until I was level 30 and I got all tier 1 runes, and I only got them because of peer pressure. Anyways I don't think runes are THAT important(plus, it's player skill that really counts!) because they only work for you early game and sort of falls out later on but here's how my runes work!

Marks are offensive runes. For ANY carry, you want Armor Penetration(ArPen). Enough of it ignores all of your opponents armor early game so your auto attack is like true damage.

Seals and Glyphs are usually defensive or for utility. I get MP5(mana per 5)/lvl(per lvl) seals on Ezreal because I get no mana regen with this build. This might seem to lack early game but with a solo lane, the benefits catches up fast. You can replace with CDR or anything you want.

Like seals, they're mostly for defensive purposes or for utility. I like to get CDR/lvl on mine. But then again, you can switch them out for MP5/lvl if you think Ezreal comes with enough CDR already.

These big boys actually matter. For one, you can only have 3 of them. But each one's effect is like 5 of the smaller runes. For Ezreal, I like to get Flat HP because I tend to play ballsy early game and it also lets me take more harassments. But ArPen Quints are also a very legit choice on Ezreal.

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Ezreal Masteries

I really like the new mastery change for Ez because you can really choose whatever you like(mostly in the offense tree though) to your taste and it wouldn't have a negative impact on him in game because of his flexibility(pretty much almost anything you choose will benefit him the same 1 way or another). I think it's usually a pretty good idea to take 21 in offensive and 9 points in defense for a pretty nice survivability boost. You almost don't get anything useful in the utility tree unless you're a mage or a support so don't go there unless you really want that summoner flash cooldown reduc.

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Malzahar Build

Malzahar is a great caster, and his role in the teamfight and the game is huge. Unlike most AP carries, he is able to take down even bulkier champions, sometimes even tanks. However, the key to mastering Malzahar is carefully calculating the situation, your position, and your enemies. I know you probably have read the thing about positioning in almost every good guide here, but it really plays a key role for Malzahar.

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Some things

Here I'll present you a quick version of my guide. Useful, for, say, when you are in champion select and have 30 seconds until game starts, and you have decided to play Malzahar, so you are unable to read the whole guide. This is in short what you need to know:

Runes: 9x Greater Mark of Magic Penetration; 9x Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration; 9x Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power; 3x Greater Quintessence of Ability Power. Any other runes that focus on survivability are also a choice.
Masteries: 21/00/09. AP,damage, Mpen as well as a bit of CDR in offense tree, and mana regen and buff duration in utility.
Summoner spells: Ghost and Flash, both improved from masteries. Ignite is also a good choice.
Skill order: Start with Call of the Void. Put 1 point in Null Zone at level 4. Max Malefic Visions first, followed by Call of the Void. Take Nether Grasp whenever possible.
Farming: Easy - Malefic Visions, with help from Call of the Void or Null Zone if needed.
Harassing: Call of the Void, sometimes Malefic Visions.
Standard combo: Malefic Visions-> Call of the Void-> Null Zone-> Nether Grasp-> Ignite, if you have it.

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Malzahar Pros / Cons

icon=Ignite size64]
+ Awesome nuker
+ Good AoE dmg
+ AoE Silence
+ Anti-tank ( Null Zone)
+ Fairly good CC (Silence, Suppress)
+ Excellent farmer
+ Great Harasser
+ Comes from da void
+ Hammer time!

- Squishy
- Usually focused first
- Vulnerable to CC
- Pushes lane really quick...
- No escape
- Voidling can sometimes give out your location
- He floats.


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