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Amumu Build Guide by Badgermole

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Badgermole

Mummy in the mid lane (Mid lane Amumu guide)

Badgermole Last updated on July 5, 2014
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Welcome to this guide, I recently started playing jungle Amumu and thought i would try him out in the mid lane. Before rating please try the build and comment if you think it need anything added. ^^ Feeling a bit sick at the moment so video/scores/lane match ups will come soon. I also need to work on the rune set up, I am currently trying some different things out.

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Pros / Cons


    Very good CC
    Great against tanks in the late game
    Great ganks
    Rewarding to have in teamfights with his massive AOE damage
    So darn cute
    Need to practice his skillshot
    Hard to farm early because he is melee
    Need to time ult corectly as it has a long CD

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First off lets talk about boots:
I recommend either Sorcerers shoes or Boots of mobility.
I say get Boots of mobility if you are planing on ganking a lot as it will allow you to travel to other lanes quickly so your opposition will have less time to call ss/mia.ect. But if you are not planing on ganking a lot or if you just want some extra damage/opposition building MR.

If you feel you need some sustain I recommend you get a Will of the ancientsfor the spell vamp, this will also help your team out.

An obvious choice for Amumu is the Abyssal scepter, This is amazing for team fights and just any general fights, because it helps you deal out more damage and may even make the difference to get an ace or win a baron fight.

Most of these items are quite standard on a mid laner, but the frozen heart helps if you are being focused in fights AND if the opposing ADC got fed, also is helps with any mana problems you may have(you shouldn't, but you may have to spam your E and W)

The Morrelo's evil tome is mainly for the CDR(cool down reduction), but could be useful against the ADC.

I think that's all that is worth mentioning, if you have any suggestions please leave a comment.

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Skill Sequence

Ok, this may be a controversial section, but it is just my personal preference.

I max my Tantrum first, because it makes farming very easy and harassing the enemy champion easy as well because if you use a combo on the champion the minions will attack you and when you level it up it reduces the minion damage to 0 or 1 (need to check this) and it makes it so you can just stand in front of a minion wave and you will take almost no damage, also when you get hit by a basic attack. it reduces your tantrums CD so you can spam it more and take down the minion wave quickly

Next I upgraded my Bandage toss, because it reduces the CD so you can chase more easily and it is his most damaging spell. Not much else to say about leveling his bandage toss.

I upgrade my Despair last because it is not very useful early game but can be very effective late game so you don't need to upgrade it until later.

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Summoner Spells

I like to have Flash and Teleport, Flash for the obvious reasons(Jumping over walls to escape, quickly catch up to land a bandage toss/ult) and teleport for more ganking/better ganks because you could teleport to a ward in the bottom/top bush to gank/help with a jungle's gank.

Other spells I would recommend would be Ghost so you can keep up to a running enemy to kill them or so you can gank easier and run away (Ghost can be a better escape option than flash or can be a good escape tool for use with Flash), Exhast is always useful, but Amumu has enough CC without it although it all depends on personal preference and play style.

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I will get some of these soon and post them here. Feel free to send me some if you want and i will post them. ^^
Not a mumu game but I was proud of this

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Felling a bit sick currently so I will get a video as soon as possible. F.U.C.K OFF MORG